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It was a pretty typical train ride home from work. The car was packed as usual for an early Friday evening. It had a been a rather long week and I wanted nothing more than to get to the parking lot, get into my car and get home. I was mentally making what passed for plans in my head when I noticed the woman sitting diagonally from my seat. I watched as her heavy breasts softly bounced with the swaying of the train car. My mind began to mentally imagine those large fleshy orbs bouncing wildly as she rode me. I knew that my Friday night would end up as it usually did these days. Masturbating to internet porn. My wife had walked out on my daughter and I almost 3 years ago and since then I guess I haven’t had it in me to start dating yet. I had all but made up my mind to attempt to chat up my fellow passenger when I felt my cell phone start to vibrate in my pocket. Lost in the image of bouncing tits I fumbled to answer it. The connection was spotty but I knew right away that it was my daughter Torrie.

“Daddy? Can you hear me?”

“Barely. I’m still on the train and you’re cutting in and out.”

The line went dead after a few seconds of garbled dialog. It rang again but lost connection as soon as I answered. I already knew why she was calling. She had been grounded for the past week due to her habit of finding some way or another to earn detention at school. This time it had been for numerous dress code violations. I didn’t exactly agree with her schools dress code but it was the rule and I wanted her to respect that. I had promised her that I would consider lifting her imprisonment as she called it but truth be told I hadn‘t given it much thought yet. Instead I focused my attention on the bouncing boobs off to my right.

By the time I walked through my font door I was tired, I was hungry and I as horny. I kept imaging that woman on the train and how I was about to make my “move” when she got off at my stop. The only thing that deterred me was the rather large man waiting to greet her there.

“Finally! I thought you got lost.”

“Well nice to see you oh daughter of mine.” My tone was sarcastic.

“I’m sorry Daddy. How was your day?” she wasn’t exactly sincere but I take what I can get.

“Yes you’re punishment is over.” I knew what she wanted to hear and her smile lit up the room when the words came out.

“Thanks Dad. I’ll be out with Kyla.” she grabbed her keys and started to run out.

“Home by midnight or it’s back to solitary confinement.” I warned.

“K. Love ya!” I didn’t even have time to answer back as the front door slammed and my little girl bounced towards her car.

Victoria, or Torrie as she liked to be called, had turned sixteen a few months back. The car was a gift from her grandparents and while I would have preferred that she work to buy her own car I caved and allowed her to keep it. I made it a lesson in responsibility and she had responded well to it. As I watched her make her way down the sidewalk I noticed the neighbor across the street eyeing her. This is something that had become all to familiar as my daughter is, to put it simply, sexy. It had become common place for me to catch other men scanning her body when we were out in public. She was growing up and I had accepted it.

Torrie stood a whopping 5’ 2” and carried maybe about 5-10 pounds of extra weight but she is one of those girls that actually looks great with a few extra pounds on her. Not fat by any stretch of the imagination. Curvy is the word that comes to mind and I mean that in the absolute best way. In fact I think that if she were to drop that extra weight it might work against her.

The next hour passed uneventfully. I downed a few beers while I worked my way through a frozen pizza and Sports Center. A commercial for some mundane product, paper towels I think, showed some female gymnast and I started to feel that familiar swell in my pants. I grabbed another beer and headed up to my office wondering if they made gymnast porn. I laughed as I thought of it.

I was passing Torrie’s bedroom when I caught glimpse of a small light and new right away that it was from her computer. The reason that this even registered in my brain is due to the fact that my daughter never leaves her computer on when she isn’t home. I know because I have tried several times, in vain, to gain access to it to see what she is up to. Here was my chance because in her hurry to leave she had forgotten to log off.

I nudged the mouse and the screen lit up with what appeared to be a chat program. There must have been a hundred contacts on this list and all with sexually suggestive names. One dialog box was active and as I scanned over it I realized that it was the back and forth conversation she had been having just before I got home.

Hung4young: I can’t believe that I finally get the chance to fuck you!
Likesembig: lol. You’ve only known me for like a week.
Hung4young: lol so. I’ve been imagining it since you sucked my cock.
Likesembig: well that was only 2 days ago
Hung4young: and I’ve been wanting that pussy ever since!
Likesembig: so you liked the way I suck cock Daddy?
Hung4young: fuck yes! I wanted to fuck you so bad that night!
Likesembig: Yeah I could tell. Lol

I was dumbfounded at what I was reading. From what I gathered from this conversation my daughter was active on some sexually based web site and had met this man. They have conversed back and forth and it obviously came o the point where she snuck out of the house and met him in the alley behind the house and sucked him off in his car. She made numerous references to the size of his dick and the taste of his cum. And why the fuck was she calling him “daddy”? I was livid to say the least.

I grabbed my phone and angrily called Torrie. As the phone rang on my end I heard a ringing on her night stand. She had left her phone at home which was surprisingly common. I started to suspect that she did this intentionally so I couldn’t call and check up on her when she was out with her friends. I went back to her chat convo to see if there was anything like a phone number or address….anything I could use to track down my daughter.

Likesembig: you like it when I call you daddy?
Hung4young: love it. You like being daddy’s little slut?
Likesembig: as if you couldn’t tell lol
Hung4young: I knew just from watching some of the vids you sent me.
Likesembig: you have a favorite?
Hung4young: I love all of them but the one I keep watching the most is the one of you getting a DP.

Videos? DP? As in double penetration? I tried to wrap my mind around what exactly I was reading. Had my daughter actually been fucked by two men at the same time and on video? My mind raced. I needed answers.

Likesembig: did you like watching me take those big cocks daddy?
Hung4young: omg you have no idea. I’m hard just thinking about.
Likesembig: don’t you dare cum yet! Save that big load for me!
Hung4young: oh it’s all yours you little slut
Likesembig: mmmm daddy’s little slut!
Hung4young: fuck I cannot wait to be inside you!
Likesembig: what time is your wife leaving?
Hung4young: she’s already left. What time you want to meet?
Likesembig: dunno yet. Have to wait till my real daddy gets home to see if I’m off punishment.
Hung4young: hope so. I been thinking about fucking that young pussy all day. Be a shame to have to shoot my loud on your pics again lol.
Likesembig: lol. Don’t worry daddy. You’ll fuck me tonight even if we have to meet in the alley again.
Hung4young: that could be hot as well!
Likesembig: wouldn’t be the first time for me lol
Hung4young: lol.

I began searching through all her saved files but there was so many and the first thing I clicked on was some picture of a cat. Obviously I’m no computer genius but eventually I was able to pin point a folder that contained about a dozen video files. I could feel my heart thumping in my chest as I clicked on the first one. The file names consisted of just numbers so I really wasn’t sure what to expect.

The screen went black for about 30 seconds and I thought I fucked something up but the room was suddenly lit up by the image on the monitor. There was my little girl, Daddy’s little Princess dancing around provocatively in her room. She was wearing an extremely short baby blue nightie and matching lace panties. Based on her hairstyle I dated this to be about a year ago when she was fifteen. I watched as she skillfully teased the camera, her tits threatening to burst free of the thin material that held them and when they did I fully admit that my own cock jumped. Her tits were amazing.

“You like my tits daddy?” her words woke me from a daze and for a second I thought she was in the room with me. I watched as she played with them, lifting each up to her waiting tongue to lick the nipple.

“You wanna put your big, hard cock right here don’t you” she pushed them together.

“Or maybe you wanna put it in my mouth” she licked her lips seductively.

“Or maybe right here….right in my sweet young little pussy.” she had repositioned herself so that the camera as focused on her panty covered mound. My cock began to throb as I watched her peel the lacey material away, revealing her shaved cunt.

“Oh daddy it’s so wet, so tight daddy” her words came as moans as she rubbed her clit and pushed a finger inside herself. My cock was fully hard at this point and was starting to ach from the confines of my pants. I had just slipped them off when the video abruptly stopped. I fumbled with the mouse and quickly pointed it at the next video. I hesitated. Was I really going to do this? I knew that if I watched more that I would end up jerking off.

When the next video started there was my Torrie, once again in the very room I sat, cock in my hand as I watched her kneeling on her bed. This time she was naked with the exception of a pair of black thigh high stockings. My eyes followed the curves of her teen body and I saw that she was holding a cock, or at least a fake cock. It slide up her chest and into her parted lips. She dramatically sucked on the head and stroked the shaft. She began to bend forward until the base of the dildo was resting against her bed, the camera focused on her pretty face as she bobbed her head up and down the fake dick, taking more and more each time. I could tell that she was playing with her pussy the entire time.

“You like that daddy? You like the way your little girl sucks your cock? Your big, hard daddy cock? She moaned as she rubbed the saliva drenched toy against her face. I caught myself nodding as I slowly stroked myself.

“MMMM you wanna fuck me don’t you daddy? I know you do. I know you want to bury that juicy dick deep inside my warm, wet little cunt.” she had held the toy straight up and had positioned herself so that she was straddling it, the head sliding against her slit.

“Oh fuck daddy you’re so big!” she almost screamed as she slide down the length of her toy and started to fuck it slowly. I matched her rhythm as I stroked myself.

“Oh daddy I love riding your cock! I love the way it feels when you stretch my little fuckhole open!” she was riding furiously. I could no longer match her pace or else I would cum.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum daddy! I’m gonna cum all over my daddy’s fat fucking cock!” She started to spasm as her orgasm hit her hard. As her pleasure subsided she withdrew the toy from her gash and showed it to the camera. It was literally dripping in her juices.

“Fuck” I heard myself mutter as my daughter took the wet toy into her eager mouth, once again sucking and slurping eagerly.

“MMMM I just love tasting myself on a big hard cock.” the video ended and this time I wasn’t hesitant to click on the next one. The image popped up on the screen and it startled me at first. There was my daughter with that dildo in her mouth once again, only this time it proved not to be a fake cock but the real thing.

Torrie appeared to be laying on her back on the floor as some guy was sliding his cock between her tits. I cringed a bit when he started to bust his load all over her face. The scene quickly cut to yet another shot of my daughter with, as far as I could tell, yet a different cock sliding in and out of her lips. This guy unloaded into her mouth. I know this because she opened up to show the thick cream to the camera before swallowing. The next bit was a cock slamming into her pussy before being pulled out and squirting it’s jizz onto her tits. It dawned on me that this was like her little cum-shot compilation. I counted between 5 and 6 separate men cumming on my little girl by the time it was all over. And yes, the climax to the aforementioned DP was in there. It was the last shot (no pun intended) and she had a cock in each hand, masturbating them until they blasted her face with cum.

I watched video after video of my daughter getting fucked by other men, calling almost all of them daddy as they pounded into her young cunt, her pretty face, her perfect tits and yes, even up her round shapely ass. I finally found the DP scene that seemed to be so popular with the “daddy” that was no doubt fucking my little girl that night. I watched as her on-screen daddy offered her pussy to his friend. I watched her ride him and beg for her daddy’s cock up her asshole. I watched them switch holes a few times until they plastered her face with the hard earned cum she seemed so desperate to have. By this time my cock was aching. I needed release and soon. I went back to the second clip I watched of her and that dildo. I began to jerk myself off as I imagined how her little pussy must feel. I searched around for something to contain my load because I was getting close. I spied a pair of Torrie’s panties on the floor and quickly grabbed them and wrapped them around my engorged cockhead. This time I kept pace with my daughter, stroking my cock as hard and fast as she was ramming her toy into her glistening cunt. I came just as she did on-screen. It was the hardest I had ever cum up to that point in my entire life.

I sat there in a daze for a few minutes as I realized a few things. First of all my daughter is a slut. Second was that I was insanely turned on by it and the third was that it was 11:30 and I was in her room, with her cum soaked panties wrapped around my cock. I managed to get my shit together and stash her panties into the laundry hamper. I then ran into my office and grabbed a flash drive and copied all of her videos onto it. After a quick shower I checked her room and made sure nothing was out of place and went to bed. I pretended to be asl**p when she came home at 12:15. It was after curfew but I figured to let it slide this time.


After I heard her open my door and see if I was awake I just laid there in bed. The events from earlier running rampant through my mind as the images of my sweet teenage daughter being a fucking slut still owned my thoughts. I knew she had been out getting fucked by some guy she had just met. I gathered from the conversation that he was older, married and that she preferred men like that. My dick started to swell up again as I lay there wondering the possibilities of what she did early that night, I was so lost in thought that I don’t even remember getting out of bed.

I found myself slowly opening her bedroom door. She was sound asl**p on her bed, the light from the streetlamp outside shone through her window to illuminate her just enough for me to see. I wasn’t sure exactly what I expected to see or do and I was about to turn around and retreat back to my own bed but at that moment she stirred in her sl**p and the comforter pushed away revealing her right tit. I was already hard as the images of her getting fucked replayed through my mind and seeing that one tit pushed me over the edge.

I slowly peeled the blanket back more, at first just to see the other tit but then to expose her entire body. While she was topless, she was wearing panties. I reached down with one hand and lightly fondled her tit. My other hand slide down into my boxers and wrapped around my throbbing cock. I was more than sure that she wouldn’t wake up. My daughter is an extremely sound sl**per. I base this on the difficulty I have waking her up for school every morning. She moaned ever so slightly in her sl**p as I felt her up and her legs parted just a bit. I was getting bolder and slide my hand down between her tone thighs. Even through her panties I could feel the heat and the wetness between her legs. I wondered if she had yet showered after her surrogate daddy had finished with her. I jerked harder, faster as I imagined it. I gently pushed her panties aside and let the tip of one finger slide along her damp slit. She was so fucking wet. I felt that familiar tinge in my balls and I knew that I was about to bust. I considered just going back to my room and watching her videos again but instead I just stood there, my finger against my daughter’s teen cunt as I stroked myself faster. I was going to cum and I was going to cum on my little girl.

The first spurt erupted from my swollen head and landed somewhere on her bed. I was quick to refocus and deposit the rest of my seed onto her tits and stomach. Seeing my cream resting on my daughter’s body caused my knees to go weak. I trailed one finger through the warm goo and lightly smeared it across her lips before replacing her comforter. As I was leaving I almost tripped over a gym bag that I was certain hadn’t been there earlier. Curious, I grabbed it on my way out and took it with me back to my quarters.

The bag I had seen before, the contents inside were new to me however. There were a couple different outfits and not the type I would have ever approved of her owning let alone wearing. Wrapped up in the mass of fishnet and lace was a pre-paid cell phone. This must be how she contacts her various daddies. Clever girl my daughter. Also in her bag was her video camera. For her 15th birthday she had wanted a video camera and I had bought her a top of line model that shoots straight to it’s own internal hard drive. I didn’t want to miss this rare chance to views it’s contents so I copied them onto the computer in my office to watch later. After replacing the items back into the bag and the bag back into Torrie’s room I went to bed.


I awoke that next morning feeling great. I had suspected that there would be feelings of guilt after having had watched several of my sixteen year old daughter’s self made porn movies but I was wrong. Well surely there would be regrets about masturbating onto her as she slept. Wrong again. Instead I was almost giddy with the possibilities of what might be on the stuff I copied from her camera as well as the remaining videos I had yet to watch that were awaiting on my flash drive. I jerked off again in the shower, my thick cock fucking my clenched fist as I imagined Torrie bent over in front of me screaming about how good it felt to finally have her real daddy’s cock deep inside her tight, wet little pussy.

When Torrie finally came downstairs I was in the kitchen enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee. The site of her entering the room sent pings of lust through my body that focused on my dick. Her manner of dress wasn’t exactly out of the norm but in aftermath of last night’s events it certainly seemed sexier. She was wearing an old pair of green terry cloth shorts that did nothing to hide the lower cheeks of her ass and as she reached up into the cabinet for a coffee cup the midriff exposing shirt she had on rose up to expose the bottom swell of her tits. I know because I was watching and caught the reflection in the window.

“Morning Daddy.”

“Morning Baby Doll. Have fun last night?”

“Yeah.” a sly smile crept across her lips as she raised the cup to them.

“Well that’s good. Plans for today?”

“I dunno. I think I’m gonna just hang out here today. I’m feeling kind of lazy this morning.” No doubt exhausted from the fucking she received last night.

“OK Princess, I have some work to do so I’ll be up in my office.” I poured another cup of coffee and headed up to the spare room that served as my home office, hoping that my arousal wasn’t noticeable.

I locked the office door and plugged headphones into the computer and started searching through the content I had downloaded from Torrie’s camera. Teenagers film the goofiest shit. There was at least 90 minutes of random silliness and I was starting to think there wouldn’t be much other than whatever she had taped last night. I was fast forwarding when something caught my eye. I backed up and the image on the monitor was of me!

I was being filmed through Torrie’s bedroom window as I loaded up my car with fishing equipment last Summer. I remembered that day because it was the day of my annual fishing trip with some old friends. I was just finishing up and sliding in to drive off.

“Damn girl, you ever notice that your Dad is kind of sexy?” The voice that popped through the headphones wasn’t that of my daughter though, instead it was her friend Kayla.

Kayla had been Torrie’s best friend for the last three years. Her nickname was Melting Pot, or just MP for short. Both of her parents are interracial. With her father being half black and half white and her mother being half Japanese and half Latina Kayla was a strikingly beautiful mix. She stood about 5’ 5”, thin but yet she had curves. I had guesstimated her tits to be a B-cup and her ass was the crowning achievement of her bi-racial heritage. Her skin was the color of my morning coffee after a healthy dose of cream and more than once I had stroked my cock while spying her as she lay out next to our pool.

“K you’re such a fucking slut!” my daughter giggled.

“Bitch please! How many men have you fucked this month?” the camera turned to confront my daughter as she sat at her computer and as Kayla got closer I saw that Torrie was watching video of herself getting fucked.

“MMMM fuck yeah baby, that man is going crazy on you.” she was standing behind Torrie and the camera focused in on my daughter’s hand as it slid between her thighs.

“Slow down baby, I wanna play to.” the screen went black and I was heartbroken. The realization that my little girl was not only a cock slut but apparently liked the pussy as well had my already hard cock boiling over and the fact that she had fucked one of the sexiest girls I had ever seen had me close to cumming. I closed my eyes and tried to picture it in my head as I stroked my rigid pole.

“What the fuck? Where did you get that?” my eyes snapped open and I was elated to see that the previous scene had continued with Kayla once again manning the camera as she lay on her back.

“It was a gift. From a friend. Think you can handle it?” my daughter teased as she displayed a rather long thick dildo then slid her tongue around the head.

“Wait. Take this. There is no way I will be able to tape us fuck.” Kayla pleaded as the camera was swapped. The image indiscernible as Torrie took the camera and finally rested it on a small table and framed in the shot.

Kayla had began to feel her pert tits as my daughter closed the gap between them. My cock was steadily oozing pre-cum as I watched her begin to lower her head between her friends thighs. I heard her moaning as Torrie began to lick her pussy. The moans quickly turning to gasps and words of encouragement.

“OH FUCK YES! THAT’S IT YOU NASTY FUCKING WHORE! EAT ME BABY! EAT MY FUCKING CUNT!” the camera work was spotty at this point as Kayla was grinding herself against Torrie’s mouth.

“You want this big thing inside you?” Torrie was now teasing her friends swollen clit with the head of her fake cock.

“I want it! I want it so fucking bad!”

“MMMM pretend it’s my daddy. Think about his hard cock going up inside you.” I heard my daughter taunt and as she began to impale her young friend’s needy cunt and the notion that she was thinking about me made it extremely difficult not to shoot my load right then and there.

“Oh yeah fuck me! Fuck me baby, give me that big fucking cock!”

“MMMM you feel my daddy inside you? You feel his fat cock fucking your hot cunt? My daddy’s cock feel good Kayla?”

“Oh so good. So fucking good! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Torrie bagan slamming her toy up into Kayla’s young teen pussy fast and hard. I could literally hear her wetness as she was invaded by the dildo and within minutes her body announced that she was going to cum when her back arched and she began to claw at the bed sheets.

“That’s it bitch, cum! Cum for my daddy! Cum all over his fat fucking cock!” her words were almost violent as Kayla began to convulse in orgasm.

When the teenager’s orgasm had subsided my daughter slide up her body and the two began kissing passionately. They were talking softly so I couldn’t really make out what was said. I just sat there and watched as Kayla took the dildo and began to rub it against my daughter’s tits.

“What do you think your Daddy would say if he caught us? I bet he would be so hard.” she slid the toy between Torrie’s ample tits, slowly working it towards her mouth.

“I bet his cock would be throbbing after watching us fuck, seeing his little girl doing nasty things like that. MMMM I bet he would have his cock in his hand and stroking it for us.” Kayla nudged the swollen head of the fake cock against Torrie’s mouth and true to form my daughter parted her lips and greedily accepted it.

“MMMM that’s it baby, suck his dick! Suck your real daddy’s big hard cock!” inch after inch disappeared into my daughter’s mouth until she gagged. Kayla pulled the spit covered cock free of Torrie’s mouth.

“AWWWW is your real daddy too big for his little girl’s throat?” Torrie was still catching her breath as her friend slid the head of the toy up and down her young slit.

“Well maybe this hole can take him?”

“Oh fuck yes! Do it! Don’t tease me Kayla.” she kissed my daughter as she lightly slapped the head on her hairless mound.

“Tell him you want it. Tell your daddy you want his cock.”

“Oh I do daddy, I do. I want your big hard cock deep inside me daddy!” her words were peppered with breathless moans as Kayla pushed the thick toy up Torrie’s 15 year old pussy.

“Oh god yes daddy! Deeper daddy! Go deeper!”

“That’s a good little slut! Take his cock, take your real daddy’s fat cock you nasty little whore!” my cock was throbbing, aching for release as I watched. I felt pre-cum running from the head like a river.

“Oh yes! Give it to me daddy! Fuck me harder! Harder daddy, harder!” her legs were spread wide and I had a great view of the toy being pounded into her repeatedly. Her tits were bouncing as her friend roughly used the fake dick on her.

“MMMM you feel that Torrie? You feel your daddy about to pop? His cock swelling up inside his own daughter’s slutty cunt? You want your daddy‘s cum?”

“Oh fuck yes! I want it daddy! I want your cum!”

“Tell him where you want it!”

“OH FUCK! IN MY PUSSY! CUM INSIDE ME DADDY! CUM INSIDE YOUR BABY-DOLL!” as she screamed the words her body was ravaged by intense orgasm. This was way more than I could handle. I grabbed my cock and began pumping in rhythm. I knew it wouldn’t take long and sure enough, I soon began to explode. I was focused on the screen, watching my daughter orgasm as my dick spat out what seemed like gallons of cum.

I stopped the playback at that point and just sat there for a few minutes, panting and thinking about what I just saw. Did my own daughter really want to have sex with her actual father? My head was spinning. I laid down on the couch and drifted off to sl**p.

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