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His big s****r part 3

Kate decided that she was not going to let Bett's pussy been on show put her off so she just carried on chatting to Bett like everything was normal.
Bett let one leg slip out form under her onto the floor. Now when Kate looked down she could see tha this little slut was very turned on. Her pussy hair was soaked with her juice, and Kate could smell the heady aroma aroused pussy wafting up to her nose. Bett let a hand slip between her legs and began to tease her clit, purring like a kitten. Kate blushed bright red, but she seemed to be in a trance she locked her eyes on Bett's pussy amazed by how it was juicing freely forming a little pool on her dress. Kate's was getting really turned on watching this little show, her nipples were rock hard and her pussy too was starting let down it's juice. She could feel her panties growing damp. Kate had never dreamed of been with another woman untill now. She was ashamed to admit to herself that she wanted to taste Bett's juice, to feel her tongue between her wet glistening lips, playing with that hard clit, flicking at it making Bett squrim and wriggle. She so wanted to lick Bett till she came in her mouth and drink freely on her juice. Bett placed two fingers between her lips and split them open she looked into Kate's eyes and asked
"Would you like to taste me Kate?".
Kate croked "Oh yes please".
"Would you like me to taste you too Kate?".
Kate dropped her head and nodded a yes.
Bett sat up and pulled her dress down, she came close to Kate's ear and whispered. "I think we're going to enjoy eachother later".
Her soft voice and her hot breath in Kate's ear nearly made her orgasm on the spot. Kate was so confused her head was filled with all these new thoughts, was she a lesbian, or just excited by something new and weird to her. She didn't know, but she did now she was so fucking horny.
She was dragged from her thoughts by the sound of the door opening and Mary coming back from the kitchen, she asked, "How are you two getting on?".
Bett linked her arm in Kate's and said "Oh we're going to be really good friends and I mean really good friends, aren't we Kate?".
Kate just "Yes, I think we will".
Kate excused herself saying she needed to use the bathroom. She dashed off to the bathroom locked the door and sat on the toilet trying to figure out what the fuck just happened. Her pussy was buzzing in her pants she hadn't felt so turned ever before. She was thinking how could I not know that I would be this attracted to another woman, she opened her jeans and slipped down around her ankles, pushing her panties to her knees. She sat back opened her legs and her hand found it's way between her legs. She slipped a finger into herself and toyed and then raised her fingers to her lips and licked and sucked them, dreaming about how Bett's pussy would taste. She played a bit more and then was about to wash her hands, but decided not to. A wicket idea popped into her head. She opened the bathroom door and called out to Bett to come here please. Bett came into the bathroom. Kate closed the door and pressed Bett against the sink and brought her hand shining with her pussy juice to Bett's mouth. Bett parted her lips and licked Kate's fingers. Kate asked "Do you like the way my pussy tastes Bett?". Bett held Kate's hand in both of her's and sucked and licked her fingers clean, saying "Oh Kate you taste so good, I want more".
Kate pulled her hand away and said,,,"Well maybe if you're a good girl I let you drink from the sorce later". Kate walked out of the bathroom, thinking to herself,,"See you little slut I can play you at you're own game".

Bett closed the door and pulled up her dress and drove her fingers deep into her wet hot pussy she finger fucked herself till she came, her legs going weak and she grabed the sink to steady herself as her body jerked as the orgasm washed over her. Her breathing slowed and she looked in the mirror and said, "Oh yes Kate I will feast on you your wonderful tasting pussy,,,but not only me!!".

In a few minutes everybody ended up in the sittingroom where Mary said the food will be here soon. We have table set in the kitchen so lets move in there and have a drink to get the evening going. Kate and Bett looked at eachother, both thinking well we're well on the way by now.
Kate said that she just wanted a few minutes to change out of her traveling clothes and freshen up before they ate. She took her bag and went to the bedroom, striped naked and pulled on a light dress, without anything underneath. She came back without shoes, saying "I hope you guys don't mind my bare feet, they're a bit swollen from the journey". She took the only vacant seat across from Bett. Pete opened a beer and filled glasses of red for the girls. They drank and chatted some more. Pete noticed that Kate's glass didn't seem big enough, she drank it in two quick gulps and he refilled it and went to open another bottle. When he got back Kate's glass was only half full, he refilled it and this time Kate slowed and sipped on it, remarking, "This is a really nice wine b*o, do you buy it often".
"No s*s, I just liked the name, never had it before".
"Oh no little b*o, you're surpossed to say we drink this all the time".
Kate giggled, and Pete thought it seems to be going to your head qiuckly s*s.
He put it down to traveling and the lack of food.
Kate gave a little jump as she felt Bett begin to play footsie with her under the table. Then she leaned back on the chair pushing her ass forward letting her legs fall open as Bett's foot found her wet pussy. Kate really wanted to let go and dive across the table and lock lips with Bett. She plucked up the glass and emptied it in one quick gulp. The door rang and Pete went to pay for the food, Mary got up to get out the warm plates. Bett looked over at Kate and mouthed, "You're hairy too". Kate nodded and raised her leg to find Betts pussy. They both massaging eachother when Mary turned and saw something funny, both pushed forward on their chairs giggling like school girls. She asked, "What are you two upto".
Kate slured "Cant you see we're foot fucking eachother!".
Mary just said,"Ok", and went back to getting things out for eating.
Bett wispered, "I want to go under the table right now and eat you".
Kate pushed back her chair and spread her legs wide and said "I'm all yours, it's an all you can eat night".
On hearing this Mary dropped the plated and ran into the sitting room to Pete to tell him what was going on.
"Pete Pete,,, Bett's on her knees between Kate's legs eating her pussy".
" Fuck how did that start".
"How the fuck am I suppose to know, she's your s****r".
" Yeah well Bett's your coussin".
They were pulled from there talk by wild sounds coming from the kitchen, they both went to the door and pushed it open to see Bett head buried between Kate's legs. Kate has her by the hair girnding her pussy into her face saying "Oh fuck that feels so fucking good, don't stop till I cum".
Mary looks down and sees Pete reaching for his now rock hard cock begining to run it through his pants. Mary drops to her knees in front of him, unzips him pulling out his rock cock and takes it in her mouth.

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