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I first met him online at one of those dating sites,we chatted a few times exchanged photos talked dirty, never figured on actually meeting since he lived all the way across the country,He was gorgious,and married.Then as fate would have it, i found myself in his city since i traveled around doing show at tgirl stripclubs.So i figured id email him and tell him i was in town for a show, maybe we could meet for drinks, He messeged me back, said his wife would be away for the day and gave me his address,After my show i drove to his house, and knocked at the door, He opened it and i smiled and said HI! sweety, he grinned gave me a hug,..i felt myself getting aroused under my miniskirt,He closed the door, and we kissed..a deep passionate kiss,i became harder,his hand slid down my back to my bottom,where he began to rub and squeze,since we were so close i could feel he was getting hard too,i unbuckled his pants and slid down to face his crotch area, i eased dowm his pants and underwear, and his cock was semi hard, i kissed the tip with my wet red lips,and slowly let it enter my mouth, i began a slow gentle suck, two or three times, then swurled my tongue around the head as i fondaled his balls,then back to the slow deep suck, he was getting hard, very hard,as i did this he removed his t shirt, and stood me up,as we kisses he removed my skirt, and began stroking my shecock with his hand, i was completly hard,he pulled my top off over my head and tossed it aside, then kicked his pants to the otherside, he bagan sucking my tits while stroking me..then spun me around,amd pushed me over the arm of the sofa,where he began spreading my ass open to reveal my pink asspussy, he spit on it and inserted a finger,then two, after a minute or so of this, he eased his hard erect cock inside me, i moaned in pleasure as he started to pump in and out, harder...deeper,he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back,as he girated his hips forward and back,precum ozzed from my tip...our balls slapping together in he smacked my ass with his free hand, he bagan to pound me harder...faster...deeper, with each thrust..i started to cum, it was spurting from my shecock, on to the floor, but he kept thrusting,i was screaming in ectasy!yes yes fuck me fuck me!,omg, fuck me yes yes,he then let out a load grown..AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, as his cum flowed in my hole, i could feel the hot juice push its way out, he pulled out his cock, i immediatly put it in my mouth and sucked hard,,the last of his juice down my throte, we collapsed to the floor coverd is sweat, and he smiled and said...glad to finnaly meet you...........................

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