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I was born in 1962, I had an older b*****r and two younger b*****rs at the time the story begins. We were brought up in a small coastal town and from mid-February to mid-October my father worked away from home during the week, leaving every Sunday night to return sometime during the Friday. The remaining four months of the year he spent working from home. I only mention this as it was his work pattern that brought about the beginning to the story and formed subsequent events.

When I was t*n we spent the whole summer living at the beach, a quiet spot with plenty privacy and an abundance of space for all us k**s to run around in, play in the sand, climb the nearby trees, fish in the river and swim in the sea. Apart from me and my older b*****r who was s***nteen, there was also our two younger b*****rs aged e***t and f**e. The youngest might have been a pest if he’d prevented us older boys from enjoying our adventures but we were not alone, throughout the six weeks of the holiday there was a steady stream of cousins who visited and more often than not stayed with us for a week or two. One set, a boy of t*n and a girl of e***t, the other, a girl aged s***nteen, a boy of t*n and his s*x year old b*****r, they had a baby s****r who was just a year old and perfect for keeping the various parents and adults distracted allowing us freedom to roam.

My father had borrowed a small boat with oars and a small 2hp outboard motor which was light enough for us to lift and attach to the boat by ourselves, we were even able to drag the boat into the water by ourselves and as we were all strong swimmers and had life jackets we were given the freedom to take the boat out a short way to fish and swim from it, something that k**s these days would never be allowed to do by responsible parents. It was an exciting holiday, long days of sunshine, playing till it got dark and deep sl**p till dawn when we would rise early to start all over again. Some days would be spent building rafts, searching the shore for miles to collect flotsam and jetsam for the task, lengths of wood, old pallets, fishing twine and old lengths of rope washed up on the shoreline. One such length was utilised to make a swing from a tree that hung out over a deep pool in the river about three hundred yards away, the water was ice cold but we spent many hours swinging from that rope and bombing into the deep brown water, no wonder we never caught any of the small trout in the river, we scared them all away.

It was on a trip on the boat that things changed for me, we were heading up the coast a short way to a big sandy bay for a picnic for a change of scene. Several of us k**s were in the boat along with my mother who was rowing the boat out into deeper water before starting the outboard, she was more wary of any rocks we needed to pass through to reach open water than we were having never really used the boat when my father was not around, he would arrive on a Friday evening and leave on the Sunday afternoon to return home for a few hours sl**p before heading off for another week at sea. We would just start up the motor as soon as the boat was afloat and slowly make our way out past the rocks before increasing speed, my mother was more careful, and not very good at rowing which meant it was taking ages to make our way the 100 yards to open water. There was also the small matter of her attire, she was not dressed for rowing a boat, wearing a rather fetching but tight bikini, not that we knew it then but she was in the early stages of pregnancy, our baby s****r being born in the early months of the following year.

Everyone was leaning over the side of the boat looking down into the water, making a game of trying to spot crabs, starfish, jellyfish and fish of any sort at all, a few even had little fishing lines in hand in case they spotted a fish. My older b*****r was poised on the bow, the lookout for rocks, he also had a homemade spear gun in his hand like some harpooner on a whaling ship, we intended to use it when we reached the other beach, diving in mask and snorkel for flatfish. I was watching my mother struggle with the oars, sitting with her legs spread to brace herself as she made each stroke of the oars. There was plenty to watch, the thin straps of her top would slip off her shoulders with each stroke which meant that with the next she would be in danger of losing the top completely. This caused her to stop rowing long enough to sort her straps which would then slip back again with the next stroke, hence the reason it was taking ages for us to travel just a short distance. I didn’t know where to look, I was pretending to untangle my fishing line but I was watching to see if her top was going to slip off her breasts, why I didn’t know at the time, I was only t*n but I knew I wanted to see her breasts. I’d seen my aunt breastfeeding my little cousin and was amazed at her enormous breasts, I’ve no idea about cup sizes, they were just big, she was only about f**e foot two in height and this made them look even bigger, full of breast milk, I was fascinated, I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as she nursed my cousin, sadly my mother told me to run off and play and I didn’t get to watch for long, but it did make me want to see my own mothers titties.

My mother was looking straight ahead, half watching all the k**s, half watching to see where she was going, part of her, so I thought, was watching me as I slyly watched her. I kept my head down and as I did I noticed something else. I’d been so set on seeing one of her breasts pop out that I hadn’t looked elsewhere. Now I looked as her foot slipped as she struggled to row and keep her top on, when I looked at her foot my gaze continued up her slim leg ending at her crotch, her legs were spread and the bikini pants were tight, forming what I would learn in later life was called a “camel-toe”, the material digging into the crease between two clearly visible mounds, peaking out of each side I could make out wisps of hair, something that astounded me, I didn’t know that grown-ups had hair down there. I might have appeared naive but this was the early seventies, there was no such thing as porn available to the likes of us, I didn’t see my first nudie mag until I was t****e when I found one hidden under a bush on a lane near my home, a penthouse, which I took and hid to be pored over many times and wanked over any chance I got. Coupled with a copy of “The Happy Hooker” which I’d read by torchlight under the covers as my youngest b*****r slept, many a wank I had to the tales of Xavaria Hollander and her sexual exploits, I learned all I needed to know about sex from these pages.
I was engrossed in the sight of my mother’s pussy, her thigh muscles tensing with each pull of the oars was having a strange effect on my t*n year old cock. I’d been waking with a hard on for some months but had thought it just meant that I needed to pee but this was the first time I’d had one while I was awake, not the last by a long shot. The stop start rowing of my mother as she tried to keep her top in place was spoiling my fun, I could see that the heat of the day and the strain of the rowing was making my mother’s skin on her stomach glisten with beads of sweat, I’d watch as they’d trickle down over her belly until they reached the waistband of her bikini bottoms and disappeared from sight. It might have been this that was making my cock hard, it might have been the flexing of her muscles on her inner thighs, it may even have been her pussy mound, the material disappearing into the hidden lips where a small damp patch had gradually appeared. It didn’t matter, all I knew was that for some reason my cock was hard and was sticking straight out from my little swimsuit. For some reason I had an urge to touch myself, I had a stronger urge to touch my mother’s mound, not for any sexual reason other than the fact that it fascinated me, I knew I couldn’t do that, nor could I touch myself, any time any of us absentmindedly touched ourselves as c***dren do, we would be told “leave yourself alone!” by an adult, I was to find out why.

A curse from my mother made me look up, one side of her top had slipped down exposing one of her nipples, a large dark circle with a hard lump in the middle that adults called a nipple. I’d obviously seen them before while my mother breastfed my youngest b*****r but I would only have been s*x or so when she stopped so I had no recollection of the events. This was the first time I had been aware of them, having seen my aunt feed my baby cousin I knew what they were for, I had no idea they were for any other reason ? I must have been thinking about this as I absentmindedly touched my own nipple, my mother dropped the oars to pull her top back up and sort the straps for the umpteenth time, her voice brought me out of my daze. “What are you doing?” she hissed in a low voice obviously meant just for me, I looked up at her, pretending I had been in a world of my own. “Why are you touching your chest?” she continued, pointing at me, still keeping her voice low. I looked down at my hand, then at my nipple and shook my head, “I don’t know mum,” I replied, “I think a midge bit me.” A reasonable excuse, convincingly made, I scratched the nipple again innocently, forgetting that my t*n year old cock was sticking straight out of my speedos.

My mother gave me a quizzical look, her eyes I now know were fixed on my young hard on, I innocently thought at the time that she was looking at the fishing line in my hands which I had returned my own gaze to, intent on looking innocent as I tried to untangle the knots in the line. My mother muttered something I didn’t catch under her breath and returned to her rowing. I dare not lift my gaze for the next few minutes as I could feel her eyes boring into me, I hoped she took my flush of embarrassment as being the effects of the hot sun on my body rather than the hot son, strangely excited by the sight of his mother’s damp pussy. Although I couldn’t watch her vain struggle with her top it didn’t stop me looking at the place between her thighs which had my interest. After a while I felt it was safe to lift my head as I heard her mutter again, still struggling with her top, the top was winning, or rather her thirty four year old breasts were winning the battle, the weight of them swinging as she rowed making it impossible for the top to maintain her modesty. I had timed it perfectly, this time both straps had slipped from her shoulders on the same stroke.

As my mother pulled the oars back through the water, she expanded her chest against the current, both straps had slipped from her shoulders and were now down near her elbows, as she lifted the oars from the water and brought them through the air ready for the next stroke the tension of the bikini top relaxed and the material fell from her breasts. The oars dipped into the water and as she pulled them back towards her, expanding her chest, both breasts were free, for all the world to see, and the only one looking was me. I didn’t know where to look, oh I knew where I wanted to look, and I knew what to look at even if I still wasn’t sure why it was exciting to me. I didn’t stare, I just looked, like it was the most natural thing in the world to do, making no sudden moves to shift my gaze or position, I may even have held my breath. My mother stared back at me, an angry look crossed her face, one I knew well, whether it was aimed at me, the top I did not yet know ?

A look of resignation crossed her face, she shrugged her shoulders and shook her head, looking straight at me. I returned her gaze, thinking that as long as I kept eye contact I couldn’t be accused of looking at her breasts, it seemed to work as she just let the top fall to her waist, picked up the oars and returned to her rowing. I tried to be as casual as possible thinking that I could prolong the view of those beautiful breasts, pale and white against the surrounding tanned body, with those big dark areola, a name I’d only learn years later, and her hard nipples. I secretly longed to kneel before her and suck on those nipples, the urge was almost overpowering. I tried to stay composed but my cock betrayed me, I only knew it was called a cock after seeing a bull on the farm near our house and hearing the farmer say that it had “A fine big cock on it!”

My discretion got the better of me after what seemed like an age but which had only been a few minutes, free from the struggle with her top my mother had made headway out beyond the rocks into open water. Glancing over the side of the boat I told my mother casually that I thought we were far enough out for her to start the outboard motor. “Thank god for that,” she replied, “My arms are aching with the strain, I expect your trunks will be relieved too?” she said with a little throaty laugh. I turned from where I had been staring into the water to look at her, she was staring straight back at me, arms spread open as she rested the large oars in the water. Her breasts were still in full view, not the biggest I’ve ever seen in the subsequent forty years but perfectly formed, I’ve yet to see bigger nipples, they looked even longer than they had been only a few minutes earlier. She held my gaze, before releasing her hand from one oar, then the other, massaging the biceps of both arms which caused her breasts to be pushed together inwards and outwards, making the nipples stand out even more.

“It’s a beautiful view don’t you think?” she was staring at my crotch now, before lifting her eyes to meet mine and then looking over her shoulder at the coastline behind her. “Yes it is mum, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” I spluttered in reply, turning to look back at her and beyond her to the shore and all the k**s sitting on the bow of the boat. Some movement made me return my gaze to my mother who was retrieving her bikini top, up till now she’d had her back to everyone else on the boat but once the motor was going she would have to turn round to face them. Seeing that I was watching she gave one nipple a little pinch, smiling at me as she squeezed her thighs together, closing her eyes for a second. If I could I would have cum in my trunks that very second, but my first ejaculation was still in the future, courtesy of another visitor to our holiday site that summer. The feeling in my cock was the most blissful thing I’d ever felt in my short lifetime, the shiver coursing through my body was plainly visible.

“You have a hard job on your hands, don’t you?” My mother’s voice brought me out of the daze I was in, and I noticed I had my hand on my hard cock, I quickly let go of the bulge in my trunks and looked back at my mother. “You are sitting in the captain’s seat, you’ll have to start the motor and steer, not too hard a job is it?” She was laughing now, enjoying my surprise and embarrassment, “What did you think I was meaning?” She innocently enquired, smiling at me while looking at my crotch for a second before returning my gaze. Rather than answer I swung around in my seat and reached for the string which needed pulling to get the motor running, frightened to stand up on in the boat my legs felt so weak. I put all my strength into pulling the string and managed to get the motor running at the second attempt, everyone cheered, knowing that we would soon be underway to the cove for a day of fishing, swimming and a picnic of tea and banana sandwiches. My mother was clapping her hands as I turned back to face her, the steering arm of the motor under my own arm, the throttle in my left hand. “Who is my big strong boy then?” she asked smiling back at me, her top now safely back in place but her legs still parted, the damp patch on the front was even bigger than it had been just seconds before. For a long time afterwards I thought my mother had accidently peed herself, I was t****een before I found out that my voyeurism had made her have an orgasm and that she had been even more turned on than I was during the whole episode.


The holiday passed without further opportunities to see my mother’s tits, try as I might I even failed to catch another glimpse of my aunt’s either. When it was time for her to feed my baby cousin she would retire inside one of our caravans and before the summer was out the baby was being fed by bottle much to my disgust, all my c***dren were bottle fed which also denied me from reliving the fantasy of that summer. By the time we reached the cove my cock had returned to its normal shrivelled state and I enjoyed the day with my cousins, since we had to make two trips to get everyone from our site to the cove I had volunteered to be helmsman in the hope that we would have some privacy during the return leg and perhaps my mother would remove her top again, it wasn’t to be, my mother stayed at the far end of the boat staring into the distance until we reached the shore and picked up the two aunts and the baby. I’d been enjoying being in command so much that I forgot to stop when we reached the rocks so that my mother would need to row, by the time I remembered I had navigated my way through the rocks and was close enough to the shore so that the adults need only wade out till the water was at their knees before boarding the boat. “Why didn’t you tell me you were so good at steering the boat?” my mother scolded me, “It would have saved me all that rowing earlier, but I suppose you were too busy enjoying the special view.” She ended with a sigh, again she squeezed her knees together although this time her hands were between her legs hidden from my view.

I spent the holiday trying to get a peek at my older female cousins, one was f***een, the other who visited for two weeks was f****een. She had nice little breasts and a pert bum, which looked really sexy in her bikini but even better in a one piece suit, the material covering her pussy was narrower and I would swim under water trying to get a look at it while we swam, I wanted to see if she had hair peeking out like my mother did! I had discovered the female form and I liked what I saw, I also liked what it did to me and the effect it had on my young cock. I even took to instigating bouts of playful wrestling with my female cousins so I could cop a feel of their little titties. This always made me hard and on more than one occasion my f****een year old cousin noticed and would grab my crotch when nobody was looking and rub me with her thumb, the second time it happened I inadvertently thrust my groin into her hand with a grunt which made her smile, she looked me in the eye and quickly kissed me on the nose before saying, “Let’s play hide and seek, I know a good place we can hide.” Being the oldest she quickly organised all the cousins for a game of hide and seek, telling them how far in either direction along the beach they could go to find a hiding place and also how far into the trees between the shore and the road high above we were allowed to hide.

I was not too keen on playing, I had been enjoying the play wrestling too much, I especially did not like it when she announced that since she had beat me at wrestling I should be the first person to do the finding while everyone else hid. The rules were simple, first one found was to do the seeking for the next game, I knew this would be easy as the younger ones wouldn’t be too hard to find, not being devious enough or quick enough to go too far in search of a hiding place. The only drawback was that everyone had to be found before a new game could be started, this I knew from experience could take an hour or more depending on where everyone hid, I knew that if I was hiding I would find a spot to hide, wait until an area had been searched and then move to hide there instead, claiming I had been there all along when I won the game by being last found. I wasn’t looking forward to my role in the game; that was until my older female cousin, Lucy, announced she would make sure I knew all the rules and came across to where I was standing, made a show of explaining the rules to me before whispering where her chosen hiding spot was going to be. It just so happened that it was a place I knew well, and was well outside where she had previously told everyone marked the borders of the area in which they were allowed to hide.

I was blindfolded and told to count to two hundred out loud, half of them took off before I had even started to count, Lucy being the last to leave. “Come straight to where I am going to hide, I’ve another game in mind,” she whispered in my ear, “doctors and nurses.” And with that I heard her take off, her feet running across the path until the sound faded and could no longer be heard. I counted out loud until I reached the required amount before removing my blindfold which was one of my mother’s dishcloths. I let it fall from my eyes till it hung around my neck and took off after my cousin, all thoughts of looking for the others ignored despite being able to hear giggles coming from under the caravan nearby.

I tried to skirt all the places where I thought the others might hide, hoping I didn’t accidently bump into any of them, I was intrigued by Lucy’s instructions and desperately wanted to find out what she meant by doctors and nurses. It took me a good ten minutes to reach the spot that Lucy had told me about, I knew there was a small cave in the rocks, its entrance hidden by bracken, you could walk past it and never see it unless you knew it was there. We had discovered it the very first time we visited this beach the previous year and had rarely ventured back to it since. We knew that others must have known about it as on our first visit that year we had found several candles and a large box of matches, we assumed it must have been the c***dren of a f****y who had lived in a caravan on that beach for the previous couple of years, four girls and two boys, ranging in age from s*x to s*xteen. One boy was f****een the other was s*x, we didn’t play with them and they kept out of our way on the beach, the girls were more sociable, especially the s*xteen and t****e year olds, but they mostly just chatted to my female cousins and my mother and aunts.
I reached the cave and for a minute thought that Lucy had been playing a trick on me, sending me off in the wrong direction so that she and everyone else had longer to hide and I would be made to look the fool when I couldn’t find them. A voice called my name softly from inside the cave, I knew it was Lucy from her English accent, she called again, “Is that you out there?” I answered in hushed tones that it was before carefully parting the bracken to reveal the entrance to the cave. The opening was quite low which was why it was hard to see, but once inside it was a good deal bigger and you could easily stand upright. I peered into the darkness trying to acclimatise my eyes, I could hear a scr****g noise which was followed by the sudden gleam of match light. In its glare I could see Lucy sitting on an upturned fish box, she was holding the match in one hand and a candle in the other. “Quick,” she whispered, “Get your arse in here in case any of the rest get the same idea.”

I bent my head to scramble into the cave until I could stand upright, by which time Lucy had lit the candle and was using it to look about to find out if any more were lying about. My eyes fell on a box of candles which had been squeezed into a large crack in the wall, pulling the box clear from its hiding place I opened the lid to discover that there was at least half a dozen brand new candles in the box. I handed one to Lucy who lit it and then using the melting wax from the first which she dripped onto a little ledge sat the new candle in place before reaching out for another. Soon Lucy had four candles lit and situated in various spots illuminating the cave which was even bigger than I’d first thought or imagined during any previous visit. Lucy was already scrambling about to see what else she could find, she found a second box and sat it on top of the one she’d been sitting on when I arrived.

Then she discovered a blue plastic oil drum which she placed facing the boxes before returning to sit on the boxes and indicating that I should make use of the drum. “Sit down Scott, the nurse will see you in a second.
I did as I was told, she was more than three years older than me, it wouldn’t be my s*xteenth birthday for another week and she was already into her e***teenth year, who was I to argue. She had said something about a game of doctors and nurses but I had no idea what she meant by this? Regardless of my ignorance I was excited, the memory of her hand on my cock had kept me hard during the time it had taken me to reach the cave, even if I didn’t know what I was to expect, perhaps she wanted to wrestle in private, how was I to know? I was still only t*n!

I sat on the drum facing Lucy, nervously looking about the cave, marvelling at the sheer size of it compared to the tiny entrance to the outside world, the bracken and ferns at the entrance blocked most of the daylight but the candles were enough to light up the part of the cave we were sitting in. Lucy leant towards me, hands on hips, her face no more than a foot from my own, “Do you want to tell the nurse about the little problem you’ve been having in your trunks today?” I didn’t notice her hand until I felt it clasp my cock and balls with a little squeeze, “Ah, I see you still have your problem, it must be very uncomfortable in there, why don’t you take those nasty trunks off so the nurse can inspect the problem area?” I still didn’t know what she was doing, all I knew was that she made my cock hard in the same way that my mother had on the boat, but I wasn’t prepared to argue so I stood up and dropped my trunks to my ankles. Lucy shuffled her bum to the edge of the boxes she was sitting on and reached out with both hands to grab my bare bum, pulling me even closer to her. My f**e inch cock was sticking straight out, no more than a few inches from Lucy’s face, “Very good,” she said, not taking her eyes off of my stiff cock. “ I think we need to examine this problem closer, it looks very painful, maybe nurse can do something about it?”

Lucy reached out and took my cock in her hand, slowly stroking the shaft before letting it go, “Sir seems to be having a problem with his prick, it is looking very hard and painful!” I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to answer or how I was supposed to answer? I’d never played this sort of game before. “Yes, no, yes, I mean no, I mean I don’t know, what was the question Lucy?” was my less than convincing reply. “In the consulting room, there is only Nurse, and Doctor, when I am the nurse you are the patient, and when it is my turn to be the patient, you will be doctor, there is no Lucy and no Scott, you must remember this for the future.” She seemed a bit stern and this seemed to be the kind of game that wasn’t much fun for the patient, especially if she was going to be making a fool of my predicament, I was beginning to wish I’d gone looking for the others and just left her here by herself.

Little did I know it was to be the best game ever, a prelude to the many delights of the female body, the male and female anatomy and all the pleasures that could be had between the two. I might have been reading the Happy Hooker in the future but I’d be thinking about Lucy, until she was replaced in my fantasies by my own mother.

Having set her ground rules Lucy tried again, this time she spat in her hand before returning it to my cock, the wet hand feeling cold in the dank confines of the cave. “Now sir,” she continued, “You seem to be suffering from what we in the medical world would call a stiffy.” Her hand was slowly stroking my shaft, which was responding to her touch by growing even harder than before. “ I think there is only one treatment that nurse can recommend for this problem, and that is something we nurses like to call a BJ.” She was confusing me again, I liked the touch of her hand on my cock, and I could tell my cock liked what her hand was doing to it, but a BJ? I had no idea what that could be. There was nothing for it but to play the game and see where it would lead, “Thank you nurse, this BJ feels very nice.” I replied, showing my complete ignorance, “I like it very much, don’t stop.” The last part more a plea than a request. “Don’t be silly,” Lucy laughed, her voice echoing around the cave.

“This is not the BJ, nurse is just giving you a wanking off, it will solve your problem but a blow job is even better.” More new words, her hand stroking my cock was her wanking me off, I’d remember that, but what was a blow job? I pictured her blowing on my cock which didn’t seem to be my idea of fun, images of a mother blowing raspberries on a baby’s belly sprang to mind. I cleared my throat before speaking, if only so that my voice didn’t sound too disappointed, “Ok then nurse, what is this blow thing all about then? Is it really better than wanking off?” She giggled again, stroking me even harder, running her thumb across the head of my cock as she pulled my foreskin back. She leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, this was a first, I’d heard about kissing girls, I’d seen grownups kiss, but I’d never been kissed like this before, she was running her tongue across my lips, trying to poke it into my mouth. I’d forgotten to breathe while she kissed me and it never occurred to breathe through my nose which was why I opened my mouth, not to return her kiss but to breathe, no matter, Lucy poked her tongue into my open mouth, past my teeth and found my own.

My first French kiss, which was what she later told me it was called, I thought the French must be a very peculiar race if this was how they all kissed? “You have to do the same as me,” Lucy said her mouth barely an inch from mine. I did as I was told and poked my tongue into her mouth, which caused her to place her free hand on the back of my neck, pulling me closer, mashing our lips and teeth together and her tongue finding my own the two swirling about in her mouth and then mine. I was beginning to like this, my cock was certainly liking this, perhaps this was the blow job that she’d been speaking about. We were a bit breathless after only a few minutes when Lucy broke away and looked me in the eyes again, “You are a great kisser sir but I think nurse needs to give you that blowjob now before anyone comes looking for us.” Now I was puzzled again, just when I thought I’d worked this BJ thing out I discover I’d been wrong again. I wasn’t kept in suspense for long though as Lucy placed her hand on my chest and pushed me back.

“Lean back a bit sir, give nurse some room.” I was sitting upright, Lucy/nurse, still had my cock in her hand, she reached out and grabbed the cloth which I still had around my neck and releasing my cock from her grasp spread it on the dirt floor of the cave before kneeling on it. I leant forward to see what she was doing but she pushed my head back again, looking up from her position in front of me, “give nurse some room sir, she needs to have space to work her magic.” I did as I was told and leant back, still trying to see what was happening, she had taken hold of my cock again, giving it a few long strokes before lowering her head towards it. This I thought was where she was going to blow on it, just as I first thought, how wrong could I have been. Firstly I felt what could only have been her tongue on the head of my cock, licking the dome as her hand drew my foreskin back, her thumb being drawn across the moistened head.

The feeling was like nothing I’d ever experienced before, but much more was to come, Lucy continued to lick my cock, stroking it at the same time, the touch of her thumb on the sensitive skin was out of this world, I would quite happily have settled for this, the sensation causing a funny knot in my groin. She wasn’t finished, she hadn’t even started.
I gasped out loud as I felt her lips slide down over the length of my cock, right to the root, her tongue flicking the shaft as she swallowed me into her throat, she gagged but held me there. If I’d had some experience I would have been flattered that she had gagged but I’d have been wrong, mine was the first cock she had ever sucked and had gone for broke at her first attempt so that even my f**e inches were just a bit too much for her. She took it a bit slower now, taking just the head and first inch into her mouth and sucking as hard as she could causing me to wince, we were both learning something new today, little did I know she’d only read about it in a book she had found under her parents bed a few weeks before her holiday. Still she persisted, taking note of my reactions, if I winced she would ease off on the pressure, taking a bit more of me into her mouth every few strokes, soon she was able to take my whole length without gagging, feeling a bit braver she tried using her tongue on the base of my shaft, stretching it to try and lick my balls without success, on the next attempt she made an attempt to help matters by taking my sac in her hand and feeding it into her mouth along with my cock. The pain was nearly unbearable yet felt exquisite at the same time, it took her several attempts but eventually she managed to stuff my balls in her mouth along with my whole cock, the first and only time anyone would ever try or succeed in doing this, I doubt any woman could have managed it with an adult unless she could unhinge her jaws, but my balls were still quite small and with a bit of willpower Lucy performed this miracle.

I was close to passing out from the mixture of pain and pleasure as Lucy sucked on my balls with my cock in her throat, it was too much for me, “please Luce, I mean nurse, that hurts,” with a plop and a sucking sound Lucy’s let my balls and then cock escape from her mouth. “Sorry sir,” she said, looking up at me as she wiped the slobber from her face with the back of her hand, “would you like me to stop?” It had been painful but I had been enjoying it right up until the end, “It was good to begin with but the last bit was just too painful, that’s all, I liked the rest of it, honestly.” I wanted her to suck me again, I had an idea that there was even better to come if only she tried again. “Ok sir, but we better be quick, I want my turn as patient and I still have to make you lose your load.” She was off again, sucking me back into her mouth leaving me puzzling over what she meant about losing my load? I hadn’t been carrying anything. I needn’t have worried, a few more minutes of the nurse/Lucy sucking me before a completely new sensation took over my whole body, I could feel my balls tightening in their sac, my stomach felt as if it was on a rollercoaster, I didn’t know whether I needed to pee or throw up, I did know one thing and that was that my cock felt even harder than before, Lucy noticed too.
She began to make muffled slurping sounds as my young cock grew in her mouth filling her inexperienced teenage throat, the sound of my scream from my very first orgasm echoed around the cave.

I was certain that I was peeing in her mouth, never before having experienced such a momentous event, my very first cumshots in a female mouth, it felt like a gallon, my head was spinning, my cock was throbbing, my balls had disappeared up inside my groin, I was soaked with sweat, my heart racing my breathing came quick and fast, I yelped again as Lucy released my cock from her mouth, sucking deeply on the head before letting it fall from her lips. “Did I hurt you?” she asked, looking up at me, her tongue coated with a milky liquid that I would later find out had been my cum. “No, no, no,” I told her, “that was great, suck the end of it again please, just a bit more, please.” I pleaded. She smiled up at me, happy that I had enjoyed her mouth on my cock, “Ok, just a little,” she replied, taking me back inside her mouth, sucking the mushroom head deeply, flicking the slit with her tongue, the feeling was amazing, so intense, all too quickly it subsided to be followed by what I knew was an urge to pee. “You better stop,” I told her, “if you don’t then I will pee in your mouth.” Her eyes looked up at me, reluctant to release me from her mouth, for a split second I thought I saw an idea cross her mind, did she want me to pee in her mouth? As quickly as it seemed to cross her mind it was gone and my cock fell from her lips, I never would find out how seriously she had considered the idea, I know one thing, it put me off the idea for life, despite having been requested to do just that more than once over the years.
My first ever blowjob, my first ever cumshot, and she’d swallowed, little was I to know that this was something that not every woman would do or enjoy, despite what your average porno or story would have you believe.

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