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My first time with three shemales

this is a true story it happened to me back in 1988 when i was still bi i was in a local gay bar it was shemale night close to midnight when i saw this very tall gurl walk in with some friends she was hot about 6' 2" tall with 6" heels" all legs and ass she was blond and so senual with red lips and blue eyes all her friend we shemales too. After the got a table and ordered some drinks the music started so i went over and invited her to dance and to my surprise she said yes so we dancwd this set and the next she invited me to her table and intruduced her friends. She said that were out trolling looking for a guy o two to take home with them i said i was game she said could i handle all three of them i sad i would die trying so we got into my car and headed to there condo where they striped me and told me to get on the bed while they striped also one gurl gave me her cock to suck that was sasha and terri started sucking my cock and jessica was rimming out my ass they worked me good sasha came quickly in my mouth after just a few minutes but terri had a fantastic mouth and made me cum in about ten minute but jessica was just getting warmed up after i came in terries mouth jessica turned me over and put her rock hard cock into my ass and although it did hurt a bit after a while of her not moving it began to feel eally good i started to get hard on again and with her pounding my ass hole and my cock rubbing against the sheets she made me cum again while she was still pounding my tight ass hole this was so hot.than terri gave me here cock o suck off and i could feel jessica starting to really pound my ass for all she was worth i could feel her cock get even bigger and thaN I FELT HER HOT CREAM FILL UP MY TIGHT ASSHOLE it was incredible afer jessica came in my asshole she slipped out and sasha took her place and she fuck me like a pile driver for about fifteen menutes that i felt her cock get even bigger in my ass hole and she shot another load into me terri finally came in my mouth again and i was so hard that jessica said she'd take care of that for me so she turned me back over and sat on my cock and road me like a bucking bronco until i came for the third time it was fantastic being fucked by these three ladies and i have o say they got me started dressing buts thats another story. let me know if your like it. its been a few years.

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