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Day at the beach!

Merry (Short for Meredith) was a woman I worked with. She could have been a MILF except that she had no c***dren. In the summer she started hanging out with me at my apartment complexes pool. I never really got the impression that she "wanted" me, but we would banter. She had a nice tight body which she liked to show off in a string bikini. Her tits where probably C cup sized and fit her body very well. Her nipples were large, and often visible in her suit.

One day she suggested that we hit the beach over the weekend. It was only an 1 1/2 hour drive and the weather was supposed to be perfect. I was never really a beach person, but I had nothing better to do so I said I would go. She said that if I would drive she would pack a picnic lunch and everything else that we would need.

I picked her up early in the morning and we made it to the beach by 10 AM. It was early and there was no one on the beach, but Merry didn't want to be there, she said she knew a better beach, but it was a walk up the beach from where we were. So we walked along the water line for at least two miles until we reached a weather beaten sign. "This is it!" she said excitedly. I read the sign and noticed that at the bottom it said "Clothing Optional".
"Ummmm," I started to say, but when I looked at her she had taken her bikini top off and was in the process of removing her bottoms.
"Come on, I think you will like it, give it a shot."
"Ok, I am game."

We walked a bit father and up a big dune and then we saw that the nude part of the beach was a little more crowded than the other part. We staked out an area and set up our chairs and stuff.
Once that was done Merry looked at me and said, "Ok, you need to lose the bottoms or people will get uncomfortable."

"Opps, I forgot" and quickly removed my trucks. My cock was semi-flaccid and did me proud and Merry smiled and said "Nice"
I replied that she looked great herself. She handed me a tube of sunscreen and said, "Make sure you cover your dick really well, it has most likely never had much sun and you really do not want to burn that!" I liberally applied the sunscreen to my crotch which made her laugh because it appeared as if I came all over myself. She then said, "Don't rub it into you cock too much people will think you are jacking off.

After that we settled into a regular day at the beach. We read, swam in the ocean when we got hot, we ate lunch and then Merry suggested a walk to help settle our stomachs. We walked up the beach and on the return trip Merry grabbed my hand. About half way back to our chair I heard a voice calling to Merry.

Turned out that the voice belonged to another co-worker named Judy. we went over to her and I tried not to stare at her ass as Merry and her chatted. Turned out that Merry had recommended this beach to her, and it has become a favorite. "First time for you though right?" she said to me with a giggle looking at my bright white middle region. I listened to them gossip for a bit, and then told Merry I would see her back at our chairs. I swam a bit, then went to the chairs, read for a bit, then fell asl**p. I woke up around 4 and Merry said, "Well you ready to call it a day?" I asked to allow myself some time to wake up, I hit the water, which did the trick, when I got back she had everything packed up.

"You didn't put your suit on?"
"No" she said, "I like to walk to the sign, then just wear a towel to the car."
"That is a long walk with just a towel."
"I have had a couple of accidents, but no one really seems to mind!" she said with a laugh.
We got to the sign and I wrapped myself in a towel, and it was strange but nice feeling. I told her I liked the idea of wearing a skirt, she just laughed. We got to the car without any wardrobe malfunctions and got in. By now it was close to six. We went through a driver through and as we picked up the food Merry lifted my towel up and showed my cock to the girl at the pick up window. The girl laughed and turned red and we went on our way. I spent a few miles looking in the rear view mirror for a cop that never showed. Once we ate Merry took off her towel and moved over in the seat right next to me. I put my arm around her and she moved my hand to her right breast. Her nipples were rock hard and she gasped when I pinched her nipple a bit. She had one leg up on the seat and I moved my hand down to her shaved pussy. She was soaked.

"Judy couldn't get over what a nice cock you have, she was really jealous. I couldn't tell her that we haven't fucked, so I lied, but we are going to now, so it's not really a lie, is it.?"
"I really do not think so." I said.
She moved and took my cock into her mouth, just as the toll bridge came into view.
"Ummm, Merry I only have cash."
I don't care she said. So when we got close to the toll booth I threw a towel over her as best I could. The toll guy saw what was happening immediately, and said "Have a nice night!" Merry threw the towel off and gave him the OK sign with out removing her mouth from my cock.

We rolled out of the tollbooth and I blasted a load into her mouth. She wasn't really ready for it and choked a little and basically I got cum all over me and the steering wheel. We used the towel to clean that up and drove on. I finger fucked her the entire way from there and she came repeatedly. As we got closer to home I started for the exit to her place and she said "No, I told my b*****r I was going away for the weekend, so you have me until tomorrow night.

We pulled into my complex and wrapped ourselves up in towels again. Once we got upstairs I yanked her towel off and moved her to the couch. I bent her over the arm and entered her from behind. I fucked her hard for a few minutes, then I looked up and saw that my blinds were open and that my neighbor across the way was enjoying the show. I decided that this was some fun shit and just kept going. At some point Merry looked up and saw my neighbor, I was getting ready for her to freak out, but instead she said, "Lets give her a good show!"

She got onto the top of the couch and faced the rear and I walked behind the couch and fucked her that way for a while. Soon I felt the signs of an orgasm coming and I pulled out, she asked me to cum on her tits, and moved to make this easier. So I blasted my second load all over her tits and some got on her face. When I was done she turned towards the window, smiled and waved.

"I love showing off!" she said. And we did show off for the rest of the weekend.

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