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Tasting Kurt

Kurt coined the phrase. I think it was awkward for him at first, the two of us having sex I mean. We were both guys, right? So for Kurt it was always "Feely". We'd make lame excuses to be together for the night, we'd lay our bags with zippers facing each other because we knew we were gonna play. We'd lay under the stars and talk about baseball or football and sip on some whiskey, both knowing what we really wanted. Eventually Kurt would say it. It was ALWAYS Kurt that said it. "Feely?"

We slipped out of our clothes inside the bags, then unzipped the bags, threw the top to the side and gently reached the others cock and balls and began caressing. I loved Kurt's cock. It wasn't big, but it was the stiffest cock I've ever had. So stiff that it whacked against his belly if I let it. And it curved in a sweet way, back toward his abdomen. And he was nearly hairless, except for his sexy armpits and a small patch of superfine hair around the top of his dick that I loved to nuzzle.

We'd been friends with benefits for quite some time, always starting with our hands, moving to blow jobs and then back to our hands to finish each other off. But I wanted more. Kurt did too, but as it turned out, I was the one that went there first.

After caressing each other for quite a while I leaned close and kissed his lips. He was startled, but as our lips touched he kissed me back. Soft and light, whiskey on his breath. We pulled into each other and began using our tongues, sweetly licking, sucking, running our wet lips across each others cheeks. I moved to his neck, gentle kisses, soft nibbles. Down to his shoulder then his armpit, musky and sweet, my tongue running through his beautiful pit hair. I moved to his nipple and bit it. He moaned. I circled with my tongue, kissed it, sucked it. Now down to his belly. I wanted to get to his cock but I held back, instead slowly licking and kissing between his navel and the prize that awaited me.

When I finally reached it his cock was throbbing and the pre cum was running off the head like a sweet little river. I licked it up, and slipped my lips around his glans. Slow and gentle, moving just over his glans at first. I think I give a pretty nice blow job, and so far I think Kurt agreed.

I ran my tongue down his shaft and began tasting his balls. Licking, sucking, pulling them into my mouth. Jesus Kurt tasted so good. Then back to his stiff cock, once again with a small river of sweet sublime pre cum. Now with my hand gently around the base of his shaft and pumping slowly, I took him as deep as I could. In and out, always with the flat of my tongue running over his glans. He was moaning softly and every time I paused I could feel him throbbing.

Then I stopped and looked up at him. "I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste your cum." He looked at me for a second, his hands gently stroking my hair and my cheek. "Are you sure?" I nodded, "Uh huh. Please?" He nodded and layed his head back. I went back to work.

Gently at first, increasing my speed some and then slowing down. Sucking, licking, caressing, using my hand on his shaft…I tried to mix it up but I'm afraid I was a little distracted wondering when it would happen and what it would taste like. I worked him deep, I massaged his glans gently with my lips and tongue, stroked his shaft. His moaning became louder, his hips were slowly starting to move, I bore down. I didn't go faster, but I sucked a little harder, I squeezed a little tighter. Then it happened. He jerked, his cock stiffened, I knew this was it and I took him deeper. He shot into the back of my mouth, salty, hot, wonderful. Kurt's load was huge, and better than I had ever imagined. I savored every drop and made sure that I caught it all. I gently worked his beautiful cock as it became flaccid in my mouth. Kurt moaned sweetly, took my head in his hands and asked if he could do the same for me.

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