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My husband and I were married at a very early age against the advice of our parents. I was only 18 and Dave was 19. We had been dating in school and now that we were both out and because we were so much in love, we didn't want to wait any longer to get married.

I should say that we were in LUST, because we were having sex on a very regular basis before we got married. I was virgin when I meet Dave and he introduced me to sex. To say it was like a duck taking to water would be an understatement! I craved it, and even though I later learned that Dave was not really very good in the sack, at the time I loved the sex we were having.

Unfortunately, our sex life diminished rapidly after we got married. Dave had no real skills and without a college education was f***ed to take a low paying job as a construction helper. His job required him to get there early in the morning to set up for the other guys and to work late cleaning up the job site. Because he was working so many hours and working so hard physically his sex drive curtailed considerably. I was able to keep my mind off it to an extent by taking a secretarial job. Even though Dave was working long hours he was getting paid so little per hour (barely over min wage) it was necessary for me to get a job.

To tell the truth I resented having to get a job and that my husband was unable to make enough income to support us. That plus the lack of sex created some friction between us. I guess that was why I was so open to advances being made by John, one of my co-workers. He would often let his hands linger on me just a little longer than it warranted as a fellow worker and in time he actually began to squeeze my soft rump when we alone together in the copy room. I know I should have rebuked his advances but as I said I was not getting much attention at home and it was nice to know that someone really appreciated me. I started to wear sexier cloths to work and his interest in me perked up even further. One day he grabbed me in the copy room and began to kiss me. I had anticipated it and was not at all upset by his bold move. As a matter of fact I returned a wet tongue kiss to him.

Unfortunately, Jack our boss, had picked just that time to run a copy for himself (something he normally never did) and he caught us necking. He brought John into his office immediately and the next thing I knew John was cleaning out his desk. All day I was waiting for the other shoe to fall but it wasn't until the next day that Jack told me to come into his office. He had his calls switched to one of the other guys and locked the door behind me as I came into talk to him. I felt for sure that I knew what was going to happen and I was frightened to death. Dave 's hours had been reduced and my job was absolutely necessary if we were going to survive financially. I knew that if I got fired without any kind of recommendation that I'd not be able to get a new job and in our state if your fired you cannot even collect unemployment compensation. So, before he even started to talk to me I begged him to allow me a second chance.

I ended the sentence with, "Please I'll get down on my bended knee!I'll do anything you want... but I need this job." Naturally, I wasn't thinking of sex as "the anything" I referred to, but my boss was. Jack is about 50 and while he had made a lot of glances at me I never thought that he wanted me sexually. It shows how wrong a young girl of 18 can be! He told me that yes He'd like me to get down on my knees and beg some more. At first I thought he was putting me on but the look in his eye and his hand gestured for me to get down told me he was serious. I didn't know what else to do but continue to beg him for mercy and that I'd do anything he wanted at anytime, etc. He said that he would take me up on my offer and that what he wanted right now was a good blow job. I was shocked but at the same time excited.

Jack is a very commanding man. It was easy to see how he became the boss. He had a presence about him that made you take his directions without questioning him. While I knelt there in front of him, somewhat dumbfounded, he approached me and reached down inside my blouse and bra and began gently squeezing my tits. Maybe I should have stopped him but I was at a crossroads. I knew if I didn't stop him what would happen, on the other hand I knew if I did I'd get fired and I had no idea what I'd tell my husband. So I didn't do anything, I just kept allowing him to message my tits and I never made a move as he removed my blouse and bra. I didn't make a move as he dropped his pants to the ground and brought out his fully extended cock. I was pleasantly surprised at its size! It was much bigger than my husband's, not only longer but it was especially thicker and I admit to having a sexual thrill as he brought it forward to my lips. His only command was, "Suck it, Bitch." I hesitated no longer, taking his manhood into my mouth and licking it up and down like a lolly-pop before finally taking the tip of it into my mouth for sucking.

Once I started it was wonderful. After all, I was being "f***ed" into this I convinced myself and it was absolutely necessary. Once I'd made that decision the rest was very easy for me. Jack had me suck him to completion and then he laid me on his desk and mounted that big cock inside my, by now, very wet pussy. He was amazing! He fucked me longer and stronger than Dave ever had and I was brought to climax after climax. When he finally shot his load into my cunt, he dismounted me and told me that from now on I was his to do with as he saw fit and that I would not only fuck him but whoever he wanted me to. I know I should have been angry, but the truth is I was really fulfilled for the first time sexually in a long time and I was excited about the prospect of being Jack's slut-slave. Even when he told me that from now on I'd be wearing only very sexy clothing to work sans panties and bra, I was putty in his hands. I simply answered, "Yes sir! Will there be anything else?" He told me not for the minute but I was to address him as master and always lower my eyes when he was present and that tomorrow he'd begin my sex-slave training.

"Dave's Wife, Carol Becomes a Complete Slut to Her Boss" - PART 2

In the next year, I indeed did become Jack's slut-slave. He had me wear extremely sexy cloths to work. That was OK though because the only ones in our office was myself, Jack and five other guys that worked for Jack; and obviously all of them were glad to see me in my sexy dress up clothing. Jack bought me a lot of the stuff that he made me wear and I kept it in a locker at work and changed when I got to work. Just an example of an outfit he'd make me wear was a semi-transparent black blouse, short black leather mini-skirt, black fish net stockings with elastic tops and 5" heels - All without a bra or panties of course. My skirt was so short that when I bent over to go in the lower filing cabinets my the bottom of my ass cheeks could be clearly seen by any of the men watching me. However, no one tried any sexual advances (except Jack, of course) since they all knew that John had gotten fired for fooling around with me.

However, it wasn't long before Jack decided to share me with my fellow workers. As a matter of fact, I became the monthly prize. The guy who was highest in exceeding his quotas for the month was awarded the prize of having a day off to take me to the hotel of his choice for a day of fucking and sucking. Wow did that ever pull up our office's productivity. I have to admit that while at first I convinced myself that I was doing all of this because I had to save my job, I realized that I enjoyed it all. I liked being the queen bitch at the office.I enjoyed Jack's mastery over me and that fact that he could elicit sexual thrills from me that I had never had before. I didn't even mind when he started palming me off to some special clients and I clearly became the office whore!

Naturally all this had an effect on my sexual relations with Dave. I wasn't after him any longer to service me now that I was bring taken care of by some really great studs at work. Our sexual outings amounted to a quicky on a once a month or less basis and, frankly, I was glad that was all that it was. My sexual activities at work were keeping me very busy. Often Jack would have me meet him or some of his clients in the Raddison Hotel after work and I'd come home to Dave sometimes very late. Whenever Dave would question me about my very late hours (sometimes I didn't come home until Midnight) I'd just shrug it off and tell him that we were installing a computer system that required me to work late. To tell the truth I didn't much give a shit if he really believed me or not.

Finally about a year after I started being Jack's Slut, he asked me what my husband thought about all my sexual activities at work. When I admitted that I hadn't told him yet, I realized I had made a mistake. Jack told me that better than telling my husband I was to demonstrate what a slut I had become. He made me service him and two of the guys in our office that very night. They fucked me with my cloths on by simply pulling up my dress and slipping their hard cocks into my wet pussy. Jack had them cum all over my face, my dress, my nylons and even my spiked heels! When I went to go to the bathroom to straighten up and apply new make-up, Jack told me that I wouldn't be allowed to do that. I was to go home to my husband, Dave, looking exactly as I looked then - in a word I looked well fucked and I knew there was no way I could explain away my appearance to Dave.

When I arrived home I was surprised at Dave's reaction to my disheveled appearance. With dry cum on my face, my hair, my dress, etc, I thought he'd be outraged. His only comment was a mild, "Where have you been, darling?" My reaction to his gentleness was strange. First I was relieved and then I was angry. After all, what real MAN would allow his wife to come home looking like a well used tramp and simply ignore it! I lost what little respect I had left for Dave and became very ugly with him. The funny thing was the more abusive I became the more he cowered before me, taking my verbal abuse, as if it were he that had been the one fucking around rather than me. I told Dave that I had spent the evening fucking a couple of real men that knew how to use me like the their slut. The more abusive I became to Dave the meeker he became and something else strange happened!

I noticed as I was telling him just what a bitch in heat I had been with Jack that a pole started appearing in his pants. It was actually turning him on! Now, I knew I had him where I wanted him. I became even bolder and told him to take his, "miserable little cock" out and to play with himself like the jack-off that he was. When he did so, I realized that their were probably no limits that I couldn't put him through. I realized that Dave was a closet submissive and needed abuse to get himself off. His cock was bigger and more bl**d engorged than I had ever seen it as he jacked himself off to conclusion as I gave him all the details of my slutty activities in that previous year. I told Dave that from now on I was going to be his master and he my wimp husband to please me. I made him suck out my pussy (and all the juice still in it from Jack and the guys) to prove to him that he would do anything I asked of him.

All this happened about five years ago. I remained Jack's faithful submissive slut for the next several years until he got promoted and left town. However, I have definitely maintained my slutty ways and even added to them in a large way. I have earned a great deal of extra money over the years stripping at bachelor parties and fucking everyone present on some occasions. I have also done gang-bangs in front of Dave, some of which I had my husband arrange with his co-workers. They lost all respect for him when they saw him jacking off while his wife took on three or four of them at a time shouting encouragement to them to fuck me even harder and stronger.

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