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Whore wife, bi-husband turned cuckold

My wife and I had tried for years to no avail… it looked like c***dren weren’t in the cards for us. We still got away for ‘fuck fest’ weekends, where we would pull the blinds, order room service and fuck 15-20 times in a long weekend. We were always disappointed a few weeks later when we realized, that didn’t work either. Over time, these fuck fests, turned more daring, anal, then gaging and double penetration with dildos. It had turned my wife into a bit of freak actually. I think it released her anger and guilt of not being able to have k**s by be a shamed whore with a wine bottle in her ass, clamps on her nipples while I face fucked her.
I didn’t mind that we didn’t have k**s really, but I really loved how much of a whore my wife had become in the bedroom. I got a brilliant idea to finally turn my wife into a complete whore. I’d invite another man to our fuck fest weekend, so she always had a cock in her.
I placed an ad looking for a “nice well-endowed cock to pleasure my wife”. The response was overwhelming. They all sent pictures of their cock. I didn’t have cock envy at all, I’m over 7 inches myself, but there were so many to choose from. I tried to imagine each cock, sliding in and out of her. How she would moan, how she would cum, how this cock would look shooting cum inside of my wife, on her tits, in her mouth. For the first time in my life, I jerked off to pictures of cock.
I connected with one guy in particular. He was 29, with an 8 inch, thick black cock… and it was beautiful. He was more than willing to know his role and he was ok with being more than one cock in the room. He even suggested he bring a friend. “Wait,” my brain said, “more than two cocks… my wife would be a total whore then”. I realized that’s what I was going for and told him to send me pics of them and invite them along.
The weekend came. I was nervous with anticipation. She packed an entire bag of just ‘toys’, I knew she was going to be more than up for my multi-cock extravaganza I had planned. “I got new beads. I really want you to get them in me too, they’re fucking huge. I need to have my pussy serviced and my ass punished.”
I almost came as we were driving to the other side of the state.
She was wearing tight jeans. She’s a size 14 but her jeans were more like a 12. She is robust in every way, 5’6, nice full 42DD tits, great hips you can grab on to, and just a touch of chubby everywhere, but not really fat. She has always turned me on, not only for her beautiful face, long flowing dark hair, but her kick ass body. I sent face blurred picture to the, now 4 other men that were going to join us. She was wearing similar jeans and just a bra. All of them were complimentary and two of them sent back a picture of my wife on their computer with their giant load all over it. Again, I found myself jerking off to a cock. This time to a cock that had jerked off to my wife.
When we got there to the motel (we always stayed in relatively cheap motels for effect), the bed smelled like stale sex and I knew we weren’t going to be the first gang bang in this room. I sent a text to my large cocked friend in hopes he would crash us soon.
My wife, Lis, went right to work on me, pulling down my pants and sucking my balls and dick. “I want a lot of cum this weekend… it’s all I think about is cum. Cum in my pussy, cum in my ass, on my tits in my mouth”. She went back to gobbling my knob as I told her that shouldn’t be a problem. I had her to myself if only for short time. I wanted to whore her up as much as possible. I grabbed the back of her head started pumping my cock into her mouth. I love the way the tip of my cock bends slightly when it hits the back of her throat. She almost never gags and can take good face fucking. I laid down on the bed and lifted my legs. “Eat my ass whore!” She led with her tongue and dipped deep. I could feel the spit on my sphincster as she jerked me with her free hands. She reached into her bag and pulled out a 10 inch vibrating dildo and replaced it where her tongue was. She spread the outside of my asshole with one set of fingers and began to slide the dildo into my ass. She had worked the whole thing in as she was sucking on my cock as well. I love cumming like this, with the vibrator on my prostate. Her head abilities were off the chart. She doesn’t know that I know all about her escapades in college, like when she blew ten guys in ten minutes to get on the homecoming court.
She had a nice even stroke of her hand around the base of my cock, her mouth on my cock head and working the fake cock in and out of me. I was starting to cum. She pulled her mouth off my cock and started shouting “give me all that cum, shoot your load on my face, give me your load”…
I was cumming hard. My first shot went up over her waiting mouth and even her head. My load was huge with four days saved up and a prostate massage. She caught the second shot right on her tongue. I coated the whole thing. She swallowed and started lapping up all the cum as it oozed from my cock. She licked my cock and stomach clean and sucked on my balls for more pleasure.
Then there was a knock at the door.
She stood up and said “if this is a cock, I’m fucking it”. “I hope it is”, I responded, giving her permission to be a whore.
Michael and 2 of his friends were at the door. She opened the door and stood there naked. She had cum smudge on her cheek and tits Michael went right to work. He didn’t even introduce himself and went right for her left tit, sucking the already hard nipple. She looked at me and I smiled… “you said you wanted a lot of cum this weekend…”
She knew I had arranged something. She smiled with pleasure and let her eyes roll back. Take off your clothes, she told all of them.
I got comfortable on the bed, and she laid down next to me. Tony went to work on her pussy, spreading her legs and finding her clit with her tongue. He was sucking and lapping and she was enjoying. It’s intense passion to see your wife get licked by stranger while she is acting like a whore, while you hold her in your arms and feel her quiver. I was kissing her cheek and lips when we were interrupted by Michaels cock. It was long, thick and veiny, just like his picture. He slid it into the back of his throat and she didn’t miss a beat. She started bobbing and working his shaft while her asshole got eaten.
She had worked his cock good. It was slick and shiny from spit and pre-cum. She grabbed the cock and said, “I loved watching you jerk off to this cock. I played with my pussy and watched you cum. I was thinking ‘oh no, he’s going to leave me for dick’ and now I know you wanted this cock for me’.

I kissed her deeply. I could taste the salt and the slobber in her mouth. She sucked my tongue as Michael moved into position to fuck my wife. She broke from my kiss looked down at his positioned cock. Our eyes locked as he penetrated her. She mouthed the words, “thank you, I love you” his he pushed gently in balls deep. He was slow at first, really working his girth into her. It was clear this was the biggest cock she had ever had inside her. She grinded her hips to help the process. She grit her teeth as she took his thrusts that were becoming more powerful with each pump. She was gasping for air in pleasure as his cock rolled through over her soaked pussy lips. She was reaching down to spread herself as much as possible when another cock found its way into her mouth.
One of the tribute cocks was deep in her mouth when Michael started to grunt as he came. He looked at me and I nodded my head, “put it in the sluts pussy”. He smirked and went back to work. Her face was fully consumed by the cock face fucking her hard. You could see in her face she was cumming. Michael let go a huge, loud conquering cry as he pumped his load into my wife. She pushed the cock out of her mouth and grasped for air, shouting, ‘eat it you pussy!’.
Michael withdrew his cock. I was covered in cum and juice and stayed hard as he did it. I positioned myself between her legs. I could feel the heat from her pussy. I told her to clean him up good as I dove to clean her cum soaked pussy. I worked the top first, it had gobs of cum near her clit. I wasn’t just lapping her, I was sucking her clit and drinking his cum. I slid my fingers in and out of her with easy until she came again. I move along side her and kissed her cheek as she was cleaning Michael.
By now, another cock was fucking her. I’d like to tell you his name, but I don’t know. Some complete stranger, was bare dicking my wife. His cock was shorter than mine and Michaels, but it was nice and thick and his balls were huge, which might explain the wedding ring he was wearing.
My wife was getting fucked by a stranger and sucking on a black mans cock and loving every moment of it. She paused from her sucking and said, “I love this cock, I know why you jerked off to it. Why don’t you suck it with me”. With all that had happened, this is what took my breath. I had sucked a few cocks before, in college when I was inebriated in college, but nothing like this.
“You already ate my cum, now suck my cock” he said in a deep, demanding voice. I was quivering like my wife when I wrapped my mouth around his nice meaty cock head. I knew the taste right away. I opened my mouth wide and went down as far as I could. I met my wife’s lips at the base of his shaft as she was sucking on where his cock and nut sack met. I kept a steady pace of head bobbing as he worked his cock in my mouth.
The first pussy licker started playing with Michaels ass. I could see his hand working and massaging between his legs as I sucked him. It was clear Michael was definitely bi. The man position behind him and slid his cock into him, which made him jump towards me. I gagged on his cock as it made it past my tonsils and blocked my airway. As his cock fell from my mouth and into hers. She didn’t miss a beat. She started sucking, only to be taken over by getting her face fucked by a very aggressive Michael as he was getting his ass hammered by the cock in his ass. My wife’s face was taking the full effect of two men fucking.
The married guy was cumming in her pussy as he slapped her tits as he came. She was almost unaffected by his load inside her as she was now gagging on a giant black dick in her throat. Michael withdrew his cock from her mouth as the other guy withdrew.
“I want your wife’s ass,” said the man who had just anal fucked Michael.
“I need an ass too,” Michael said in his signature deep voice.
“I can’t take both!”, my wife had found her limit.
“I’ll take one,” I said without thinking. I didn’t want my wife to get ruined tonight, just well fucked.
Michael looked at me and smiled, “I want your virgin ass, then.”
The married man laid down between my wife and I who were doggy style on the bed, sorta facing the same direction. My wife was sucking his cock and cleaning him while the other man positioned himself behind her well lubricated ass and was working it into her.
Michael was eating my ass and getting it ready. He kept spitting and licking it. I could feel it opening up for him. I looked over at my wife, who was in rhythm with the two cocks already. I prepared myself for the pain I was about to feel. Michael put his cock head on the sphinctster opening and reached down and grabbed my hard cock. “You’re gonna love this boy. You’re gonna love my cock like your bitch did”
She looked over at me, with a cock in her mouth and one in her ass and smiled around his shaft.
“Take that black cock . Take the whole thing, take it for me. Take the bulls cock like a whore, like me. You’re my whore, I’m not yours.” She said, pulling my hair as Michael started pushing his oversized cock into my anus. Everything was warm. I felt giant. He withdrew slightly, only to push it in another inch deeper. I realized that the only lube was the spit he kept putting on his cock. He was really fucking me back alley old school.
He let go of my cock and grabbed my hips. He had total control and leverage on me. He jammed his cock into me as far as he could go. I yelped in pain as he withdrew and did it again. He plunged again into my ass and again he went deeper. I felt a warm rush as he spread my ass hole with each pump. His built physique was no match for my position, he was moving me around like a rag doll. I was there taking every inch of his cock without a fight.
I assumed the cock my wife had been sucking. Now it was me that had a seesaw cock action. My wife and I were both taking it up the ass and sharing a cock. This is why I love her. She understood everything going on and never felt threatened.
The married man had a nice cock. It was a fair size but it was veiny and delightful on your tongue. He let his load go in my mouth and shared it with my wife as she was taking a load in her ass. Then Michael really started pounding me. I mean, like a hate fuck, only 10 times worse. My ass was raw and every stroke was painful at this point. My wife told me to let him finish. She reached down and cupped both his and my balls. Michael, the bi-bull loved to has his balls squeezed. I had never been fucked in the ass before by a man. This was the first time, I felt cum shooting inside of me. I pushed back through the pain and met his cock, his balls and my wife’s hand. His aggression squeezed my hips as he shot his load into my ass. He withdrew his cock and my wife cleaned it on his way out. She then ate my raw ass clean as a reward.
The men dressed themselves, said they had a great time and didn’t really say much. They were there to do a job and did it. It was my wife and her pleasure.
My wife was beaming the next day. On the drive home, she said, “We have to do that again.” I agreed, thinking that the occasional wife bi-gangbang would be a good idea. She interrupted me thinking when we could do it again with, “Only next time, we get three women…”

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