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The Department Store

It was summer and I was in my teens and knew very little about women. I was still a virgin and at that age when I got a boner from anything. My mom needed me to get some clothes for a trip we had to take but she had no time to shop with me. In our small town we had a department store that carried some clothes. There were three ladys that worked there and had for as long as I could remember. My mom had called down there and talked to Mary who said she would meet me before the store opened and help me get the clothes I needed.
I met Mary the next day 2 hours before the store was to open. Mary was an older woman, older than my mom probably around fifty. Mary was average and not anything to get excited about.
Mary let me in and we went right to work picking out clothes. After we gathered several we went to the dressing room to try them on. To make things go quicker Mary went into the dressing room with me. I thought it a little strange but was not too worried. The dressing room was old school, it was larger than regular dressing rooms with a bench and several mirrors and the door closed off the room for privacy.
Mary and I tried on several clothes and went for more. We were trying those on when all of a sudden my pecker decided it would get very hard. Mary at first tried to pretend she did not notice but then it was making it hard to fit the pants. Then Mary looked at me and asked if she had caused that. I told her it was because of her and she got all red. Mary said that in all the years of doing this job she had never turned anyone on before. Mary said she was happy that I found her attractive. My cock was hurting because it was so hard. Mary looked at me and asked if I wanted her to help with it. I was not sure what she had in mind but I wanted my cock to go down and to stop hurting.
Mary then pulled down my undies allowing my cock to spring free. She commented that I was a fine looking young man and then asked if I had ever been with a woman. I told her no. Mary looked my cock over and wrapped her hand around it and stroked it a few times. Mary then stated that she did not have lube and then she said she would put that in her mouth. She said there was only other way to fix this problem.
Mary undid her skirt and removed it and hung it on the hook. Then she took off her panty hose and her panties and hung them up too. I could not help but noticed her light brown bush with a pink slit in the middle. I had never seen a woman naked and this made my cock hurt even more. Mary laid on her back on the small bench and told me to get between her legs as we did not have much time to get this done. I got between her wide spread legs, I could see her open pussy. She pulled me to her while she guided my cock into her pussy. My cock sliding into her pussy was the most amazing feeling I had ever had. Her pussy was so warm and tight.
Mary whispered to me to slide in and out of her and I did as I was told. I was picking up speed and Mary was breathing harder and then moaned. With that I plunged as deep into Mary as I could and my cock exploded pumping a huge load of sticky spunk into her. It was amazing. My cock stayed hard and I kept it planted deep in Mary's cunt.
After a minute or two Mary noticed my cock was still hard and said that I should do that again. I started to pump Mary's wonderful cunt some more till I could hold back no longer and filled her womb again with my young seed. Mary told me she loved the feel of me inside her. My cock went down and we finished trying on the clothes. Mary had not dressed and my cock got hard again. Mary said she was hoping that would happen and I entered her again. We made slow love for several more minutes till we both orgasimed together. We dressed and went to the the register. She put my new clothes in a bag and told me to enjoy my trip and that she hopped that I enjoyed our time together. Mary said that she would never forget what we shared.
A couple of weeks went by and mom and I went to the department store to get some shoes. Mary helped us but she acted like nothing had happened. As a matter of fact Mary never acted any different towards me after we had had sex. She acted like she did not know me. I was hoping to have sex with her again but that never happened.

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