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by FOXI (address withheld)


A young boy catches his mother kissing a man, not his
father, and decides to teach her a very hot lesson.
(F/mf-teens, ped, reluc, inc, voy, mast, anal)


I'm still in high school but I'm not stupid or totally
innocent. I knew that both my mom and dad were having
marital troubles. But I didn't realize how bad until
one day coming directly home from school, which I
rarely did, saw a man, not my dad coming out of my
house in a rush, but not before kissing my mom fully
and sexily on the mouth.

It was then I knew that their marriage was over.
Possibly my nice sweet life was done. But I had to
think of something to stop her. I liked my life the way
it was. No complications, no hassles.

At fifteen years old I spent lots of time fucking my
girlfriend and looking at porn on the internet. My life
was a full fuckfest of sweet babes and freedom that I
didn't want interrupted. I called my girlfriend and
asked her what I could do to get my mom to stop? She

"You've got to catch her in the act silly. Once you
have that then you control her."

Man she was brilliant. So I grabbed my small digital
video camera and set it up on my dad's bureau across
from their bed and behind some fake plants. I knew that
the guy was there before I came home and set up the
timer for one hour before.

I couldn't concentrate at all in school. My girlfriend
was just as excited as I was about viewing the video
and I didn't mind sharing. For some crazed reason I was
hoping that I would get them for more than just
blackmail. You see my mom is truly hot. Most of my
buddies drool over her when they come over and once
when she was outside in the yard sunning herself in her
bikini I thought they were going to jerk off right

Even my girlfriend Kim thought she was a total hottie.
Believe me when I tell you she is like looking at a
Playboy playmate. She has long blond hair and those
deep blue eyes. But her body is really tight and hot.
She works out constantly and it shows. Nice tits and a
very firm tight ass. There were a few nights when I...
well, had a grasp on know what thinking about
the i****t thing.

Finally school let out and Kim and I raced to my house.
My mom greeted us as she always did. Kim was allowed in
my room as long as the door was open. But I had Kim
talk to my mom to divert her attention while I grabbed
the hidden camera. Now I know that my mom likes Kim.

They could spend endless hours just talking about
nothing. Kim was just too cool. She was so fucking hot.
Your cheerleader type. Very petite but with a rockin'
hot body. Her long black hair and blue eyes got me
every time. And boy could she fuck. She liked it a lot.
Just seeing the two of them together got my cock hard.

I grabbed the camera and nodded at Kim who hugged my
mom and raced after me. Inside my room I plugged the
camera into my computer and turned it on. Kim was so
excited she immediately started to rub my cock through
my jeans and I had to fumble with buttons concentrating

Soon the screen lit up and there was my mom riding this
stranger hard on the bed. His cock going in and out of
her wet pussy. She was moaning and crying out
obscenities while she drove his cock into her.

Kim looked at me and smiled. "Holy shit babe look at
your mom go. Wow can she fuck or what?"

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was fucking
another man. She liked it a lot too. Soon he had her on
all fours as he slid his cock into her open pussy. It
was like watching a porn film but featuring my own
mother. Kim was getting hot watching it and soon had
her hand inside my jeans grabbing my cock and one in
her own pants rubbing her pussy. God I was so hard, as
she began to stroke me.

This guy was slamming my mom hard driving his cock deep
into her and she was helping by slamming back against
him. Then he pulled out and had my mom take him in her
mouth as he came. She swallowed sucking the guy dry.
Kim came too her hot little body arching up in the
chair and her fingers moving fast. I knew she was
squirting hard. She did that really good. I came too
right in my pants.

I quickly changed clothes and then gave her a towel. I
gathered up the camera after downloading it to file.
Then made a DVD of it. Kim looked at me with those big
blue eyes. "I want to be there when you give it to her.
I kissed her. She had great lips."

"I bet you'd like to do more than watch her
expression?" I teased.

She punched me hard on the arm but I knew better. One
of her fantasies is to fuck another girl. Right in
front of me.

"Hey, I'd fuck your mom in a heartbeat baby." She
teased back.

I started to get hard again. She knew just how to get
me going. But a thought jumped into my head and made my
cock even more rigid. The thought of Kim and my mom
doing a porno together. Fuck yes. I told Kim about my
idea and she laughed knowing full well that I would ask
her eventually. But she did one better.

"I'll do it if you join in after and fuck her and me."

I nodded smiling and we kissed hard. Her body rubbing
against mine. She was so turned on by the idea I
thought she was going to cum right there. But I
gathered the disc my portable disc player and went
downstairs Kim following.

Mom was doing dishes and I placed the player on the
kitchen table plugging it in. She stopped and watched
us as we sat looking at her.

"What are you two nuts up to?" She smiled.

"I think you should watch this mom."

She looked at us questioningly but watched the video
screen. I turned it on and saw the look of horror come
over her face. She sat down and stared for all of a
second and then tried to reach for the player. Kim
stopped her by holding her hands and I turned up the
player listening to my mom's voice in the throws of

"Stop it, stop it right now!" She screamed through her

I did. Kim let her hands go. She sat sobbing her whole
body shook.

"Why are you cheating on dad mom?"

She looked up at me her eyes filled with tears. "You
should ask him that honey. He's been doing it for
years. He didn't even want to make love to me anymore.
I got lonely baby. I'm so sorry."

Kim looked at me her face a bit more somber now. But
still determined.

"Yeah well mom I still think it stinks. Besides I want
to make you a deal so that we don't show this to dad."

"You wouldn't do that, you couldn't?" She pleaded.

"Yes we would. Unless..." Came Kim her smile so sexy.

Mom looked at her and then me. She looked back at the
player and then sighed resignedly.

"What do you want me to do honey?"

"We want to make a porno with you mom. A real hot

My mother just stared at me with true shock.

"You want to make a porno film with your own mother?
Honey, please that's i****t. I could never..."

"You don't have a choice mom. It's either that or dad
and the internet get this hot little film."

"Baby, please..." She begged by Kim cut her off.

"WE want you in your bedroom naked right now. I saw you
fuck Mrs. Smith and I want to see the real thing."

Mom just stared at her and suddenly got up and started
for the bedroom. She had given up. We followed camera
in hand and Kim was so turned on just looking at my
mom. My cock was straining against my jeans and just
the thought of seeing my mom naked made me want to cum.
Kim made her take her clothes off and lay on the bed.
Mom did it without an argument and lay on the bed. Her
body was so fucking hot. She shaved her pussy clean and
that excited Kim a lot.

I started filming and watched as Kim got naked too and
climbed on the bed next to my mom. Kim whispered
something in my mom's ear and soon they were making
out. I just about passed out watching them. Kim was
controlling the entire event as she sent her tongue
into my mom's mouth who accepted it eagerly now her
body responding to Kim's attentions. Kim pressed her
tiny body against my moms making sure that her tiny
breasts were nipple to nipple to my moms.

Mom moaned as Kim reached down and slid her fingers
into my mother's very wet pussy. I could hear the
squishy wet slurping sounds coming from it as Kim
fucked her. Even mom started to act and began to do the
same to Kim who groaned as my moms fingers slid easily
into her. Both were driving fingers deep inside their
pussies and I couldn't take anymore.

I placed the camera on top of the dresser aiming it
perfectly. Then began to undress. My cock was huge and
hard. I went straight for my mom's ass. Kim saw me and
whispered again into my mother's ear. Quickly she got
on all fours her tight ass high and open waiting. Kim
slid under her in a 69 position wanting to watch the
event. Her pussy was right in front of my moms face and
soon mom was licking it. Kim moaned as she felt moms
tongue enter her. I aimed my cock at mom's asshole
wanting it so badly.

She was so wet but I spit on it and slid a finger
inside her tight hot hole making her groan. It went in
nicely and I continued to slide it in and out as Kim
sucked mom's pussy. I replaced my finger with my cock
and pushed. Mom grunted and moaned as I slid inside her
ass. God it was so hot and tight. It wrapped around my
cock like a vise. I looked down and saw Kim smile as
she licked mom's clit. I began to fuck her slowly at
first then picking up the pace until I really started
to bang her hard.

Mom was crying out in orgasm as I drove my cock deeply
into her asshole. She was squirting cum in small hot
dribbles onto Kim's mouth who lovingly licked it up.
Soon I had to cum. I felt my cock grow and expand and
then I came hard inside her ass. She moaned loudly her
ass pushing hard against me capturing all my cum inside

We decided to put the video on line anyway. It was just
too damn hot to keep to ourselves. Kim comes over a lot
to visit mom these days. Mom bought a double headed
dildo to share with her. One day I came home to find
them ass to ass fucking like crazy. Sometimes at night
when dad is asl**p she will come into my room and suck
my cock till I cum in her mouth. Best goodnight kiss

Now the girls, mom and Kim, are talking about
b********y. I'm not sure I can keep up with them
sexually. My mom wants to by a big dog that they can
train together. Suddenly I realized that I created a
monster. Kim who still loves me is totally into all of
it. Only f******n and hotter than a porn star.

I knew I had lost them both when one day I came home to
find them on the living room floor with the new dog,
Buster. Buster was fucking mom hard while Kim lay under
her sucking her pussy. Buster was driving his huge red
cock deep into mom's cunt knot and all. She loved every
inch of him. Soon Buster just stopped and tons of cum
came flowing out of her onto Kim's loving face. She
licked it up like crazy. Then she pulled Busters cock
out and started to suck it.

My days were done. I guess the blackmail plot turned on
me. Now the girls are having their own fun these days.


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