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Race Car Widow Part 1

I am going to be a race car widow for a while! Let me explain what that is. When Michael was married to my best friend Kelly, he was in the Marines and also had an alcohol funny car in the garage. When I would hang out with Kelly, she said she was a race car widow because Michael spent so much time in the garage on his race car. Many of you know that Michael surprised me on my birthday and bought me a new camaro. It was the prettiest blue and I fell in love with it. Michael was helping me pack to move in with him in Washington and I had the car two days and he took it in and had an SLP Loudmouth exhaust put on it. (See, I am starting to learn about cars and I know what those are too.) We get to Washington and Michael takes my car again and has more done to it and had the heads redone, a supercharger put on it, added nitrous oxide, had the front end rebuilt and has new shifter sensors added so it shifts faster. And that wasn't enough, so he asked if I wanted the windows tinted and while it was there, they took it all apart and repainted it a dark grey with black stripes. Don't get me wrong, I love it still. It is as fast as it looks now. But I still haven't even gotten my real license plates for it because it is so new.

I sat Michael down and asked him if he would stop having so much done to my car. He told me he just likes doing different things to cars and I said he should go buy an old car and fix it up. That was the mistake on my part because he went out and bought this old junkie 1968 camaro and drove up yesterday with this rat trap on a trailer all excited about it. It looks like a piece of shit if you ask me, but he sees cars for what they can be and I see cars for how they are. So now he has something to keep himself busy and will be building this junk pile into a race car and in the meantime, I become a race car widow!

So now I needed something to do. Or should I say someone to do? There is a guy named Jason that is helping him and he is so cute! They are tearing this car apart in the shop Michael built before I moved up here and not in the garage. It would be easier if it was in the garage because I can think of several excuses to go in there. I don't have any excuses to go out to his shop. Michael has a refrigerator in his shop full of beer, so I can't even go ask if they are thirsty. But damn, I want to see Jason some more. He is hot and I wouldn't mind getting him in bed! I have met him before and when he comes over, I always flirt with him a little, but nothing has happened. But today, he was wearing these really small cutoffs and I was on the front porch and was watching him and Michael working on the car while it was still on the trailer. I sat on the porch wondering what it would be like having Jason in bed on top of me pounding my cunt with his hard cock. Once they got the car off of the trailer, they rolled it in the shop and both of them disappeared inside.

Michael came in the house earlier and asked if I wanted to go to the store and get some steaks and other stuff and we can barbeque for dinner. I guess I sounded a little anxious, because I quickly asked Michael if Jason was staying for dinner. He said he was and as he was walking out of the door, he turned back and said that he seen me checking him out earlier. I turned beet red. Michael walked over and gave me a hug and told me that it was okay because he seen Jason checking me out too. I had a tiny pair of white shorts on with a yellow top and Michael said that Jason told him that he liked my outfit. Michael gave me a kiss and told me to go ahead if I wanted to and I knew what he meant when he said that.

As I opened the garage and started my car and started backing out, Jason came out and walked up to my car. I rolled the window down and he was telling me that my car sounded so mean. Here was my chance to tell him to hop in and we could jump in the backseat and all I could say was "Thank you. It is mean.". My shorts were pretty tight and I made sure to part my legs just a little while he was still leaning in the window to let him get a peek at what my shorts were hugging. I know he got a good look by the smile on his face and I left. While I was at the store, I got a text from Michael that said "Jason thinks you are hot!" I texted back and said "I am hot! For him!" As I continued shopping, I got another text that said "I showed him your text. Hope it helps. I love you." I didn't know what to answer, so I didn’t reply. But I also had a hard time concentrating on shopping too.

When I got home Michael and Jason came out to help me bring everything in. Jason was awfully quiet, but he did have a big smile every time I looked over at him. Michael said they had a lot done and they just wanted to get the last of the wiring out of the car and then we can relax and fix dinner. Jason was helping me put things away and Michael made a fast exit to leave us alone. As Jason was getting ready to go out to the shop, I told him “Thanks for helping me.” Jason said “Michael showed me your joke. Hot for me huh?” I smiled at him and said “Who said I was joking?” Jason just said he had better get back out and help Michael and went to the shop.

While they were in the shop, I went upstairs and took a shower. It was a hot day and I have been outside most of the day. I got out and dried my hair and put more makeup on and put on a different pair of shorts and top with no bra. Still just as snug on me though, but all day thinking about Jason, I was sure I probably soaked the ones I had on! I made sure the air conditioning was on real low which made my nipples stick out so Jason could see when they came back in. They came back in at four and both of them were so dirty. They sat at the bar for a minute and were drinking a beer and Michael said he was going up to take a shower. Jason said he was going to go home and get in the shower and will be right back and I told him he could use the bathroom downstairs and just wear some of Michaels shorts. So Michael got Jason some shorts and a shirt and went upstairs and Jason went downstairs and I was almost thinking about sneaking downstairs and act like I was doing something to see if I could catch Jason walking out of the shower. His shorts were tight on him and he had a nice sized bulge and I wanted to see more.

I heard Michael getting out of the shower and he called for me. I went up and he said that him and Jason had a talk and he got Jason to finally admit that he wouldn’t mind nailing me. Michael said that after dinner, if I wanted some time alone with Jason to talk to him and see if I couldn’t get him in bed later, I should give him a signal and he will say he was going to the store to get some more beer. If Jason looked at the fridge in the garage, he would see that was bullshit because Michael had three cases of beer in it. We barbequed and had a nice dinner and sat outside eating and had some wine. After dinner, Michael fixed Jason and him a drink and fixed me a Patron and pineapple juice. When he handed my drink to me, I joked and said “Are you two trying to get me d***k?” They both laughed and Jason said “That could be fun!” I looked at Michael and winked at him so Jason couldn’t see me. That was my signal. Michael said “Well, before I start drinking, I am going to the liquor store to get Becky more Patron.” (I thought he was going to say he was making a beer run?) Jason started to get up to go with him and Michael said it was okay and he would be right back and he should just relax because he worked hard today. Michael left in my car and Jason and I were still sitting on the porch and Jason was talking about how mean my car sounded as Michael took off and asked me if it was really as fast as it sounds. I told him it was almost too fast for me.

We were talking and I mentioned it still didn’t even have the real license plates yet and then I told him that Michael is hoping I can get the personalized plate “BMYCEM”. When Jason asked what it meant, I told him “Beat Me You Can Eat Me”. Jason laughed and said from the sounds of my car, he should build a very fast car and then he wanted to race me. I started to get up and put the dishes in the kitchen and looked over at Jason and said “How do you know I wouldn’t let you win on purpose?” He started to get up and was walking towards me and I thought he wanted to hug me so I put my arms around him and hugged him. Oops! He was just getting up to help me pick everything up and take it in the kitchen. We were loading up the dishwasher and Jason said “If you and Michael weren’t together, I would be all over you right now!” I smiled and said that Michael doesn’t mind it and I knew I wouldn’t mind it if he was. This time, as I was putting things in the dishwasher, Jason came up behind me and hugged me. My shorts were so thin and I could feel his cock through his shorts against my ass. I stood up straight and turned to Jason and hugged him and we kissed. He had his hands on my waist and I felt him sort of pulling me closer. I had my arms around him and I pulled him closer too and felt his cock growing in his shorts against me.

He stopped and pulled away from me and said “We better stop before Michael gets back.” And then he looked down at his crotch and said “Or Michael will see how excited you’re getting me.” I put one hand around him and tugged on his ass and with the other hand, I put it on his bulge and started to quickly rub his cock through his shorts and said “I want to see how excited you’re getting.” Jason slid his hand inside my t-shirt and was rubbing my boobs and I reached inside of his shorts and felt his hard cock. I smiled at him and said “Look what I found.”, and as I rubbed the tip, his cock was leaking a little precum and I rubbed my fingertip over it and pulled my hand out of his shorts and let Jason see me stick my finger in my mouth and suck his precum off. I smiled at him and said “Yummy.” Just then, we heard Michael turning onto our street and Jason wanted to hurry and go back on the porch so Michael didn’t think anything. As Michael walked in the house through the garage, I walked in to him and hugged him and whispered the ice was broken.

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