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My Fetish For Panties Ch7

In this chapter we go back to my college years, and my time with Rachel! We were both finished school for the year and Rachel had to vacate the dorm, so she moved in with me. Having her around everyday sure cut my fetish time down! Although we had great sex together, both sharing in my panty perversion, I was missing the alone time spent on the computer looking up panty sites and chatting with others and also really missed being able to go out and indulge in no strings sex with guys and hookers! I still did manage to sneak away when Rachel was at work but the evenings were spent together and thus the prime time for encounters was quashed! Rachel went to the gym every other day and she'd come home sometimes with strange women's panties for me to sniff and enjoy, that she'd grab from unlocked lockers. It was exciting to sniff those differant panties and bask in the scents of strange pussy and ass sweat, and it kept me occupied for awhile, but as more panties went missing a note was posted warning the women to lock their lockers up as things were going missing! But it was good when it lasted! I'd lay back and sniff the crotch as Rachel would lube her hand up and rub my little nub describing to me what the woman looked like who's panties I was sniffing! I'd cum hard and then we'd switch and I'd go down on her while she sniffed my underwear from the day before. All in all I was pretty happy except for the fact I couldn't wear panties when she was around. I tried once, walking out of the bathroom in a pair of her silky black thongs, but she said it turned her off to see me in panties and that it made me look like a sissy!! (of course it did!!! that's the whole turn on for me wearing panties! lol) Anyways I kept the panty wearing down to when she was at work or I was in a hotel!

I still went up to visit Anthony on my days off when Rachel was at work and we shared our love for panties with each other, trading panties we had gotten since our last meeting, me from Rachel and her gym mates, Anthony from his s****r (he actually did have a s****r lol!) and her friends. By the middle of the summer, Anthony bought a car and would come down to my city where we'd rent a room or sometimes go to my place if Rachel was working and even enjoyed some outdoor sex in the woods on nice days! One evening I got an email from him saying he had to come to the city for an interview and asked if I wanted to bag off work and hook up. Of course I said yes and the next morning went to work before Rachel as usual stopping at a payphone to call in sick! Anthony and I met at our regular spot and proceeded to go back to my place as Rachel was gone to work. We didn't waste any time getting naked and putting each other's panties on (I wore his s****r's and he wore Rachel's) and laying back in my (our) bed and sniffing their dirty panties (me his siter's and he Rachels) casually rubbing each other's cocks through our panties. It didn't take long as the panties I was smelling had a HUGE sk** mark in them from his s****r's big ass and the pair I had given to Anthony was equally as raunchy as they were Rachels work out panties (she still wore the same pair for 4 or 5 workout sessions for me!) that we were both sporting hard ons and horny as hell! I loved going down on him and getting his cock hard through the panties and then he'd do the same to me as we got into a 69er, but that day was differant as we were both already hard! I turned around and lifted my leg over his head and dropped my panty covered crotch onto his waiting tongue as I lowered my head and engulfed the head of his through Rachels sweaty, piss stained panties! I sucked him like that for a bit savoring the taste of Rachel and his precum mixed together before pulling the panties to one side, freeing his dick! Anthony on the other hand pulled his s****r's panties down below my ball sack and was sucking my little cock as he pinched in scrotum and slid his finger up the panties towards my tight bumhole. When he pushed his finger against my ring I knew it wouldn't take me long to cum so I started deepthroating him until my nose was bouncing against his tight ball sack and I reached under him to grab his tight butt cheek! I was in my own little world when all of a sudden I heard "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE??!!!!!!" I looked up to see Rachel standing in the doorway, work bag still slung over her shoulder and the most confused look on her face!! Anthony scrambled beneath me, as I just stared at Rachel, naked except for a pair of panties, some guy she didn't know wearing HER panties and his cock bobbing right in front of my face! "YOUR A FUCKING FAGGOT???? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!!...........I.....I.......I'M SPEECHLESS!!! FUCKING SISSY COCKSUCKING FAGGOT!!!!" those last words rang in my ears as she stormed out and I finally came to my senses! Anthony was freaking out saying how sorry he was and getting dressed (funny because I remember now he put his pants on over Rachels panties! lol) and I just stood there spellbound! As he left he told me to call him later and let him know what happened. I took the panties off and got dressed and toll off in my car looking for Rachel (this was around the time cell phones first started coming out but niether Rachel nor myself had one lol) and after driving around for an hour or so went back to the apartment to find Rachel there at the kitchen table, glass of wine in her hand, just looking at me calmly. She told me to sit down and proceeded to tell me that we were through, and that she'd never be able to get the picture of me in some girls panties sucking another guy's cock, while he finger banged my butt! I told her I was sorry but she'd have none of it, she did say that she wouldn't tell anyone about it as it would embarress her as much as me, our friends knowing she had dated a sissy fag and made me promise never to tell anyone about the things we had done together and about her ass smell fetish. I agreed and she asked me to leave for a couple days until she moved out, which I did.

I was a bit heartbroken for awhile as she was my first love, but it was all my fault and in the end decided that it was better I be myself and not hide the fact I was bi-sexual and had a HUGE panty fetish! Rachel moved out sometime during the next week I'm not sure when as I went and stayed at Anthony's for that time, but a couple weeks later she did stop by and we talked about everything and we parted amicably. After she was gone I walked into the bathroom to find she had left a pair of plain white cotton panties on the counter with a note. It read "I wore these for a week straight, just wanted you to have a reminder of what you lost! ooxx" lol I did enjoy those panties on NUMEROUS occasions and kept them for a couple years, until a girlfriend of mine threw out my panty collection one day, but that my friends is another story!!

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