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Race Car Widow Part 3

The next morning, I got up before Michael and Jason was at the bar drinking some water and whispered “I waited for you last night.” I walked over to him and gave him a quick hug and kissed his cheek and said “You didn’t start without me did you?” He said that I told him to wait for me and he waited all night. I told him that I would have a pretty busy week and got right up to his face and said “Save it for me until this weekend and I promise, you won’t be sorry. And what if I told you that I want you to fuck me without any birth control?” His eyes got as big as plates and before he could say a word, Michael walked in and Jason couldn’t respond to what I just said.

Jason never got a chance to respond and after breakfast, him and Michael went out to work on the car some more. Towards the end of the day, they both went to the garage to clean up because they were covered in grease and dirt. Jason walked in first and whispered quickly “What did you mean when you said that this morning?” I said “You just save it for me. You’ll see. Don’t let it worry you.” Just before Michael walked in, Jason said “But what if you…” and then he seen Michael and got quiet. I just smiled at Jason. Then he left to go home.

Jason called earlier when he got home from work and I answered. He said “Oh good, you answered. I need to talk to you.” I said “I’m listening.” Jason said “What if I get your pregnant?” I said “Why, does that scare you?” Jason said that getting me pregnant doesn’t scare him, but Michael does. I said “So getting me pregnant doesn’t scare you?” Jason said “Well, it does. I mean, I wouldn’t mind it, but what if Michael finds out?” I said that if I talked it over with Michael and he agreed to letting me skip my birth control, would he be okay with it. Jason said he would still be nervous, but said he will let me decide. So today has been the second day without taking my birth control pill. Five more days to go.

Tuesday: Well, today is day three without taking my birth control pills. Michael and I talked it over and I think he needs to sit down with Jason and find a way to let him know it is going to be okay this weekend with him and I going to bed together. Like I told Michael “I don’t want to go through all of this and at the very last second, have Jason pull out and not fill me.” Michael asked me what it was that made me decide to take a chance getting pregnant by Jason. I told him that I have been watching him when he would come over and before, I only thought about fucking him. But last Saturday when I first felt his balls and how full they must be from not having sex, I wanted to give him something more then just sex. I told Michael I really loved him and said “Are you really okay if Jason were to get me pregnant?” Michael said it would be exciting watching my belly grow with his baby and see Jasons face any time he came over and seen my belly.

Wednesday: So now, today is day four and Michael and Jason had a talk last night. I haven’t spoken with Jason, but Michael said that he told Jason that I wanted to go without any birth control with him and that he was okay with it. He said Jason didn’t talk a whole lot, but said he was up for it as long as we were okay with it. Back when Michael and Kelly were married and Kelly set me up with Michael and I wasn’t on birth control, I was so nervous that Michael would get me pregnant and as much as Kelly said she would be alright seeing me pregnant from Michael, it still scared me. Once I did get pregnant and Michael, Kelly and I got so close and were the best of friends from that day on. So here I am suggesting to Michael that I wouldn’t mind Jason getting me pregnant and asking him if it is okay and I have his permission to go through with it.

There is a girl that comes over to clean every other week and she has gone to bed with Michael before and I am going to talk to her today when she shows up to see if she will keep Michael busy while I am with Jason. She kept Michael busy once before for me, so I am sure Dana will help me out. Dana is a 32 year old with brown hair and green eyes and I know Michael likes seeing her tight little body. Her husband left her and when she divorced him, she got the house and the funny part is her ex has to make the payments for three years on it. I know Michael is alright if I am with another guy, but I still feel bad being with someone and he is alone. It is all set for Jason to come over Saturday to help Michael tear the body off of the frame and he is to bring a change of clothes and stay the night.

I am sitting here at my computer and I see my birth control pills sitting on the nightstand next to me. The last pill missing says “Saturday”. Today is Wednesday. I must have asked Michael a hundred times already if he really wants me to go through with it. Every time, he said he is okay with as long as I really want to. I think I really do want to with Jason. I think he is going to be a lot of fun in bed Saturday and I want to feel his cock drain his balls inside of me. I just looked it up in Google and my last period started on August 4th. I didn’t really plan it this way, but my fertile days are from today to next Monday and it says that my most fertile day should be Saturday. It wasn’t planned like that, but that is how it falls. I just better be sure that is what I really want and that Michael and Jason are going to be okay with it. I can’t believe it. I have fucked others before and during our cruise, Denise and I went without birth control. That was more of a last minute decision and on a dare, her and I did it.

Now, I am actually planning it. My first thought was I would go without birth control and see if it happened. But looking at the calendar, Saturday is the best time that it could happen. Jason already knows and so does Michael and now, all of you know. So there is no changing my mind now.

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