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Coco love -first group sex-

i had my first group sex with 3 black guys in a hotel. it was a wild first experiences for me, it was 1 of my fantasy to get gangbang by a group of guys, my ass is still in pain getting f@#k hard by them, they stretch my ass really good.... all 3 of them had huge f%#king dicks couldn't fit my mouth but i still manage to Deep Throat all 3 of them, putting me in tears. but GOD!!...i love every minute of it, i told them "treat me like a f#$king whore, don't f#%k me like a little boy" and they were very aggressive with me all-night...each of them finished me off solo f@#king me aggressive till they were ready to cum, they were all loaded with cum, and i swallow every dropped..i wish their were more of them, i can never get enough cum, but i had lots of fun with them....i will be doing more group sex more ..the 3 guys enjoy the experience to with me and they want to see me again, cant wait to do it again. i'm such a dirty slut that i told them to bring more friends for me...i just love to stay busy with multiple cocks around me, while getting f$#k like a ...

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