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Ibiza night

It was 2002,I took a holiday to Ibiza with a girl I had been seeing for about a month,kind of a fuck buddy thing going on,well,to me it was. We booked the holiday for 10 days so there was plenty of time to fit a lot in,but mainly we were there for the clubs,the pills and the thrills,anyone that's been to ibiza will know what i'm talking about.Back home we were serious into clubbing too,that was our lifestyle cos we were young and enjoying ourselves.

Anyway one night we were out,I think it was at ''Space'',a well known club in ibiza, when we bumped into a group of girls from back home.I didn't know them too well but I did recognise some of them,one of them in particular!I had seen her around,and from the way she was looking at me I think she had noticed me around too.There was just an instant attraction between us and we couldn't take our eyes off each other as all the others hugged and greeted Jenny(my fuck buddy).

So off we go into the club and we're all having a great time.By that time the ecstacy we'd taken was flowing through us and I'd been introduced to all the girls with a hug from them all,but when it came to Lisa the hug just lingered that little bit longer and I swear to God there was actual electricity between us(ok ,probably d**g induced but who cares :)).If it wasn't for Jenny being there we probably would've ripped each others' clothes off right there.As I put my arms around her I couldn't help but squeeze her that little bit tighter than the other girls,and to my surprise,she responded by squeezing my ass and giving me a cheeky little smile on releasing it.Man,this girl was fucking sexy as fuck and all I was thinking was ''I have got to fuck this girl''!

A few hours passed and we all decided to go to another club where they had a pool and foam party every night.On the way there all the girls kind of splintered off into little groups,as girls on a night out do,and Jenny along with them.Somehow (nudge nudge,wink wink)I ended up chatting to Lisa while we slowly strolled along the street on a beautiful warm,balmy,summer Ibiza night. The ecstacy was still coursing through us and I was feeling naughty and horny as we chatted,it turned out she was an old school friend of my s****r's,so I thought,ok,she's about five or six years younger than me,happy days!

On the way down to the club I noticed her rooting in her money pouch for something and I couldouldn't help taking the chance to take in the site of her exquisite ass as her tight mini skirt clung to it and her tanned and toned legs lead down to a nice bright white pair of Adidas trainers where I noticed a tattoo of a little cartoon devil.As I was distracted she turned around and started laughing,''like my tatto'',she said,''I like everything I see'',was my reply,''good'',she said,''cos I've fancied you for ages and I'm gonna have fun with you tonight''.Just then she broke an ecstasy tablet in half,put one half in my mouth and the other in hers, grabbed me into the doorway of a restaurant and kissed me like I'd never been kissed before.Her lips were like velvet and her tongue rolled around mine,soft and moist and dripping with lust as I sucked on it.Just then she took my hand and moved it up her inner thigh to where I could feel her pussy dripping and throbbing through a light pair of lace panties,I ran my index finger between her pussy lips and felt her shudder as her pussy juices literally rolled down my finger onto her thigh.Just then she pushed me away and just stared at me for a second with that dazed look,her eyes were dialated and her lips quivered as she rolled her tongue along her upper lip.''We'd better catch up with the others before they notice anything,but don't worry,I'm not finished with you yet''. ''ok'' said I,''but how am I gonna make it down this street with this truncheon stickin' out of my shorts?'',to which we just pissed ourselves laughing down to the club giving everybody walking past us a right giggle!

Luckily Jenny hadn't noticed much as we entered the club(and my boner had reduced to a semi).Not that she would've cared,she was pretty open mined was our Jenny(later on in the holiday we had a foursome with a couple we met from Cork,but that's another story).A few hours passed and everyone was having a wail of a time,more ecstacy,more shots,more dancing.At about 5:30 in the morning,we were all on the dance floor and the place was rockin' as the music pounded through us,when all of a sudden foam and water started spouting from hoses embedded around the dance floor and slowly started to fill the dancefloor into a shallow pool.Jenny had been there before so she knew it was gonna happen,she just laughed when she seen my face,''WTF?!?!''

The place was going absolutely fucking mental! Jenny was shouting something at me but I couldn't make it out.''A few of us are goin' outside to smoke a spliff,you comin'?'',Lisa was close by and I could see her watching,''no'' I
said,''I'll catch you later'',''ok''said Jenny,kissed me and was gone.

A couple of minutes passed and I was was lookin around for Lisa.Maybe she's gone with the others,I thought,when suddenly there's a pair of hands covering my eyes.''Guess who!'',I heard in my ears.''Hey sexy'',as I turned around and there she was,looking uber sexy as the foam had soaked her light top and her nipples were stiff,she had that just out of the shower look.She smiled at me as she threw her arms around my neck and started to dance.''Where are the others?'',I told her they'd gone to smoke a spliff and she just gave me that cheeky smile and pulled me a little closer as the foam got higher and higher until we were covered above our heads.

After a while it seemed like it was just the two of us there.I couldn't take my eyes off her body as we danced and I knew it was turning her on.She took my hands and slowly rubbed them up and down her body,smiling at me and licking her lips.She pulled me towards her and we kissed.BOOM! It was electric.I couldn't get enough of her and her me.She turned around facing away from me and started to grind her ass on my now throbbing cock,still running my hands all over her body.Then she guided my hands down her thighs and slowly started to lift her mini skirt up with my hands.I looked down to take a good look at her ass,it was soaked from all the foam so i rubbed it a little and ran my hands from ther down her thighs and on the way back up I just teased her sopping wet pussy with my two middle fingers for a few seconds and started this all over again,only the second time she wouldn't let my hand move from her pussy.She started to writhe on my hand as she reached around and put her hand down my shorts and started to stroke my cock up and down as it was nice and lubed from the foam.Fuck me it was good.I put my thumb inside her pussy and started to stroke her clit with the rest of my fingers,I could feel her legs trembling as she rolled her hips around to get every sensation she could.Her pussy was like silk and I could feel her starting to contract on my thumb.Just then she stopped to kiis me,she was like an a****l,''I want you to fuck me now!'' she said.I didn't need to be asked twice.She bent over in front of me and pulled my shorts down to reveal my raging cock guiding it towards her sopping cunt.I took her little white g-string and as it was so flimsy I just ripped them off,I heard her gasp.

I held her by the hips and rammed my cock inside her,keeping it there as we just grinded.There were people everywhere,a few of them realised what was going on but we didn't give a fuck,and if Jenny had've came back I we wouldn't have given a fuck either!She arched her back up towards me and told me to fuck her harder as she licked my lips and my neck gyrating on my cock,i could hear her moan with pleasure as the pace got more frantic.I moved both my hands down to her shaved pussy and started to rub her clit.''You're a sexy bitch!''I told her.''I've wanted to fuck you for ages''she said.Just then her body shuddered and she started to scream in my ear ''fuck me,make me cum''.She bent over again and started to ram her pussy against my cock,I spanked her ass hard as it glistened in all the foam and lights,she looked around at me,''do it again'',so i spanked her harder again.''Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuuck'' I heard her scream as her body started to go into a spasm as she rammed her pussy tight against me so I couldn't move.Her pussy tightened up on my cock and I could feel her pussy cum all over my cock as her juices ran down my balls.Slowly her body convulsed until she turned around to me and kissed me passionately jerking my cock in her hands.''''she said to me laughing and still trembling,her eyes were rolling back in her head,she knew right then that I was ready to explode.She disappeared under some foam and put her soft,wet mouth around my cock and started to move my hips in a gesture to fuck her mouth.She sucked my cock like a fucking porn star and it didn't take long for me to unleash my load inside her as she took it in her hand and drank every last drop of me.It was the fuck of a lifetime.

As we started to get our breath I noticed just at the side of the dancefloor there was a girl sitting there watching the whole thing through the foam fingering herself.She gave us a little wave as she pulled her hand from her shorts and blew us a kiss as she walked away.

We had time to sit and chat before Jenny and the other girls came back.Lisa told me how she'd had a school girl crush on me years ago and that this night fulfilled her fantasy and then some! She became a regular fuck buddy after that when we got home,and it got better and better.She lives in Australia now and is happily married.I don't think she'll mind me telling you all this story,it's too good not to be shared. cat

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