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My Mom, Maureen & my Father-in-law Doug

Doug has always had a thing for my Mom. From the day he first met her he has wanted to fertilize her, to plant his seed deep in her & impregnate her. Since I married his son, Bradley so many years ago he has fucked her so many times, but never accomplished his goal of turning her into his personal bun oven till now. About eight weeks ago he had the opportunity to have her stay with him for two months. Needless to say he kept her naked most of the time. Her outfit was a little French Maid type apron & high heels. Every morning the first thing she woke up to was his big hard cock sliding into her. She said he would keep her in bed for a couple of hours at a time fucking her senseless.
She said whenever he took her out he made her wear only a sundress & high heels, no bra & no panties, he had told her he wanted her ready to take it wherever & whenever he had the desire as well as wanting to show off her body, my mom has 40HH boobs. Whenever he introduced her he said she was his lover. One of his friends asked if she's going to be his next wife and he said he is working on convincing her. He then asked my Mom if she was convinced yet and she said he was doing a fantastic job of convincing her, he is fantastic in bed, only his son Brad comes close. My own husband has slipped to #3. If Doug keeps fucking me senseless like he's been doing I will be helpless to refuse, maybe I can keep my husband, Gary around as a backup & a provider. Doug's friend then told Doug to fuck her brains out. Doug said those were his intentions. He then told his friend to feel her boobs, he did & my Mom moaned. He squeezed her eraser thick nipples hard & asked her if she was enjoying it & she said yes. Doug instructed my Mom to get on her knees & let his friend skull fuck her; she willingly & obediently did as she was told. And this was only after living with him for about four days.
During the weeks that followed Maureen was much more responsive to his request & usually responded with the words yes, master. She was losing control of her willpower, as well as taking huge loads of cum into her pussy & with his great length he was sure he was fertilizing the eggs in her ovaries. The more time she spent with Doug the harder it was to refuse him. Maureen found herself enjoying being his love slave. Doug was always keeping her physically & sexually active. He took her to private parties where she would be placed in various forms of pillories and used by his friends & himself for hours with seemingly no end. Doug did have one requirement and that was they could fuck Maureen's mouth & butt bareback but if they want to fill her pussy up they had to use a condom. He wanted to be sure that he was the only one seeding, planting & fertilizing her for he planned to have her as his own Personal Bun Oven. And after a month of his making love to her, her doctor has just confirmed that she is pregnant. My Mom is all aglow from the news. She also told her husband, Gary & and he was happy that Doug got her pregnant. He also told her he did mind sharing her with Doug, that they would & could both have her as their wife. When she was living with Doug she could proudly tell people she was his wife.
It has been enjoyable watching my Mom's belly start to swell & see a very pure look of contentment on her face. One day recently she told me she enjoyed her new role in life as Doug's woman. He knows how to love & dominant her and make her enjoy it so much. Especially that she is pregnant and now when they go to parties he lets everyone fuck her pussy bareback. She loves the feel of all that hot cum coating the inside of her pussy & the fact Doug is smiling and happy to watch them & actually urges them on to fill her up. At one get-together he had her mount a guy with a cock four inches across telling her that it will be better if she was stretched a bit for the baby. He also then had her on her knees with one guy butt fucking her & holding her arms stretched backwards while another skull fucked her in the mouth and all the while telling her how beautiful she looked when she did what she did best -- service the men who fuck her & make them know she appreciates what they do to her & most of all to please them.
I think my Mom is accepting being Doug's slave.

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