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My Wife Is Now Her Bosses Slut.

I don't want to get ahead of my story so, I'll start by telling you a little about my wife and I and our relationship. My wife, is 5' 5" tall and weighs about 130 pounds. She has beautiful long auburn hair, large breasts and a well trimmed pussy. She is 36 years old. I am a few years older than my wife and not much taller than she is. We have been married for almost ten years now and our present relationship has been evolving for our entire marriage. I have always been laid back and very non-aggressive. I was attracted to Lisa because she was so demure and shy when I first met her. But, her attitude toward me has changed over the years! While somehow remaining shy and demure to the rest of the world, Lisa has become very dominate of me. I guess, to tell the truth, it's something I brought on myself and something that I actually welcomed at first! It started with her taking over the checking accounts and managing all the money. I didn't mind really as she earned more than I did, I felt it only fair that she control how and where it was spent. Her dominate role in the household soon leaked over into our bedroom and I was glad to turn over to her the dominate sexual role in our marriage. I never wanted to be the one to have to initiate sex and as she became a stronger and stronger mistress to me, I have to say that I enjoyed being her subservient boy-toy. As we made love she would often degrade my love making abilities and tell me how much that what she really needed was a real man to fulfill her fantasies of being dominated. Even in the early years of our marriage she would have me lick her pussy for hours at a time and allow me to jack off while licking her. Naturally, I was required to lick off any cum that I spurted on her or the bed. I didn't mind really as I really love my wife and have accepted our way of making love as something that pleased her. When she began to tell me that she needed other cocks to fulfill her desires to have a real man, I loved her enough to encourage her to fulfill her fantasies. Hell, I even helped supply young studs that I felt would give her the sexual satisfaction that I couldn't seem to achieve for her.

At the present she rarely allows me to fuck her. I do so only on rare occasion for her amusement when she doesn't want to take the trouble to go out and find a 'real' cock. She enjoys having me watch her with other men, though I am never allowed to participate. My only duties are to lick and suck the cum from whatever part of her body it has been deposited; face, tits, cunt, ass. Sometimes this is done while the man is still present and sometimes after he has left. She has told me that she rather enjoys the fact that someone else gets to watch me grovel before her. Her fantasy of being publicly humiliated and made to do wicked things in public places had not been fulfilled although having a man to dominate her in private had been fulfilled on several occasions when she picked up a man from a bar that commanded her and treated her rough. However, she never repeated her sexual fling with any one man more than once or twice. The fact that she never had repeated sexual affairs with any one man made allowed me to feel strongly that she still loved and deep down only cared for me. However, even that situation has now changed and I am really concerned. Let me tell you what is now going on in our lives.

About a year ago the Real Estate Company she worked with was sold. The old kindly owner (her boss) was replaced by somewhat of a tyrant. She initially came home telling me how tough it was to please him and how he was making her life difficult at work. After a few weeks, she also came home telling me how handsome he was and what a strong and wonderful man he was. As a couple of months went by she would come home telling me how he bawled her out in front of everyone, but that she didn't mind because she deserved it and Frank was correct to put her in her place. I could tell , how much she was attracted to her dominate, strong, virile, good looking boss just by the way she spoke so highly of him and would go on gushing about his good qualities. One day she was on the phone to me telling me how lackluster my sexual performance had been that previous night. She had just gotten finished telling me how she planned on whipping my ass that night for not taking care of her the previous evening, when her boss walked in on her. As she later explained she quickly hung up and blushed beat red in front of her boss. He didn't say anything at the time to her but gave her some extra work to do that he knew would keep her there until everyone else had cleared out for the evening.

When the others had left he called her into his private office and admonished her for using the company phones for her private conversation. Lisa knew something was up because using the company phone for local personal calls was something that everyone did and was certainly normally accepted by him. When he said to her, "I think the person that deserves to get an ass spanking besides your husband is you," she knew where he was headed! "I figure that since you have a worthless wimp of a husband at home that you need REAL MAN in your life to obey and listen to." Lisa told me that when he said that she just melted. She figured her fantasy of having a real dominate man to control her was about to come true. She told him, "I guess I do" he just nodded his head and said, "What about that misuse of the phone. What do you suspect I ought to do about that? Maybe I should give you a good spanking." Lisa simply hung her head down and answered, "If that's what you want." She slowly turned and lean ed over with her hands on the desk and her legs slightly spread. As she bent slightly forward Frank came from around the desk and flipped up her dress. Without any words from him Lisa pulled her panties down to her thighs and stuck her ass out a little further for Frank's strong hand to be administered to her! She later told me she actually took great delight in his spanking of her ass and actually had a slight orgasm as he administered strong blows to her ass cheeks!

When he was finished she stood up and began to pull her panties up. At that point he told her to go to the ladies room and remove all her clothing except her dress and heels. When she returned, she handed him her panties, bra and pantyhose which he threw into the wastebasket and told her she was never to wear any of these again to the office! She told me that she thought he was going to fuck her, (and was actually hoping that he would) but instead he said he was thirsty and wanted to go out for a drink.

When they reached a local bar he sat in a dark booth in the corner and told her to pull her dress up to her waist and finger fuck herself while he watched. While she was doing this he explained she was his "slut" now and she should be ready to obey his every command and if she ever said no to his wishes she would be fired and he would never see her again. She tells me she orgasmed at that moment and felt hotter than she ever had before. He then told her to pick a man at the bar to dance with and he wanted to watch her lewdly rub and excite the man while dancing. She did as she was told and brought the man back to sit with them in the booth where he continued to play with Lisa's ass and rub up and down her legs at Frank's encouragement. After a while the guy said he had to go home but he wanted Lisa's number. Frank told him that he couldn't have her number but that Lisa would give him something to remember her by. With that said, Frank turned to Lisa and told her that she was to blow the man in the parking lot and when she returned to the bar he wished to see and smell the cum on her tits. If she did this he said he would fuck her later in the week, if not she had better start looking for a new job. Lisa told me that she had never been so excited. having a wonderful masterful man like Frank was so wonderful that she said she was creaming even before she got to the parking lot to administer her blow job for the guy at the bar. Just as he was ready to explode she pulled him out and pulled down her dress top so that his cum could explode all over her tits just as Frank had requested. When she told me all of this later that night, I was truly saddened. First because I knew I could never be the kind of take charge guy that Frank was with my wife and secondly because I knew that from now on I'd have to share my wife with Frank!

PART 2 - The Adult Book Store

As I indicated in Part 1 of this story, I am submissive to my wife, but she enjoys being dominated by men while I am f***ed to watch. She really gets off on public humiliation, such as being f***ed to expose herself or perform sex acts in semi-public areas. Since my wife has become involved with her boss at work I have seen her less and less. She will do just about anything her boss tells her. He enjoys having me around to watch my wife be used and humiliated, but at times he prefers me not being there. I'm not sure which is worse, being there to see her submission to him or the torture of wondering what is going on when I'm not there to observe. I used to thoroughly enjoy her sexual mastery over me. But to see her being publicly humiliated by her boss, Frank, is torture to me. He bosses me around in the same way, and I wouldn't take it accept that my wife has told me point blank, that if I want to continue to be with her that I'll do what ever it is that Frank wants and not put up a ny fuss about it!

He often arranges for men to be in bars (mostly his clients and close friends) and when we arrive he will have them join her and him in a booth. I am allowed to sit nearby at a table. He usually introduces her as his 'slut' and will send her to the bathroom to remove her panties. When she returns she must give them to the stranger. Her boss will have her dance with them and they are free to feel her up as much as they wish. She is often made to flash her cunt to them while they drink and make crude remarks about her slit. Last week was a typical bar visit and after a few drinks and some flashing of her cunt we are off. I was made to drive the car as my wife and two of her bosses clients got in the back seat. I watched in the rear view mirror as they unclothed her and played with her pussy and tits. She was made to massage their cocks. What I couldn't see directly her boss, who was sitting in the front seat with me, described to me!

He had me drive to an adult book store in a sleazy part of town. They had her place back on her heels, skirt and button up blouse, but no other clothing. Once we all went inside, her boss made her ask the clerk for nipple clamps. My wife was then ordered to unbutton her blouse and try on the clamps. He had the clerk show her how to put them on. She was obviously embarrassed as this young man tightened the clamps to each nipple. Fortunately, there was no one else in the front of the store to see her wanton display of tits. I thought that we would simply leave and get back into the car. But her boss had a different idea. He led her back into the arcade area by the chain attached to her nipples. There were quite a few men in the back arcade area and a lot of them saw her before my boss opened a large booth and had her step inside. He announced in aloud voice that any man who wanted could give me four quarters and they could step inside and feel up my wife for 2 minutes. At first the m en thought it was a joke, but after the first guy gave me a dollars worth of quarters and pulled up my wife's skirt and felt played with her pussy a line formed quickly. In no time I had a handful of quarters and my wife was naked except for her nipple clamps. Finally her boss said for only $5.00 anyone could jackoff on her face and tits. An hour later and 12 men later he had her put on her skirt and walk out to the car topless with the cum glistening in the moonlight. In all my wife had earned almost $100 for being used in such a sleazy manner. He and his clients then took her home, and had her shower. After she slipped into a sexy see- through nighty that I had bought for her several years ago, we adjourned to the master bedroom where the two clients fucked her mouth, ass and pussy for hours. I got the job of licking up any cum that was dripping out of and off of her body as they all laughed at me for being such a wimp husband. But what choice do I have really? If I want to stay with my wife, she has made it very clear that I'll not only follow her orders but those of Frank and his friends! The clients left after I called a cab for them, but her boss stayed for the night. I was f***ed to sl**p at the foot of the bed and he would wake me anytime he was going to have sex with my wife so I could watch how a REAL MAN was capable of fucking my sweet Lisa. I was then required to kneel by the side of the bed and watch. He also made me hold a cup for him when he needed to take a piss during the night, since he doesn't like to g et up.

My wife and I have suffered other humiliations at the hands of her dominate boss that I'll explain in Part 3 of my true story.

PART 3 - The X-rated Movie House

One of the most humiliating incidents involving my wife and her boss occurred at a movie house. This took place just a few weeks ago. Lisa had come home from work and was treating me better than she normally does. Rather than ignoring me she said she wanted to go to a movie as we did when we dated. I was happy, since she had been rather cold to me since her boss, Frank had been dominating their relationship. He preferred she spent all her attention on him and told her I was only good for cleaning any messes he left in her pussy with my tongue. Lisa changed into a simple button up dress with leather sandals that wrapped half way up her calf. They reminded me of the sandals Roman slave girls wore.

Before leaving the phone rang and I answered. It was Frank and he told me to have his slut get on the phone. I felt like hanging up on him, but the consequences of my wife's possible anger with me made me hand the phone to her and tell her it was Master Frank. She told him we were going to a movie and then I heard her answer "Yes Sir" for the rest of the conversation. After hanging up she walked outside to the car. I felt that maybe we were still going to have a night out, but was disappointed when she told me to drive to the local adult movie house and that Frank would be meeting us there.

When we arrived Frank was already there, waiting. He took us into the dark theater and we sat in a middle row close to the wall. I was next to the wall, with my wife between me and Frank. We watched the movie for a while and I could hear Frank telling Lisa she was a hotter slut than any of the girls on the screen. The place was just about empty. There seemed to be only about four men in the whole place. When they saw Lisa, several of them changed their seat location to get closer to her. I guess they figured being that a sexy dressed women being e****ted by two men might result in some kind of action. They were not to be disappointed. Frank had Lisa grab each arm rest and he pulled some Velcro straps out of his pocket. He strapped her arms tightly to the seat. He then ordered her to place her feet on the armrest of the seat in front of her. This caused her legs to spread and her dress to inch up. Frank then unbuttoned her top two buttons and pulled her tits out of the top of the dress. He tweaked her nipples roughly knowing that the men were watching. When Lisa moaned in pleasure/pain the other men quit pretending to watch the movie and moved very close, sitting in the seats in front and behind her. Frank then pulled her skirt up and asked Lisa if she wanted him to cut off her panties with his pocket knife so these strangers could see her open, wet cunt. Lisa whispered yes, but Frank ordered she speak loud enough for all to hear and for her to be specific, he twisted her nipples again for effect. "Please, remove my panties so these men can see what your slave's hot cunt looks like, Master" Lisa said in a loud, throaty voice. The men around couldn't believe their ears or their luck and were practically solvating already! With this Frank told the two men behind Lisa to each grab a nipple and be sure to twist them. He then pulled out his knife and slowly cut the sides of her panties off. Lisa was moaning quit a bit now from the strangers' rough handling of her breasts. Frank handed me the panties and ordered me to stick them in my mouth, since that was as close as I would be getting to my wife's pussy tonight. I did as told and could hear the laughter of the other men who realized I was a slave to the desires of both my wife and Frank. He then told the men in the front seat to do as they pleased with my wife's cunt and asshole. Frank then got up and left to go and get a soft drink. For the next few minutes Lisa had four sets of hands playing with her as they pleased. When Frank returned he told the men his slut wasn't available for a fucking tonight, and that she would be in the men's room for the next half hour. He promised them she would give them the best blowjob of their life. When they were ready to cum he asked that they shoot their load into his soda cup. He told the men he wanted the slut's husband to have something to drink on the drive home.

After Frank told the men my wife would be giving blowjobs in the men's rest room I thought there was going to be a fight to get there. Frank unhooked Lisa's arms and told her to walk to the men's room. When she started to reach for the top of her dress to cover her breasts Frank yelled, "Leave those fucking tits out in the open, just for your disobedience I am going to make you strip naked and kneel on the piss and cum covered floor of the bathroom. After these four men fill my soda cup with their cum, they can piss all over those tits of yours. Do you understand?" Lisa stammered, "Yes, Sir" As she walked to the bathroom you could see her hard nipples in the flickering light of the porn movie. Once in the smelly dirty bathroom Frank had her remove all her clothes, except her leather sandals, which made he look like a Roman slave that was transported to the 20th century.

Frank opened the door to a stall and made her kneel down in front of the toilet, facing the men who had lined up. Frank gave me the soda cup, still partially filled with Cola and told me to hold it when each man was ready to cum. He warned me not to spill a drop. The men were all super horney from all this action and most came within minutes after Lisa started to suck their cocks. They would call her 'slut', 'bitch' and 'whore' as she sucked them. The dirtier they talked the hotter she got, and the faster she sucked. Each of the four men emptied their loads in the soda cup, and Frank made sure that I thanked each one of them. After Frank had Lisa lean back so her shoulders were resting on the toilet. Two guys left and Frank asked the other two that were left to piss all over her tits and cunt. Each covered her with their warm urine. Frank had Lisa put her dress on, without wiping the piss off her body. He said a disobedient slave did not deserve to clean up. He had come by ca b, so he instructed us to drive him home. He had me drive, laughing as he had me sip from the 'cum cocktail' all the way home. When he reached home he had us walk to the front of our house, by the garage. He made Lisa strip and washed her body off with a garden hose. Once in the house he had her kneel down, stick her ass up and reach behind to spread her cheeks. He then had me lick her asshole, so it would be wet enough for his cock. There in the entry he fucked her ass and deposited a load up her asshole. He then had me scoot under Lisa so when he pulled out his cock his cum would drip into my open mouth. Lisa begged him to stay the night with her, but he told her that her disobedience had made him very disappointed in her. She promised never to disobey again, she said she would do anything for him, but he still left, telling my wife that if she was especially sexy and slutty at the office for the next several days that he might just forgive her and "cum" visit her again!

Apparently she has gotten back in his "good graces" by being his personal slut at the office. She has humiliated herself for Frank in front of her fellow- workers and various customers when it suited Frank. I'm not sure just what all she has done for him, but I do know that she is f***ed to wear see-through blouses without any bras and very short mini-skirts without any panties. Whenever an other women in the office makes a remark that her cloths aren't appropriate for office wear she just indicates that it's what Frank wants and she will do anything to please him. As a result of her pleasing behavior to Frank he has spent several nights at our house recently making use of my wife as I am f***ed to watch and lick her clean.

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