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Fucking a total stranger

Was chatting to a guy I met on a swingers web site another story altogether on why I was on there, we exchanged numbers and the naughty texts were flying back and forth I made him ring ne once in his car while he was on dinner for work, I was sprawled on my bed naked and very wet I don't think he realised at first until my breathing got heavier he asked if he could listen to see how wet I was so I put the phone towards my pussy and proceeded to finger fuck myself the feeling someone listening was electric from that day I guess u can say I was hooked on phone sex, poor bloke listened till I eventually came and licked my juices from my fingers, he been sat in the car with a hard on unable to do anything, we arranged a meet for a few days we both agreed they was no talking we should meet kiss, drive to hotel I would suck him then we talk I was up for that like, day arrived I was slightly nervous I guess but very horny, my pussy was twinging I did have a little play on the morning while I was making it very smooth for him, arrangment was to meet him in my town as I don't drive, anyway I held it together and went to the agreed meeting place I could see the car just as he described I text him to say I was near he got out the car and I walked up to him, we kissed for like forever tongues in eachothers mouths electric cheeky squeeze of me arse cheeks then got into the car, arrived at hotel checked in got into room, arms flying at each other taking off our clothes, I pulled off his jeans and down came his boxers and his cock sprung out, mmm I wasn't disappointed my mouth eager to taste him I pushed him on the bed and began sucking on his balls slowly Wanked his fat cock, could see the tip glistening my finger rolling on the tip, my mouth licking up and down his shaft till I got to the tip and licked up all his pre cum I wanted it so bad so I opened my mouth and started to suck him slowly at first then faster his hand gestered to move so I quickly turned round my pussy dripping from all the excitement was now in his face his Tongue pushing deep inside as I continued to suck him till he shot his load straight into the back of my throat funny enough first time I'd swallowed not even my husband got that privilege anyway I was in heaven on my knees as he slipped a finger inside then another whilst another was playing

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