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Where was I ?

so where was i I'd just come into the room, you were stood at the window looking out over the night sky of venice the breeze coming in to the window and , of yes i'd just eased the dress from your shoulders and was kissing down your neck,
down your back with my hands gently cupping your beautiful breasts.
I turn you slowly and kiss your hips as i'm turning you sliding your panties off your bottom and down as i continue to kiss ,
licking your rose as i move toward your pussy
my hand has glided up between your legs, up between your thighs until it reaches those soft lips , i gently rub as my tongue licks and slides along those wet wet lips
at first probe with one then two fingers deep into you as my tongue searches for your clit
flicking and licking all the time
as my fingers move slowly in and out of you
tongue flicking , licking clit, circles round and round, as i lean you back on the bed and my mouth devours your wet wet pussy.
you begin to feel the first shock wave of an encroaching orgasm
while my fingers continue there rhythmical movement and my tongue licks your pulsating clit
fast and faster with finger and tongue
deeper and slower
then fast again, bring you to the edge and then releasing, i want you all now,
i unzip myself and as i kiss up your body you feel the tip of my cock tease and slide between those lips once more,
lifting your legs i plunge deep into you, my finger now toying with your clit so the surge continues as i thrust in deep and hard

and the room service bell rang........

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