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My son just fucked me pt2 (almost got catch)

hello again sexy people

here's part two of my story about me and my son its a true story so stop asking me xD


i got from work so tired that day... no one was home
my k.i.d.s was at school and i had free time to sl**p a little bit
i got to my room toke of my skirt and underwear i wanted to shower but iam so tired i didn't toke my shirt of i just got to bed and covered myself with a blanket i don't know how much i slept but i didn't fell a thing

i woke up in a warm thing touching my back i turned around i saw my son face smiling at me
after that i felt his hot body on mine he was naked i could feel his penis on my back hes soft skin made me horny and thought about last time he fucked me
while i'm thinking about this he just put his cock inside my pussy
it was the most amazing feeling ever i wanted him to fuck me all night he kept going in and out

then i remembered my Daughter she come back home with him from school every day
what if she heard my moans i told him STOP he did and said what mom ? where is your s****r i said she in downstairs watching TV
i said omg what if she heard us he said don't worry i locked the door i said no that's not what i meant he said mom please let me finish fucking you

i said ok young man do it fast ok ? he said thanks mom and fucked me like a pro for 2 minutes
then i told him to get it out you cant cum in me he got it out my wetness was all over his cock i told him to stand up so i can give him a bj so i did and he cam all over my shirt and hair hmm man it was amazing
he got soft and told me he will go back downstairs with his si.s.ter i wanted to say yes but i said no i need to cum too u have to help me

he said wow mom ok what can i do ? i said lick my pussy babe i opened my legs and he got his face there and start to lick it

yeah that's it my man keep going after 10 minutes later i was screaming form his Tongue i didn't care if my Daughter heard us i was cumming hard
then i heard my Daughter knocking the door she said mom you ok ? why your screaming like that ?
my son looked at me then i said yeah (emy) i'm fine go back to TV ok she said okay and do you know where is jack (my son) i told her no he must been in his room or something she said ok

she walked away i told my son to dress up and go she might find out he was with me so he he said ok i kissed his face and penis and said see you later babe

and that it for now

sorry for the bad telling i have work and a life so stop disturbance me about it

mwahh sarah :)

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