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My best mate is my lover part 1

Part 1:
Everything started one day several years ago when my friend came round to see me i had a porn magazine and we both sat down and started to have a wank, it was the first time i had seen his cock or any cock before i was very curious as to how it tasted.
During that night i lay awake in bed thinking about his hard dick and i noticed that my penis began to stiffen this confused me as i had only ever thought about women before i had never been aroused by a bloke before, so the next week my friend came around again this time though i i couldn't control myself as my mate began wanking over the porn mag i reached out and touched his cock he freaked out big time and left.
the next day though he came round and i appologized for freaking him out but told him to at least try it me to see how it felt, in the end he relented we went upstairs to my room locked the door and sat down i took his dick in my hand and began to stroke it up and down not entirely sure whether i was doing it right but i must have been because his cock began to harden, after about two minutes of this i bent my head down towards the head of his shaft and placed his throbbing dick between my lips bobbing my head up and down on it lustfully i heard moans of pleasure which made me grin, i had been at it for ten minutes when suddenly he gasped i took his cock out from my mouth thinking i had hurt him only to be greeted by load after load of thick creamy cum on my face.
The next day he was here again this time i asked him to try something else with me called bareback we were both virgins so neither of us knew what we were doing but we stripped naked my mate got on all fours and i moved up behind him i kissed his arse cheeks then placed my dick between his soft beautiful arse cheeks after lubing him up and began to move back and forth with my erect cock he began to moan softly so i knew he must like it, eventually he climbed on top of me i then inserted my cock inside him again and he rode my stiff prick hard bouncing up and down on my shaft he was loving it i reached around and jerked his cock until we both came hard we sat trying to get our breath back, we had sex several more times over the next few months until i met my girlfriend who i love very much but there are times when i remember those wild sex sessions with my mate/lover which is what makes me cum hard although i tell my girlfriend it's because of her.

About a week ago i was shopping in tesco moving along the aisles with my trolly and not looking where i was going suddenly crash i hit another shopping trolly and as it turned out it was the mate/lover i hadn't seen in months (we'd fallen out when i got together with my girlfriend)he asked if i wanted to go for a drink to catch up on everything naturally i accepted.

To be continued.

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