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Race Car Widow Part 2

We went out on the porch and sat down and Michael grabbed the drink he started before he left. He drank it down and asked if anyone wanted another. All of our glasses were empty and Michael started to grab them and Jason said he only wanted a small one because he still had to drive home. Before Michael could answer, I said “You can stay here tonight.”, and without Michael seeing me, I made a kissing motion with my lips at Jason. Michael went in to fix us a drink and while he was gone, Jason asked if I was sure I wanted him to stay and I told him I did. Michael came out with our drinks and we sat and drank them and Michael was thanking Jason for his help on the car. Jason excused himself to go to the bathroom and after he left, Michael asked me if I was hoping anything would happen later. I told him about Jason rubbing my boobs and I had my hand on his cock and said that I think it would as long as he is comfortable with him there. Michael asked if I wanted him to say he was going somewhere and I told him no because if I am going to fuck Jason every now and then, he has to get used to him being around.

Jason came back out and we talked some more and finished our drinks and this time, Jason took our glasses and said he would get us another and asked me how I like mine made. I like Patron and pineapple juice and when he came back, I tasted mine and it was so damn strong. I told Jason that he sure knows how to make a strong drink. He smiled and said he was sorry about that. I looked at Michael and pointed to Jason and said “He just wants me d***k so he can get me naked.” Jason looked shocked that I said that, but Michael laughed. When Jason seen Michael laugh at what I just said, I think he felt a little more relaxed because he said “Is it working?” About that time, one of the neighbors drove up and Michael went to his car to talk to him. Jason and I sat quietly for about a minute and I finally leaned towards him and softly said “I want you so bad!” Jasons eyes got really big, but he didn’t say anything and turned to see where Michael was. He looked at me and said “You know you are making me hard right now.” I asked him if he would like to do something about it, and Jason said “What about Michael?” I told him that I would talk to him and see if it is okay. I explained to Jason that Michael has sex with others and so do I and we are both okay with it.

Jason said that if it was really okay, he really wanted it, and then he wanted to have a race to see who could finish their drink first and then before I grabbed my glass, he guzzled his and sat it down. Then he said “I won. If I can beat you, I can eat you right?” I told him I was up for it as long as I get to have his cock too. He said he felt like this was all just a dream and couldn’t believe we are sitting here talking about it and then he told me that from the minute he first met me, he thought about how lucky Michael was and wished he could get me in bed. Our neighbor left and Michael came back to the porch and said Rick was out looking for his dog and was asking if we seen him.

Then I looked at Jason and smiled and said to Michael “Jason and I had a race and I lost and now, I have to let him eat me. Is it okay if Jason and I go to the bedroom downstairs so I can pay off the bet?” Michael said “Go ahead. I’ll go help Rick find Buddy while you two are busy.” I don’t think Jason could believe what he was hearing, but I stood up and held my hand out to Jason and said “Let’s go.” Jason took my hand and we walked inside and headed for the stairs. Jason kept turning back to see where Michael was and I asked him if he was alright. Jason said he couldn’t believe this. As we were heading down the stairs, Jason was telling me how anytime he would see me, he would think about what it would be like to have sex with me. At the doorway to the spare bedroom, Jason stopped and almost nervously, said “Are you sure this is okay?” I said “We are heading to bed aren’t we? What does that tell you?”

As we got near the bed, I turned toward Jason and hugged him and we started kissing. His hands went around my waist and I felt one hand drop to my ass. Jason whispered “You are making me so hard.” I reached down with one hand and felt his hard cock through the shorts he had on and said “Well, we will have to fix that.” I undid the button on his shorts and tugged at the zipper and pushed his shorts down. No underwear! His cock sprung out at me. He was just a little smaller then Michael, but his balls were pretty big. I reached down and cupped his balls and said “Wow! These feel pretty full.” Jason said it has been awhile so he was sure they were full. He started taking my top and shorts off and as he stood back up, he started hugging and kissing me again and I felt his hand find it’s way to my cunt. I had my hand on his hard cock and would move to massage his balls from time to time. We were still hugging and kissing when Jason started edging me to the bed and I climbed up and laid down.

He wasted no time spreading my cunt with his fingers and I felt his tongue start licking around the opening. He started darting his tongue in and out of me and I told him to turn around. He turned around on top of me and went back to sending his tongue into my cunt and I took his cock into my mouth and started to suck him. With one hand, I was cupping his balls and feeling them moving in my hand as I put the other hand around his ass and started pulling him closer so I could get the rest of his cock. The deeper I took his cock, the deeper his tongue dug into me. It wasn’t long and I heard Jason say that he would like to cum and I stopped and grasped the base of his cock and told him no. I had such a tight grip on his cock and felt him start to go limp and when he would get about half limp, I would suck his cock down my throat. As I would feel Jason start to thrust faster with his hard cock, I knew he was building up to cum and I would grip his cock hard again and stop sucking.

During this time, I was about to cum and wanted to find a way that he would let me cum, but make him wait. I stopped sucking on his cock and while his tongue was deep inside of me, I finally said “I want to cum on you, but I want to save what’s in your balls for something else.” I had his cock and holding it against my cheek and his hands slip around to my ass and he pulled my cunt closer. I told him I was going to cum and he just went deeper and faster. I screamed that I was cumming and Jason darted his tongue in me so fast and made me cum so hard. As I was still cumming, I took his cock into my throat and started to suck him hard again. Jason asked again if he could cum and I stopped him and told him no and that he should wait.

When we finished, Jason turned to lay next to me. He was rubbing his cock against me and I felt his precum lubricating my side. Jason stopped and said “Do you have any condoms? I didn’t bring any.” I kissed him and said that I would like to fuck him, but we should wait until another time for that. He asked me if he could fuck my boobs and get off on them and I told him I wanted him to save it for me. He joked that he would need to wear three condoms because when he gets off, he would end up filling them so much, he could make them burst. I told him I wanted to feel him cum that hard and told him that he wouldn’t need condoms. He smiled and said that would make him happy and said he was hoping I would tell him I was on birth control and he could fill me. (I never said I was on birth control)

We got up and got dressed and I heard the door click, but Jason didn’t and I thought Michael was back. When we went upstairs, Michael wasn’t there and we went out on the porch for some fresh air. Michael was in the driveway and I think he may have been inside when Jason and I were downstairs, but he never said and I never asked. When Michael came up on the porch, Jason was so quiet. Michael said the neighbor found Buddy in the garage sl**ping. Then he said “So did you guys have fun?” Jason looked at me a little shocked and I told Michael we had fun. I shook my empty glass and said that I could use a drink. Jason jumped up and said he would get us a drink. Once he went inside, I told Michael I didn’t let him cum because I wanted to talk to him some more later. Michael asked me if Jason made me cum and just as Jason was walking back out, all I could do was nod my head yes.

We sat outside and it was getting late and we decided we should go to bed. I think Jason was waiting to hear me say something about fucking him and when I told him he could sl**p in the bed downstairs, he looked a little bummed out. As we were walking inside, he whispered to me “Will you come down and see me?” I told him that I won’t tonight, but not to worry because he will get his soon enough. Then, Jason went downstairs and Michael and I went upstairs to bed. I laid next to Michael and said “I need to talk to about something.” He asked if everything was alright and I told him it was. I said “Remember when we went on the cruise and Denise and I switched places with you and Jim and went all week without any birth control?” Michael smiled and said that even though Denise and I didn’t get pregnant, it was still fun. Then I said “You asked me to let Kevin fuck me unprotected.” (Kevin was one of the guys rebuilding our new bathroom) Michael said something must be wrong with him because he never came over after I invited him.

So I asked Michael “Would you like me to skip my pill and let Jason fuck me?” Michael joked “Fuck you or fill you?” I smiled and said “Fill me!” Michael said it would be exciting to know that I was getting filled without birth control and I said “I don’t mean to just fill me. How would you feel if I let him get me pregnant? I know you wanted me to get pregnant on the cruise and if you are still up for it, I think I can make it happen.” Michael smiled at me and told me if I really wanted it, I should go ahead and said “After all, look at how we first met and you and I had a baby together.” Then I told Michael about how full Jasons balls felt to me and that he told me it has been a while and if I could build him up all week, I would stop taking my pills all week to make sure it is out of my system and then I would make him fill me. Michael started to roll over to fuck me and I stopped him and said that all week, I wanted to give him head and save my cunt for Jason in a week.

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