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My wife settled my debt with the three black neigh

I always had a fantasy of watching my wife having sex with someone else but It was always just that a fantasy, My wife would be on the floor on all fours sucking my cock while i sat on the couch and id try to imagine a guy fucking her from behind while she was doing it. She would always joke about getting gang banged not knowing that id only imagined it in my dreams. Well one day i was outside my house working on my car while my wife sat on the porch having a drink and a cigarette, My wife is gorgeous long blonde hair, Blue eyes, and double tits. She was wearing a tank top and pajama short shorts. I was having trouble under the car when I heard a deep voice ask if I needed Help, I rolled out from underneath and my neighbor Chris was standing there with his friends Mike and Andrew, I had never talked to my neighbors much but I knew Chris was a nice guy They were all about 25 Tall thin and well...Black. I met his friends a we all were working on the car and I noticed his two friends Mike and Andrew talking to each other while trading glances at my wife I instantly had thoughts about them two and her but shook it off and kept working. After we were finished I told Chris thank you so much I owe you guys a huge favor.

One day My wife called me at work and said Chris was over cause he had locked himself out of his house and was wondering if he could hang out till the locksmith came and he would call us even on favors and I said " No problem" I got off work a few hours later and came home exhausted walked up to my front door and heard laughing coming from inside and figured that the locksmith would have showed by now, I opened my front door and saw Chris, Mike and Andrew on the couch sitting next to each other with there pants around their ankles and and my wife with nothing on but her pajama shorts on her knees sucking Mikes cock. Chris and Andrew looked to me instantly while Andrew was looking to the ceiling moaning while he had one hand at his side and one on my wife's head forcing it down on his dick. My wife turned and looked at me while still stroking him and smiled and said "Baby I know you've always fantasized about this and you Did say you owed Chris a huge favor" I still stood at the door for another second and all i could feel was my cock get hard instantly. She said why don't you take off your boots and go sit on the reclined with a smile and a beet red face. I went and sit down and watched her one at a time suck there cock which were huge and thick as id ever seen, she moaned as they all took turns slamming her head down on their cocks and each time she gagged a little. after about 30 minutes she stood up and said come on and all 5 of us walked to the bedroom.

She went in first and put a chair in the corner of the room facing our queen sized bed and looked at me and said "sit". She took her shorts off exposeing her naked body and shaved tiny pussy. she laid on the bed while Chris curled at the end off it and started eating her out while Mike and Andrew held themselves over her shoving there cocks in her mouth one at a time and sometimes two at a time, she moaned and arched her back while Chris was sucking on her clit, the only thing that made her seem quiet was the monster black cock she had in her mouth.Chris sat up and asked my wife if we had condoms and she emphatically said No He shrugged and Slid his cock slowly in her very tight pussy and she made a noise id never heard her make like she was in pain but it was the best pain shed ever felt before. The other two told her to suck them to try and quiet her down but with every thrust she was screaming and arching her back and begging for him not to stop they all took turns fucking her, every time they entered her she let out a screaming growl. And after about 5 minutes with Chris she began moaning "I'm coming!!! oh my god I'm coming!" and she let out a scream and her back arched about two feet while he kept slamming her hard. She sat up sweat pouring off her face never one saying anything to me or even looking at me. She got in the doggie position and Mike was next and about a minute after sliding his cock in her she came again suddenly letting out an "Ohh my fucking god". and he fucked her as hard as id ever seen and let Andrew fuck her as she sucked her cum off his cock.

After about 45 minutes of them taking turns fucking her from behind and getting their cocks sucked clean she told Chris to lay down and she climbed on top of him slid his cock in her, turned to Mike and said "I want you to fuck my ass" I was taken back cause we had tried anal before and she said she really dident like it but she pressed her body against Chris and Mike tried to slide his cock in her very tight ass but said it wasent gonna fit she told him to look in our closet where we had lube he slathered his cock with it and tried again, I knew it went this time cause she dident really scream but she looked over at me mouth wide open and tears beading out of her eyes she swung her head back down and let out a murderous scream, he asked if he should stop and she screamed NO!!!. Chris started sliding his cock in from underneath while Mike slowly slid his cock deep in her ass faster and faster with Andrew face fucked her, She moaned as loud as id ever heard her moan. She finally looked up at me and said "I'm full of big black cock baby do you like it? I somehow got out a yes but was way too into what was happening. She got fucked in all holes for about 5 minuted and than she started shaking and let out a thunderous scream I saw Chris smile at her and say " Damm girl" She had squirted all over the bed, floor and the wall, it was continuous streams of her squirting all over everything. They kept fucking her for another 30 minutes in her ass and pussy she came about 10 times in that period. She told Mike to pull out of her ass and said "Go take a look baby" I got up and walked around the bed to see her asshole gaping to about three inches I was amazed and turned on at the same time. She instructed me to sit at the head of the bed she put her head in my lap and told them to take turns fucking her ass till she told them to stop. As they took turns she was screaming into my lap and would look up to me enough to see her eyes roll back into her head and tears running down her face.

After about 3 or 4 hours of continuous sex she lay legs wide open on the bed while each of them fucked her till they shot there huge loads into her one after another they stood up finally finished she looked at them hair drenched from sweat, Eye mascara all the way down her face and said "Thank you boys" and they grabbed there things and left, when she heard the front door close she looked at me and said "Well was it everything you've always fantasied about?" Yes I said as i looked at her still legs spread wide open sitting up. She said "Do you wanna know what I've always fantasied about?" I horny as fuck at this point said yes. She said in a very strong voice "Get over here" I walked to the edge of the bed and she said "Lean over" I did as I was told and before I knew what was going on she shoved my head and face into her still gaping pussy she said "I want you to lick that well fucked pussy till i tell you to stop" I was eating her out while she look at me and smile and I stuck my tongue out to slide it her her pussy and all of the sudden I felt all of the warm cum start to seep out of her and and she said "Eat every drop" I was lapping the warm cum of three black cocks into my mouth and swallowing it down, and when I was done she stood up looked at me and said "Tomorrow I told them to do you a favor and come help fix the garage"

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