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My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)

My Best Friend And Me -Part Two- (True Story)
(Note: Sorry if there are any mistakes I have dyslexia I have tried my best Thank You)

I stared at the plain white ceiling although you couldn’t really tell with the room being pitch black I heard light snores coming from my best friend Liam who was lying next to me he decided he preferred me on his bed than the camper one I usually sl**p when I'm staying over but tonight was so special between us it doesn’t make sense to me after all these years friendship I would NEVER of guessed that me and Liam would be making out on his bed but here I am lying in the dark after that incredible experience I smiled think back on it.

I soon dozed off in to a peaceful sl**p it was of the kiss again and it felt real the way out tongues massaged together and his hands wrapped tightly around my neck and the way I wrapped my arms securely around his waist at this point I woke up to find out the reason why my dream felt so realistic it was because my best friend was on top of me arms wrapped around me tongue down my throat and also his boner digging in my thigh I pulled away for air as he lay his head on my chest breathing heavy also.

"I'm sorry Joe" he panted "It's just I woke up and you looked so gorgeous that I couldnt help myself" I smiled and kissed the top of his head "It's ok Liam.." I paused but then slowly whisperd out "I liked it anyway" he smiles and looked up at me "Good" he leaned up and kissed my lips softly I couldnt take it anymore so when he was about to pull away I helkd him tightly so he couldnt and rolled on top of him I was alot stronger than him so he had no choice.
I licked his bottom lip slowly begging for entrance and he teased me for a while keeping his guard until finally he parted his lips and let my tounge slip inside his mouth while his tounge instantly thought back with mine.

I was now kissing down Liams shirtless body after a rough intense make out session I decided it was time to lose some clothes,
I kissed down to the waist band of his Pyjama bottoms and then kissed back up stopping at his nipple and taking the right one in my mouth while massaging the other I could tell from the moans that he was enjoying this sensation I bit it lightly with made him yelp in pure pleasure I smirked and sucked it harder and harder til he needed to catch his breathe He soon panted out "Joe Please stop I have sensative nipples please!" I smirked only to suck harder he couldn't take it he started screaming for me to bite them as hard as I could he was like an a****l.

I pulled away soon after as he breathed really heavy wow if his nipp;le are that sensative I wonder what his cock is like the thought made me desperate to find put so I slowly pulled is pyjama bottoms off ad rubbed his slightly hard cock throuhg his boxer shorts he gasped he had his eyes closed so I'm guessing he didnt expect my touch, I moved my hand faster and fast as I felt his cock grow benaeth it then I pulled his boxers down slowly and his now rock hard cock sprung and pointed straight up I gripped it roughly and smirked at his face as I moved my hand slwoly teasing him he was breathing heavy but glared at me "Just suck me allready..." I shook my head letting him ow that I enjoyed teasing him he groaned and gripped the sheets as my hand moved faster.

He was panting as I was jacking him off as hard as I could he panted out he was allmost ready to release but I wanted to taste it so I took him in my mouth and slowly moved my head up and down I didnt want to go to fast I wanted to keep it slow for a while but a bit of pre-cum was on the head of his cock and when the taste hit my taste buds I wanted his cum so I sucked him fatser and faster and by this time his hands where on my head his fingers tangled in my hair and he was moving me up and down he was screaming with our pleasure and then he started gasping and screaming my name I knew he was ready to shoot and thats exactly what he did but it was alot so I couldnt take it all some went down my chin some I wsallwed and some dripped down on his balls I sat up and licked my lips and whiped my mouth he tasted so sweet and he looked up a me panting it was now time to return the favor.

I lay down next to him as he rolled ontop of me and kissed me roughly tasting his own cum off my lips he moaned my name through the kiss and it made my cock harden a little more he sounds so sexy he then pulled away and pulled my pants down along with my boxers and just like his did my cock sprang up he smiled when he seen it I was about an inch bigger than him there wasnt that much differance he smiled wider and grabbed it squeezing it a little I groaned loudly fuck that felt nice he moved his hands fast I guess he just wanted it quick and with out a warning he tooke me in his mouth I screamned a little when he did this one it shocked me and two it felt fukking amazing he moved his head up and down on my throbbing cock I kept moaning and groaing god this boy knew what he was doing he moaned and sent a vibration through my cock I couldnt take it I'd never felt pleasure like this before I grapped his hair and made him deepthraot me until I came in his mouth he mouthed and I released it and the same thing happend with to himn as with me there was to much cum so he couldnt take it all in but he took most of it and the rest just went everywhere.

He kissed up my body then to my lips kissing me allowing me to get a taste of myself and I tasted pretty good but I liked the taste of his better I rolled us over so I was ontop but not breaking the kiss he pulled away and looked up at me "Please fuck me Joseph" I smiled and nodded but before I enterd him I made him get on all fours and I grabbed his ass opeoning his cheeks I wanted to make him wet so I didnt hurt him I leaned down and licked his entrance lightly he moaned loudly I started licking faster and faster and then I pused my tounge slightly inside he started jacking off so I'm guessing he was enjoying this I pulled away and he turned around again I positiond my self between his legs and pushed the head of my cock in to is timy entrance.

He moaned slightly as I pushed it in I looked at him worried "I'm not hurting you am I?" he shook his head and smiled up at me "no your not just start moving" I nodded my head and slipped into him slightly deeper his hole tightend around my cock adjusting to my size he had his eyes closed shut tightly I felt bad but I thought if I moved a little more he may get used to me so I started thrusting in and out of im slowly until getting deeper and deeper and a few minutes later his moans filled the room he was starting to enjoy it I slipped in him slightly deeper and he moaned loudly and lustfully I was panting moving faster inside him god he felt good the way his entrance hugged my cock perfectly and my cock was growing inside him he was moaning really loud and gripping the bed sheet I wrapped my hand around his cock and started Jacking him off as his moans turned to screams.

20 minutes later I felt my self about to cum we were now in doggy style and I had more entrance inside him he was screaming my name as loud as he could asking me to fuck him harder I was also shouting his name I felt my self close to releasing so I moved fatser I leaned over and started wanking him he arched his back so I knew he was close to and soon after I felt his warm juices shoot on my hand and not long after I released inside of him he screamed my full name as I did this and I pulled out of him he collapsed on the bed and I lay next to him breathing heavily his head was in his pillow but I could hear him mumbling Fuck that was good I smiled and leaned over and kissed his back he turned around and smiled at me "I've wanted to do that wit you for ages" I smiled back and stroked the side of his cheek "Well know we have" I leaned down and kissed his lips pationatly we were smiling through the kiss and then I pulled away and lay down pulling him towards me and on my chest and I pulled his coves over us and soon he was asl**p on my chest I just lay there smiling at how beautiful he was until I finally fell asl**p aswell with my best friend in my arms...

I hope you liked the story and if you are wondering if we started a relationship yes we did but unfortunatly it ended last year but we are both still best friends and after the break up we still had a cheeky fuck now and then haha so please comment and what u thing and again sorry if there are ANY mistakes :)

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