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Webcam humiliation

I have always had a high sexdrive and wanked a lot. I have been lucky enough in my life to have a decent amount of fun sex but have always been addicted to porn as well. Recently I have enjoyed taking a lot of c*ke and spending the night in wanking for hours and stopping myself coming until one almighty orgasm. I watch porn and chat to people about sex for hours. I know it is a terrible waste of life but I love it. Please tell me there is someone else out there like me?

I regularly turn down a night in with the gf shagging to catch up with the latest on this site when i have slept with her a lot. She is epic in bed but it is different.

Anyway I finally decided to have a go at sites like omegle and chat roulette and find it a massive thrill as long as you keep your dick hidden until you can see the person is of a legal age (the youngsters on there freak me out!). I find it really horny especially when very high.

I am a big guy 6 ft 5 and have an average size dick to say the least, which looks especially small on my frame when flaccid. Just what you want on a girls face as you drop em - disappointment. It was a bit of an issue when I was teen etc, but now am completely comfortable with what I have and my ability in bed to have fun with a girl. Very dirty and horny boy! I have been in a number of group sex situations and know that it measures up fine when erect and it does the job so am relaxed.

Anyway when I go on these sites and show girls my dick it is always at it's worst from the consumption that night and I struggle to get erections until it wears off. Subsequently it looks tiny and I have been laughed at or had girls make little dick signs at me a lot. Bizarrely I have found it really turns me on!!!

I now look forward to clicking to the next chat praying for the groups of girls on these cameras who are on for a laugh. I find listening to them en masse degrading me such a turn on!! Especially because normally I have been stopping myself shooting for so long I can cum almost instantly at such a massively horny experience. The feeling post orgasm with them laughing at me is amazing - what a turn up for the books.

I only wish I had another camera so that I could video it from behind, normally I am in a state so I can't remember their faces

I was so surprised by my new kink I thought I would share it.

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