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An Xhamster meet

It all started when I checked my comments at Xhamster. There were several posts by a member called Ceri. One day we were both online at the same time and we got chatting in the message centre. He said that he lived in Cardiff not far away and would love to meet me. I had a think then I said “do you know the Heartridge school roundabout?” he replied “yes , I’ll be there at 8:30” The rest of the day I though nothing of it and dismissed it as another billy bullshitter.
I woke the next day and turned on the PC to see if he was online , this was about 7:00am . To my surprise I had a message saying “I’ll message you as I approach the Coldra roundabout”. I sat and thought could this be really happening???
I started to get very nervous at the same time I found myself putting on my black cami suspender and matching stockings with black garter and black satin panties. Then I put on some jeans a T shirt and sat and waited. At 8:15 a message read “Approaching the roundabout”. I took a big breath and went out to meet Ceri. The morning was becoming a bit surreal.
10 minutes later he pulled up in his car and without a thought I got in. Gave him directions to our flat. Once we got in I quickly took my jeans & T shirt off revealing my feminine side. He went straight into the toilet and when he came out he looked amazing in his Bra , denim mini , black fishnet tights & panties. I said to him “omg you look fuckin’ stunning babe!!!!” By this point my nerves are shot to bits , it took 10 minutes to roll a smoke to calm me down. He broke the ice by walking over to me. I looked up at Ceri and put my hand up his tight little skirt and felt a very big and very hard cock. OMG this is sooooo hottttt.
I pulled his tights down to his knees and caressed his cock though his panties. He gave out a little moan and an even bigger one when I took out his now fully erect cock and started sucking on him slowly and softly. Then I stood up and kissed the side of his neck as he pushed his cock against me.
He then pulled my panties down and started to caress me. I thought I was in heaven. Still very nervous to the point I could not get fully hard but I was still loving every moment.
I sat back down and started sucking his throbbing cock more intensely. As I sucked him I caressed his balls , this is now driving me wild with delight and I too got hard. I stood back up and I held both our cocks together. The sensation is so overpowering I nearly came there and then.
I said “think I better calm down , would you like a coffee?” I went out the kitchen and got a coffee and returned to the living room, omg his cock is still sooooooooo fuckin’ hard. This is heaven!
I said “do you know” no was the reply so we went into the next room where I set up my LapTop and logged onto Cam4. The sensations are overpowering me to the point that any inhibitions have gone ….BIG TIME!!. I clicked the broadcast button. I’m sat down and Ceri is stood next to me.
I started kissing his cock through his panties and one by one we have built up an audience. I then pulled his panties down and proceeded to suck him soft and gentle. We had a cam4 member in the chat room saying “fuck his mouth” I said “do it”
I am hard again now and loving this. He must be too he’s rock hard and fucking my mouth for fun. Wonderful sensations came over me has this huge cock is pumping my willing mouth. I am playing with my little hard cock now and getting close, Very close. “sexy bitches” “make the bitch cum” were some of the comments flying in. I stood up at this point and held this beautiful thing in my hand as Ceri started to milk me. My orgasm was soooo explosive. Knees buckled. Now its Ceri’s turn.
I sat back down and with a pretty good audience I started to suck and suck and suck.
“do I let him cum in my mouth” after all this is a first date. I stood up and with my left hand I started to wank him faster while I caressed his tight ass. Then blast off he came with an explosion all over my carpet. Who cares this was my perfect 1st date.
We calmed down chatted a while then he left.
I changed the name because he wants to remain anonymous.

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