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My Revenge on s*s

I had been very submissive to my s****r Babs since she had returned home from school. She had me do just about any and everything to her (including eating a guys cum from her pussy and ass) I was at her beck and call when ever she wanted to be eaten or fucked. She had even fucked me a couple times with her strap on dildo. But, one day she went too far. She had been out drinking and brought a guy home and wanted me to suck his cock. I told her "No, that I wouldn't do." I went to bed... Next thing I know Babs and this guy are over me at the bed tying me down. It wasn't hard because the ropes stayed permanently on the bed. Once I was tied down. This guy takes out his cock and starts rubbing it on my mouth. I tried to turn away but Babs was holding my head. This guy was really excited by forcing this on me as he was leaking his pre-cum. Well to make a long story short. This guy ****d me with Babs help. He wasn't all that big but made me bleed because he was so rough.
I was fuming and sought to get revenge.
Since Mom and I were sort of in this together. I confided in her and she wanted to turn the tables also.
The next weekend Babs was getting ready to go to a bar and told Mom and I to make sure we were good subjects and she may reward us when she got home. I stood up and told Babs that she needed to be good and that she wasn't going out tonight. She tried to blow me off. Until I grabbed ahold of her arm and told her that she was going to service Mom and I tonight. She tried to pull away but couldn't. She screamed at me to let her go. Mom came over and grabbed her other arm and we took her to the bedroom. Babs was terrified now. We tied her to the bed and stripped her naked.... Mom even shoved Babs panties into her mouth to stifle her objections.
Babs looked really hot laying there tied down to the bed. My cock was hard so I took it out and started rubbing it on her tits. I knew her nipples were very sensitive and they were poking up big time.
I took her panties out of her mouth and she started swearing that she would punish both of us if we didn't stop immediately. But she had to stop talking as Mom sat down on her face and told her to start lapping her ass. Babs was furious but had no choice but to start lapping at Moms brown puckered hole.
She must have been doing a good job because Mom started moaning.
I took one of Babs toys and put it in Babs pussy and turned it on low. Babs tried to push it out with her pussy muscles. But I held it in then slid a pair of her panties on her to hold it in place. Babs came with in a couple mins and so did Mom. Mom got off and Babs said "Are you two done with me now?" Of course we weren't. I had taken a couple pics of Babs eating Moms ass. I told Babs that it was my turn and moved up to put my cock in her mouth. Babs turned and said " You forget your place you service me." Mom slapped Babs face and said "Not anymore, You now service us." You could see that Babs was surprised and terrified at the same time.
When Babs refused to open I jerked off and came all over her face. Some even went up her nose.
Babs was pissed that I came on her face. But Mom and I didn't care at all. Mom licked the come off her face and snowballed her. By now Babs was crying, Saying that we should stop this and she would quit making us her slave. Mom told her. "We aren't your slaves, but you are ours, now"
Babs didn't know what to do. As Mom went down and ate her pussy to an orgasm. Only took about a minute and half. Babs was turned on. My cock was hard again and I proceeded to fuck my big s****r as she lay there helpless. She came again as I was fucking her and Mom put on a strapon and started sliding it in her ass. DPing my big s*s was such a turn on that I came pretty quickly then.
We left Babs lay there and Mom and I went to the kitchen for a quick bite. We came back and Babs was laying there still tied to the bed Mom picked up a feather and started rubbing Babs sides with it. Babs was giggling and asking Mom to stop. Mom said Sure and handed me the feather. I started tickling her nipples which were hard as a rock. Babs was begging me to stop that she was going to pee herself. Mom went and got a large towel and slid it under Babs and told her go ahead.
After Babs peed Mom and I left her there and went to the other bedroom for the night. We don't untie Babs unless both of us are there to control her. We keep her naked all the time and even a few of my friends have been invited to use her occassionally.
That was about a month ago. Babs has settled into her role as slave. But Mom and I aren't sure about letting her loose yet.

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