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Love with the right stranger...

Your incoming text message chimes on my phone. "What are you doing tonight?" pops up on my screen.
I reply, "Nothing - I get off work at 7. What did you have in mind, dear?"
Your reply "I was thinking about getting together."
"Getting off together? ;D"
"Maybe. If you're not too tired to get it up lol"
"For you, honey, I'll make the sacrifice! Twitchy twat tonight?"
"Uh-huh. I'm feeling frisky!"
"My place or yours?"
"I'm off early, so I'll just come by your place."
"K. Bring your toys?"
"Of course, loverboy..."

As I get out of the shower, a knock at my door. Wrapping a towel around myself, I open the door and you're standing there, wearing a tight top that flatters your soft curves and a short skirt that shows off your tanned thighs. I whistle softly, and you playfully tug at my towel. Resisting your attempt at starting too soon, I grab my only covering with one hand and cup your neck and plant a wet kiss on your lips. The kiss goes on until you break for air, gasping.

"Just a minute while I get something on" I insist. Dressing quickly, I decide on soft chinos and sandals and a buttondown shirt. I take your hand and we head off for some barbeque. On the way, we hold hands and I caress your soft hand. We eat quickly, laughing at the day's events and knowing that dessert is not anything served at a restaurant!

On the way back to my place, your hand reaches for my thigh and caresses it. I feel myself becoming aroused, so I return the favor, tickling my way up your short skirt and find to my delight that you're not wearing panties! I softly stroke your burning mound, just teasing it and feeling the heat of your need for me.

We return to my place, and the door is barely shut when we are in each others' arms. I reach up and unfasten your hair, letting it tumble down your back as you press your soft bosom against my hard chest. We kiss long and deeply, exploring each others' lips and eyes, nibbling each other's ears as our breath grows heated.

I run my hands down your back, feeling the curve of your back and the fullness of your womanly hips. I gently squeeze your bum, as you grip my hard buns and grasp me against you. I can feel the softness of your breasts against my chest, straining as your breathing grows hot and aroused.

My hands slide up and cup your breasts. Slowly I circle your stiffening nipples with my thumbs, feeling them erect as you sigh contentedly. My groin swells and you feel its urgency, pressing against your softly rounded belly. I bend down and begin kissing your bosom, licking my way between your orbs and gently teasing them out of their confinement.

Your hand reaches down to cup my manhood, and your touch arouses me to full hardness. I gasp at your soft woman's hands as you slide your hand down my pants and feel me, grasping my junk with a playful squeeze. I push your hand back out of my waistband and sink to my knees, kissing your tummy and your groin as you lean back against the wall, waiting for my touch. I tug at your skirt, lifting it to expose your thighs and your mound, and begin kissing your woman's secret place. You groan as my tongue bathes your sex, and I can feel my face burning with the heat of your loins. A trickle of moistness oozes down your thighs as your pelvis begins to rock with the rythmn of life.

I explore your folds, relishing the scent of woman that is now all I can smell and taste as you shudder and grind your crotch into my face, My own erection forgotten for the moment, I part your labia and slurp your hard clitoris, again and again until you explode with passion, moaning and crying out "Oh God! OH GOD! DON'T STOP!!!"

As your orgasm subsides, I stand back up to support your suddenly weak knees, and we move to my bed. You lift your arms and I slide your top off, exposing your lush tits to my saturated tongue. I kiss you, sharing your love potion with you and we lick your juices off my lips. Then you unbutton my shirt, running your hands over my hairy chest and erect nipples while I ease you out of your skirt. Gloriously naked, you stand before me, a soft woman with a hard man.

Your greedy hands reach for my zipper, and the music is delightful. My trousers drop to the floor, and you free my erection from its shelter. You cup my testicles gently and it's your turn to feast on dessert - as you kiss my shaven shaft, a drop of precum oozes out and you lick it gently, as you take me into your lips. Now it's my turn to groan as I feel your tongue lave my penis, and my mind goes blank.

We tumble to the bed, and I cover your belly and tits and arse with kisses, nibbling and tugging, licking and sucking. Somehow we tangle up in the sheets, laughing and giggling, flopping and smacking. I find your groin in front of my face, so I bury my lips on your sex as you kiss my loins, and suddenly you stiffen again and this time your juices squirt all over my face as you cum harder than the first time.

"I want you now" we both say at the same time. You climb up on me, my erection poking straight up, and lower yourself onto my throbbing shaft. You are so wet, so warm, so loving, I am in heaven as I feel your vagina wrap my penis and the sensation is overwhelming! Slowly at first, you rise and rock on me, feeling my hardness push into your softness, then we move faster and faster, with practiced rythmn, your breasts swaying as I grasp them.

Then you climb off me and present your rounded arse to me. I move behind you, and slowly push my way into your throbbing pussy. You lean down against the bed, offering me the deepest penetration, and it's unbelievable. I reach around to squeeze your breasts as you hump back against my thrusts, harder and deeper than we've ever done. I feel my scrotum tighten as my load begins its journey, and you groan with expectation as you feel my erection grow even harder and thicker. I reach the point of no return, and my seed begins spurting its way into you, again and again, making our lovemaking wetter and louder. "OHMYGOD, I'M CUMMING!" I gasp as my climax explodes into your cunt. I keep thrusting even after my peak, loving the feeling of your sheath around me, feeling you buck in response. Then with a "Plop" I finally pull out, as our mixed juices drip from both of us. I collapse onto the bed, wrap my arms around you, and we spoon and pillow-talk for an hour, caressing each other, tracing each others' bodies, and feeling the afterglow fade until we find we are both ready for more...

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