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MOM & SON .......

I slept in on Sunday morning and was horrified to see it was almost nine o’clock, FUCK! I’d promised Mom I’d do some chores around the house and I had to get moving. I’d slept in Bec’s room and she woke up while I was getting dressed, and did her best to convince me we should play for a while but I had to get home. I kissed her and apologized, begging for a rain-check, and then I went and softly knocked on Rick’s bedroom door. I was about to knock again when Tanya opened the door.

“Tanya I’m really sorry!” I pleaded. “My Mom only let me stay over when I promised I’d help out around the house today. Any chance you could drive me home please?”

“Sure honey. Give me a minute to get dressed and we’ll get going, ok?”

“Yeah, thanks!” I replied, and soon we were headed for home. As Tanya drove I was thinking that I was so lucky Rick had included me in his fuck-games, but a part of me was still a little jealous. I mean, he had the day to enjoy Tanya, Bec and Carole, and I was sure he would do exactly that, but I’d be washing the car and pushing the mower around the lawn. Somehow that just didn’t seem fair!

Tanya dropped me off and I headed inside, figuring the sooner I got started the sooner I’d be finished. Mom was sitting at the breakfast bar in her usual dowdy house-coat drinking coffee. “Hi Mom!” I greeted her cheerfully.

She just looked at me. “Sit down Philip; I need to talk to you!” Awww Shit! She only calls me Philip when she’s pissed at me so I knew I was in trouble, I just didn’t know how deep!

I sat down. “Ok Mom, what’s on your mind?”

“I was trying to bid on a doll on eBay this morning.” Mom collected porcelain dolls; in fact she had a room full of them. She went on. “Then my computer crashed! This doll is very rare and they don’t come up that often so I went into your room to use your computer. Would you like to guess what I found?”

It took me a moment to draw the dots, partially because Mom was clearly so angry and I had no idea why. I thought back to what I was doing on Friday night before Rick called…..and then the penny dropped. You see, I’d been keeping a diary of everything that happened at Rick’s place, including how we fucked Tanya and Bec, our porno shoot with Justin, the way we had blackmailed Carole into sex, the whole sordid story was carefully saved on my laptop in graphic detail.

Where I’d really fucked up was when Rick rang me. I’d been reading it when he called, and to be honest I was just thinking about closing the door and jerking off, but I was so keen to get over to his place I hit “Hibernate” instead of “Shutdown.” I was looking for a rock I could crawl under as I imagined Mom starting up my computer, and guess what came up on the screen? I couldn’t believe how fucking stupid I’d been!

“You had no right to read my personal stuff on my computer Mom!” I protested, knowing it wasn’t going to do me any good at all.

She gave me a withering stare. “I was not snooping or looking for anything private! I would have been quite happy to log in to my eBay account, bid on the doll and then shut it down!” She shouted at me.

“You still had no right!” I shouted back.

“Don’t you dare lecture me about rights!” She screamed, so loud I was sure the neighbors were probably dialing 9-1-1. “You’ve had disgusting anal sex with Rebecca, and she would be what….thirteen…. maybe f******n? And you’ve had sex with her mother as well! And…what you did to Carole Bradley, well…..that is simply unspeakable! We’ve tried to bring you up the right way and give you a proper set of values, and we’ve failed so badly! We didn’t even know you were bisexual!!!!”

I had never seen Mom this angry, she was actually spitting as she screamed at me and trembling like a leaf. I was getting close to losing it myself as Mom was getting very close to crossing the line.

“Yes Mom I’m fucking bisexual!” I screamed back. “So you can either accept it or deal with it, that’s your choice! And yes, I’ve had anal sex with Bec and I’ve fucked her mother, several times in fact, so you can deal with that too! And I’m not proud of what we did with Carole but you know what? She came back for more and Rick and I fucked her all day long yesterday, and what’s more she loved it!”

Mom stood, shaking with rage, and then she slapped me across the face so hard I tasted bl**d from a split on my lip. “You sick, disgusting pervert!” She spat. “I suppose your friend Rick is some kind of pimp or something is he? Do you have to pay him money to do these filthy things?”

Now I was shaking in anger. “You have no fucking right to hit me Mom! For Christ’s sake I’m sixteen, and if you ever hit me again you will be sorry!!!” I shouted at her.

She was beyond reason. “I will do whatever I…..fucking see fit, I am your Mother!” Wow! Mom had never dropped the F-bomb before, at least not when I was around. And then she slapped me again!

I snapped. I just completely, totally lost it! I’d never won a fight in my life, in fact I went out of my way to avoid any kind of physical confrontation. It wasn’t until Rick fixed Justin up that my life at school became bearable as I always seemed to be a magnet for the school bullies, and here was my mother slapping me around! So I slapped her back, hard enough that she lost her balance and finished up sprawled on the floor.

I stood over her, breathing hard and a look of pure fury on my face. “You got one free shot Mom! I told you not to hit me again!”

Now I’m sure this is going to sound like teenage BS, but at this point everything seemed to go into slow-motion. I looked down at Mom and saw the anger in her eyes, but there was something else as well. Her face was flushed, just like the girls when we were fucking! Her chest was heaving as she breathed deeply, and I could see her rigid nipples were trying to punch holes in her house-coat. When she hit the floor her coat had fallen open and I just caught a glimpse of her hairy cunt, and it was dripping wet. What the fuck! Had our fight gotten Mom so worked up she was oozing juice?

She saw what I was looking at and leered at me. “You filthy little deviate! Don’t you dare get any ideas!”

I made one last attempt to regain some form of control by offering to help her up, and when she was back on her feet she came at me again and scratched me across the face! Now I’ve gotta say I wasn’t proud of what I did next, but I just wasn’t going to take any more of this, so I went at her. I was on her in a second and I tore her coat open so hard that buttons were flying like shrapnel. She made a vain attempt to scream and protect her modesty so I spun her around and jammed my arm across her throat as I pulled her firmly against me. My cock was getting hard, fast! So I held her tight and ground my stiffening shaft against her ass cheeks.

“Listen bitch!” I growled in her ear. “You can scream all you fucking like but I couldn’t care less! If you think you can treat me like some piece of shit you sc**** off your shoes then I’m going to teach you some fucking manners!!!”

She was still struggling, trying to free from my hold. “You can’t do this!” She pleaded. “Please, please, I’m sorry I hit you! Don’t do this! It’s so wrong!!!”

She was facing away from me as I ruthlessly pawed at her tits, squeezing her nipples until she screamed with pain. I slid one hand down until I found her cunt, and it was oozing juice everywhere.

“You are such a fucking hypocrite!” I shouted at her. “Your cunt is running like a fucking fire hose and you call me a filthy fucking deviate!”

The further this went the more I was convinced this all some kind of sick act and she was actually getting off. “Stop Philip! Please stop!” She moaned. “I won’t tell your father if you stop right now!”

I laughed out loud at that feeble suggestion. “Tell him what cunt?” I hissed. “Tell him you got totally juiced up reading about my sex life? You probably got yourself off sitting at my computer didn’t you? Sitting there rubbing your gash while you read all about how your son spends his time?” I was rubbing her twat, amazed at how wet she was, and slipped a finger deep inside in one slippery thrust. “Maybe we should go up to my room and I’ll check my chair. Wanna bet it smells like fresh cum? Look at how wet your fuck-hole is! You’re just a slut that wants some stiff cock, and guess who’s going to give you some?”

She was still trying to escape my hold, but her struggles were increasingly weak. It’s amazing how the body will betray the mind with the right encouragement.

I half-pushed, half-carried her over to the breakfast bar, and bent her forward at the waist as I slid the dishes and anything else in the way onto the floor on the other side. Glasses and china shattered on the tiled floor, but what the fuck, it was far too late to stop now! “You’re…..going to…..**** me aren’t you?” Mom gasped.

Holding her down with one hand I slid my shorts down with the other and freed my rock-hard cock. “You can call it **** or fucking or whatever you like Mom!” I hissed as I slid deep into her pussy with one stroke until my balls were banging against her butt cheeks. “One thing for sure, when I’ve finished you’re going to know you’ve been fucked!”

Her resistance had just about run its course. “We have to stop Phillip, please…..stop now!” She moaned half-heartedly.

Yeah, right! “Mom, you keep telling me to stop, but your body is begging to be fucked! Your cunt is oozing that much juice it’s running down my legs, so stop lying to me!” I was thrusting hard and deep, and finally starting to enjoy this surprising turn of events. Mom had stopped fighting me, but I had no idea if she was exhausted, realized I was too strong, or whether she was actually starting to enjoy herself too. In the mood I was in I couldn’t care less. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and pulled then apart as I fucked her brutally from behind, allowing my cock to slide that little bit deeper before my balls hit her cheeks. The pressure was starting to build but I was determined to get her to cum first, so I used the tricks Rick and his sluts had taught me about prolonging my release while I increased the pace.

Mom’s cunt was literally running and both our thighs were wet with her oozing juices. Her breath was becoming increasingly ragged and I knew she getting close, despite her efforts to hold back. “Give it up Mom, you’re not fooling anyone.” I whispered to her. “I know you’re close, you know it too, so give in and enjoy!”

“Nooooo!” She moaned. “This is so wrong! Your father will kill us both if he finds out!”

“Well then!” I replied as I slammed in hard. “We’d better hope he never finds out!”

Mum was grunting beneath me, her tits mashed onto the bench top and her body was sliding a few inches every time I slammed deep inside. “Uuhh……uuhhh…..UUHHHH!” She moaned, and I celebrated feeling her slippery cum wash down the length of my shaft.

“Now, doesn’t that feel better!” I hissed. “How many more cums have you got locked in that cunt? Give me another one bitch!” I was really sweating and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Mom’s twat clamped and spasmed around my fuck-stick as she came again. “I hope your little cunt is ready because I’m about to paint it white!” I shouted and I thrust into her steaming twat as fast as I could.

“AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” I yelled as I pumped spurt after spurt deep into her fuck-box. I was still pumping the last of my load as I felt it ooze past my shaft and dribble down onto my tight balls. My cock was still lodged deep in her pussy as I slowly came back to reality. Oh fuck! I’d just ****d my mother, what was going to happen now? This was hardly the time for me to hold her, kiss her gently, and whisper loving words as we both came down from our frantic release!

I slid free gently and bent down beside her. “Mom, are you ok?” No sooner had I spoken the words when I realized that was the dumb-fuck question of the century. “Mom……I’m really, really sorry. I’m…..I’m gonna get dressed and go for a walk, so if you want to call the cops I’ll be back in about an hour……but…..I’m really sorry Mom!”

My head was spinning as I threw on my shorts and headed out the door, desperate to get out of the house and try and think this through. I had the beginning of a splitting headache as I tried to get myself together. What the fuck had I just done? Oh shit, I’d just ****d my Mom and she was probably calling the cops right now! I was so fucking stupid! This wasn’t the same as what happened to Rick, as his Mom had practically begged him to fuck her and she’d been a very willing participant, in fact she’d started it. I was in so much trouble I had no idea how I was going to get out of this one.

For a moment I thought about giving Rick a call until I realized I’d left my phone at home. That was probably just as well, as Rick was sure to be pissed when he found out. I’d understand if he wiped me for life so I just walked on, realizing just how deep a hole I’d dug for myself. If I didn’t spend the night in a juvenile lock-up I was going to have to tell Rick how badly I’d fucked up, and that was not a conversation I was looking forward to!

I kept walking, trying to find a way out of my dilemma and coming up with a big, fat, zero until I finally headed back for home. I couldn’t roam the streets forever, and as I turned the corner into my street there was no sign of a Police cruiser waiting for me; I prayed this was a good sign. I walked inside and Mom was sitting in the den, so I went and sat beside her. “I’m really sorry Mom. I don’t know what came over me and I wish I could turn the clock back, but I can’t do that so…..what happens now?”

She looked at me for quite a while. “I….I don’t know Phil. I need some time to think this through……. I’m just so mixed up right now!” She stood and walked into the kitchen and came back with the First Aid kit. “We’d better to take care of those scratches on your face. We don’t want them to get infected.” She dabbed some antiseptic on the scratches and it stung like a bitch!

“Look Mom. I know what I did was so wrong and I don’t have any right to ask….but…..can you at least tell me if you’re going to call the cops? And what about Dad, are you going to tell him about….this?”

Once again she took her time in responding, but finally she spoke. “I’m not going to involve the Police.” I breathed a huge, silent sigh of relief. “I…..think it would be best if we dealt with this ourselves. As for your father, well…..I’m not sure. I need to think about that side of things more. You’re going to have to give some time…….I just need……..” She left if hanging there, so I was going to sweat this out for a while, and then she spoke again. “I’ll let you know later today….I just need more time!”

“Ok Mom.” I breathed. “Thanks for being honest with me. I’ll get to my chores now, ok?” She nodded in agreement so I headed out, in need of some fresh air and some personal space.

I threw myself into my chores in an attempt to take my mind off things, and in a couple of hours I’d tidied up the garage, washed Mom’s car, and was just about attack the lawns when she came out. She gave me a smile and a wave, and told me she was going shopping and would be back in a couple of hours. I assured her that was just fine, and was encouraged that she seemed to be almost back to her normal self.

I guess I probably should have told you about my Mom Vicki at the beginning, but I’m not as good at this as Rick is. Now most of the moms in these stories all seem to be smoking-hot milfs with long blonde hair, hourglass figures and huge tits, who run around in crutchless panties looking for someone to fuck. Well, I’m afraid that description doesn’t fit my Mom! She would be lucky be any taller than five feet three, her breasts would be large B-cup or small C-cup at best, and she has short brown hair that comes to just above her shoulders. She turned thirty seven a few months back and was moaning about being almost forty, and her figure was ok but nothing special. She worked in the office of a local legal firm so she always dressed smart, but I’d never call it sexy, and her dedication to fitness went as far as taking the dog for a walk or playing golf on weekends. In short, she was just an average suburban Mom.

We had always gotten on ok, at least as far as a Mom and her teenage son ever would, and while she ragged on me to tidy my room and similar stuff we hadn’t had a serious fight for ages, until this morning at least! She had noticed changes in me lately, and commented happily that I seemed more confident and self-assured. I knew this was due to what was happening at Rick’s place, and that there were foxy women who were actually happy to have sex with me! However that was hardly something I could tell her about, so I was happy for her to think life was treating me ok.

My Dad was a sales rep for a local company, or Account Manager as he liked to call it, but he seemed to make enough money for us to live well enough, the only downside was he travelled a lot on business. I used to wonder how often he and Mom “did it” with his travel commitments, especially lately, but that was hardly any of my business and kind of creeped me out anyway!

Sorry, I’m kinda getting off the track here! Anyway I finished mowing the lawns and trimming the edges, watered Mom’s pot plants and pulled a few weeds, and was just thinking about a break and a cool drink when Mom pulled in.

She gave me a smile and I offered to help her carry her shopping inside. It was hard to miss the sweat on my body as I was only wearing a pair of shorts, so she made me a drink when we’d dropped the shopping bags. “I think I’m ready to talk about this morning now.” She started.

“Sure Mom. I guess we need to deal with this.” I replied.

She looked me straight in the eye. “There are clearly a number of things I don’t know about you, and as a parent I probably should. I’m going to ask you some questions, and how you answer them will depend on whether I tell your father what happened this morning or not, understood?”

I gulped and nodded, given the options how much choice did I have?

“Ok, this…..behavior at Rick’s house, how long has this been going on?”

“Ummm……..a few months……or so now Mom.” I stammered.

“And you regularly have sex with Rebecca and Tanya?”

I nodded in agreement.

“And what about you being bi, do you and Rick have sex as well? Is he bi too?”

“Ummm. Mom this really is getting kinda personal!” I protested.

“And you don’t think the way you ****d me this morning was personal?” She replied in a matter-of-fact tone. “It was **** Philip, pure and simple! Anytime you want to stop you can, and I’ll let your father deal with this when he gets home!”

I was starting to appreciate how Carole had felt when we’d blackmailed her into sex, and I wasn’t enjoying it. I couldn’t see this having the same pleasant ending somehow!

“Ok Mom, you win! I wouldn’t say Rick is really bi as he enjoys being with girls more, but yeah, we’ve fooled around sometimes.”

“And what about Carole Bradley? You said she came back for more, what did you mean by that?”

“Oh Mom please!” She just shook her head slowly, letting me know I wasn’t getting off the hook until she was good and ready. “Ok, I really regret the way we blackmailed her and I know Rick does too because he told me so. But…..she showed up at Rick’s on Friday night……and she was dressed really hot…..and she told Rick she wanted to be his…….his slut, and she wanted him to train her and use her for sex!”

Mom gave me one of her famous “I’m finding this hard to believe” looks. “Honest Mom, I’m not lying to you! She’s just crazy for sex! She told us Coach Bradley goes away a lot, and when he’s home he’s……not that interested in her!”

Mom kept pushing. “Ok, now to these…..activities. I know you’ve had normal sex, oral sex and anal sex. But I couldn’t believe that you all seem to enjoy……..urinating on each other?”

I was blushing brighter than a stop light by now, so all I could do is nod.

“And you actually enjoy this…..all of you?” I gulped and nodded again, thinking I’d rather be in a dentist’s chair getting drilled without an anesthetic. Mom was in no mood to worry about my feelings so she went on. “Your diary referred to you and Rick giving Rebecca a DP, what exactly is a DP?” She asked as she stood and went to the bar, pouring herself a glass of wine. “I suppose you’ve been drinking over there too, like a glass?”

I nodded, brushing the sweat from my forehead. When she handed me my glass I gulped about half straight down in a futile attempt to settle my jangling nerves.

“Um….a DP is a double penetration Mom.” She raised an eyebrow, making it clear she wanted more detail. “It means one guy is in…..her vagina, and another is……in……her ass at the same time.”

“You’re fucking k**ding me!” Oh no, another F-bomb! “You mean a tiny little girl like Rebecca had you both at the same time! Don’t tell me she enjoyed that!” She almost shouted.

For a second I remembered how much we had all enjoyed giving Bec her first DP, and before I could reply I realized I had a stupid grin plastered all over my face. “She did. Didn’t she!” Mom exclaimed. “It’s written all over your face!”

She had sat back down and I could see her struggling to process everything she had just learned about her son. She sipped her wine thoughtfully, and I sat waiting for the axe to fall. I didn’t think I could take much more of this, after all, it was hardly a typical mother and son discussion! Finally she sat back in the lounge and looked straight at me. “I really don’t want your father to ever hear about this, and I think if he ever found out…..well let’s just say the consequences would be severe, do you agree?”

My mouth was as dry as sandpaper and I doubted I could speak, so I just nodded vigorously.

“Keeping a diary on your computer without any form of security is just plain stupid, and I’m not naïve enough to think if I told you to stop and delete it you would. So what we are going to do is move it to a concealed file with password protection, ok?” Again I nodded, and the slightest glimmer of hope was appearing. She was going let me keep going with my diary? Where was this heading???

“So what we are going to do from now on is this, and understand Philip, these conditions are not negotiable or open for discussion.”

I gulped. Here it comes!

She hesitated, as though unsure how to start. She took a deep breath. “I’m not going to stop you from going to Rick’s house, as I know you’d probably come up with some excuse and go there anyway, am I right?”

“I dunno Mom. But yeah, I probably would.” I admitted.

“Ok, well at least you’re being honest with me. And I know if I told you that your sexual activities had to stop you’d just sneak around and keep doing what you’re doing, do you agree?” I nodded. There was no way I was going to stop now. I’d had a taste and just couldn’t go back.

“Well, there are two conditions if you want to keep this between us. One, you keep your diary going, you don’t leave anything out, and you email it to me every time you make a new entry. Is that clear?”

Say what? Did I just hear that right? What the fuck was going on here??? “Umm…..what’s the second condition Mom?”

She was really struggling with something, and I had no idea what it could be. “The second condition is……ummmm…….the second condition is…….well, you know how you…****d me this morning?”

Talk about a dumb-fuck question! Kinda hard to forget about that little event! “Yes Mom” I whispered. “I remember.”

She dropped her gaze and looked down where her hands were fidgeting in her lap. “Well….I…….. want you to… that again!”

I realized I had stopped breathing, waiting to hear what the second condition was. I sucked in a lung full of air just before I started to pass out, and tried to absorb this. “Mom….I’m sorry, what did you just say?”

She looked at me once more, was that determination on her face or was I misreading things?

“I said……I want you to **** me again! I don’t want you to make love to me, I don’t want you to seduce me, I want you to catch me when I’m not ready, and I want you to fucking **** me!”

She seemed incredibly relieved to have finally gotten this out. I whistled. “Mom, are you…..are you really serious about this?” I asked, sure I just was hearing her right.

“I’ve told you what I want!” She whispered. “Now….do we have an agreement or not?”

I was totally flabbergasted. This was nothing like what happened between Tanya and Rick; or was it? I mean Mom had asked me to fuck her, just not the same way. My problem was when I ****d her this morning I was angrier than I had even been in my life; could I do it again when I wasn’t so worked up? The thing I really couldn’t come to terms with was that my sweet, normal Mom wanted me to treat her this way. In fact, she was blackmailing me into doing it!

I told her about my concerns, after all I had to be honest about this. Her response came as yet another complete surprise. “Don’t worry honey. I’m going to fight you every inch of the way! There is no way I’ll be an easy conquest, you’re really going to have to work for it!” She assured me with an evil smile. “Now….do we have an agreement?”

“Ok Mom.” I nodded. “You win. I’ll do what you want, just please, don’t kick me in the balls!”

She picked up her glass of wine and went for a refill, topping up my glass at the same time before she headed out the door with the bottle in her hand. “See you tonight honey, just make sure I don’t see you coming! Oh….by the way, your comment this morning about cum on your chair? Well, you may have been right on that one.” She added over her shoulder as she disappeared from view, leaving me sitting there with my mouth wide open.

I was really struggling to process what had just happened, and getting nowhere fast! I took a few deep breaths and told myself to slow down, then I started to work through my confused thoughts in some kind of logical method.

Ok. Mom’s demands were on the table and were not negotiable.
I really had no room to move, as I was sure she’d carry out her threat and tell Dad.
I was having major problems coming to terms with r****g my Mom again, despite her making it clear that she wanted me to. I mean, this was the woman who’d nurtured me from birth! It was just too weird and I really wished I could talk to Rick about it, as I could use his advice about how Tanya and he got started. The bummer was that would involve telling him what had happened, and I right now I think I had enough problems!
I was going to have to go along with Mom’s demands, but was this going to be a once-only situation, or would it become a regular thing whenever Dad was out of town?

It was so weird that I’m not sure how to explain it. If you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, it’s as though Harry was trying to put a jigsaw puzzle together, and then he picks up his magic wand and all the pieces slide around the table and put themselves in place until the complete picture is on display. Finally I was getting somewhere!

I felt as though a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and my headache was receding by the second as I worked through my mental checklist. Mom had read my diary and it had obviously stirred her up some; she’d even admitted she’d cum while she was reading my explicit notes. She had no idea I was bi or that I was sexually active, therefore she also had no idea I would **** her this morning. So, her original intention had been to give me a piece of her mind, it hadn’t been a set-up to provoke a specific response. My r****g her had woken some very dark desires that she’d probably had for years, only coming to the surface after what had happened; no wonder she needed some time to work through her feelings! She was far more decisive than I’d ever realized, as she had decided to go after what we she wanted in an aggressive manner that gave me no room to move. I may have started this but she was in control now, and I was going to have to be careful!

Satisfied I had that side of things straight in my mind, I started planning our second encounter. I looked at my watch and realized it was getting late so I went and told Mom I needed to borrow the car and make a quick trip into town.

“That’s ok honey, what do you need to get at this hour of the day?” She asked.

“Just some stuff I’ll need later.” I replied, giving her an evil smile. “Do you want to know the details or would you prefer to be surprised?”

She shivered ever so slightly. “No, I don’t think so. I’m sure I’ll find out.” She replied, handing me the keys with a smile.

Now all I had to do was get there before the stores closed, as I had a few stops to make. I hit the sports store first as they were taking stock tables inside when I pulled up, and bought a black woolen ski mask. Then it was around the corner to the outdoor store where I got a wicked bowie knife and a belt scabbard. Back onto Main Street to the hardware store, again just getting through the door before the closed sign went up, and a quick trip through the aisles until I found a packet of extra long zip-ties and a roll of gaffer tape.

My last stop was the adult store in a back lane, and I relaxed a little as I knew they stayed open late. I walked in and a big guy sitting behind the counter looked up at me. “Restricted premises k**, you need to leave….now!” He stood up, letting me know he was prepared to help me leave if I didn’t go willingly. Not what I needed right now!

“Hang on man!” I said, trying to keep the desperation from showing. “Rick Weston sent me down. You know Rick? He’s having a private party at his place and told me not come back without his…… supplies.”

He relaxed. “Rick sent you?” I nodded. “Ok k**, Rick’s one of my best customers, but just be quick ok? Cops like porn too, understand?”

I nodded. “I’ll be real quick man, thanks! He’s given me a list and he told me not to fuck around!”

I flew around the store picking out what I needed and was back at the counter in record time, paid for my purchases and headed back to the car. It was getting dark when I got close to home but I didn’t want Mom to know I was back. She’d told me I had to take her by surprise and that’s exactly what I was going to do! I jumped a neighbor’s fence and crept up to the house from the back, and I could see Mom moving around the kitchen with the lights on, perfect! I slowly opened the power box, praying it wouldn’t squeak, and flipped the main circuit breaker which plunged the house into darkness.

I knew Mom would figure this was game on, so I ran back down to the back fence and hid behind the shed. I rang Mom’s phone and could imagine her fumbling around for it in the dark. Finally she picked up. “Hi Phil, where are you honey?”

I tried to sound as relaxed and normal as possible. ‘Hi Mom! Listen, I just wanted to let you know I bumped into some friends in town so we’re just having a soda and then I’ll be back home. Is that ok? You haven’t started dinner or anything yet?”

I could almost hear her thinking. “Oh! So you’re still in town?”

“Yeah Mom, is that ok? You sound….kinda stressed.”

“No, I’m ok. The power just went out and I was going to put dinner on, that’s all.”

“Power’s out? That’s weird! Can you see lights on at the neighbors?” I asked, trying to appear helpful.

“Hang on a second honey, that’s a good suggestion, I’ll have a look.” I could see her outline in the darkened window. “Yes, power’s on all around us, I guess we must have tripped a circuit-breaker or something.”

“I can leave now if you want Mom, be home in around twenty minutes or so?”

“No honey that’s ok. I’ll check the power board and I’m sure it’ll be ok. I’ll put dinner on, so as long as your home in around an hour that’ll be fine.”

“Ok Mom thanks! See you in an hour.” I said, ending the call. Time to move! I’d already clipped the bowie knife onto my belt, had a handful of zip-ties in my pocket, and now I slipped the ski mask over my head. I moved quickly back to the power box and then crouched down behind a shrub. Just as I got into position I saw Mom come out of the house and move slowly down the path, using her cell screen to provide a little light, clever bitch! When she got closer I realized she’d changed her clothes, and she was wearing a short skirt and a white blouse that was tied around her waist, which had me wondering if she was wearing a bra. Well, I find out soon enough! She also had a pair of medium-height heels on, and almost lost her footing on the uneven path.

Finally she reached the box and lifted the lid. She held her cell up and found the switch I’d tripped. “Knew it!” I heard her say quietly to herself as she flicked it back and the house lit up. “At least it was an easy fix!” She breathed with relief…..and that’s when I made my move.

With my knife in hand I crept up behind her and clapped my free hand over her mouth to stifle any screaming. I held the knife up in front of her face and jammed one knee between her legs to prevent her from kicking back, and felt her body spasm in fright. The knee of my jeans suddenly felt warm and wet, and the wetness was moving down my leg. She’d pissed herself!

My mouth was beside her ear as I held her firmly in place. “You stupid cunts fall for the circuit breaker trick every single time! Now bitch, I bought this knife just for you today, can you see it clearly?” She nodded slowly. “It’s really, really sharp, you just can’t beat good quality American steel, how would you like to feel it?” She shook her head this time, and with a lot more conviction. “Ok slut, this is how it’s going to go down. I’ve been watching you for a long time; I know your husband is out of town, and I know your faggot son isn’t here, so it’s just you and me isn’t it?” She nodded slowly again. “If you don’t want your shitty little life to end tonight you will need to comply with every instruction I give you, understood?” She nodded cautiously. “I will only give you an instruction once. If you don’t do as you’re told I’ll cut you! Do I need to give you a demonstration now so that you understand I’m serious?” This time I got a violent head shake. “Put your hands behind your back.” I hissed, and I felt her hands slide between our bodies.

This was going to be the tricky part, as I needed both hands to carry out the next step. “I’m going to take my hand away from your mouth. If you scream I’ll cut your cock-sucking tongue out!” I growled in her ear. I slid my hand away and heard her take a deep breath, her body trembling. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a couple of zip-ties, quickly looping one around each wrist and through each other to create an effective pair of hand-cuffs. I slipped into my other pocket and extracted the ball-gag I bought from my friend at the adult store, grabbed her firmly by the chin and squeezed until she opened her mouth. Her eyes were blazing-angry and she glared at me as I jammed the ball into her mouth, distorting her lips, and tightened the strap behind her head until it was almost cutting into her cheeks. “Now you’re starting to look like a bitch that’s ready to be fucked.” I chuckled at her.

She lashed out with her foot, taking me by surprise, and I just managed to step back in time to feel her shoe brush the leg of my jeans. She was balancing to kick out again when I slapped her tit violently and saw the pain register on her face. I slapped the other tit with similar f***e, just to even things up, and when I saw them shake from the f***e of my slaps I knew her bra was missing in action. I grabbed a handful of hair and dragged her partially off-balance to prevent another kick. “That is going to cost you, cunt!” I hissed. “That is really going to cost you! Why don’t you be a good little bitch and take me inside?”

She regained her balance and some of her composure and gave me a filthy, hateful glare. She was carrying through with her promise to fight me every inch of the way, and I briefly wondered how this could be such a turn on for her. After all, it was just sexual fantasy and role-play, and we both knew that, even though it was amazingly intense. I shook my head and realized I had to focus on the here and now, otherwise one of us was likely to get hurt and it’d probably be me!

I gripped her arm tightly as she led the way into the house, and as soon as we were inside I pushed her onto the floor, kicked the door shut and locked it. I gripped her arms and yanked her back to her feet and pushed her down the hall, and then steered her into the garage, hitting the lights on the way through.

I shoved her into the middle the room and stopped to admire her as a woman for the first time. She was a complex creature as I was rapidly finding out, and I wondered how much our little session was going to change our relationship. The conversation at breakfast tomorrow could be interesting! And while you couldn’t say see was drop-dead gorgeous, she was certainly attractive, dressed as she was.

I walked around her slowly, holding the knife loosely as I watched her. “I’d love to see you do a sexy strip-tease for me, but I don’t think it’d be smart for me to cut your hands free, would it now!” Her blazing eyes gave me the answer to that one, and I laughed out loud. I had noticed her skirt had a zipper down the back, so I put the knife between my teeth, very carefully, and eased the zipper down until her skirt slid down her legs and hit the floor. She stood there with her skirt around her heels, defiant, and my eyes were wide open when I saw that not only was she not wearing panties, but the bushy forest from this morning was completely gone! Well, she had paid attention to my diary, hadn’t she! I stroked her smooth gash with my index finger and was amazed at how wet she was, traces of her juice creating snaking trails of moisture down her thighs. I slid my finger deep inside her oozing pussy and twisted it around, feeling her tremble at my touch. She was soooo ready for some hard cock.

Her nipples were standing firmly at attention, so I undid the knot on her blouse and pulled the material back to free her pert little tits. She looked as though she was lining up for another attempted kick, so I grabbed one of her nipples and squeezed down hard. She couldn’t gasp with ball-gag jammed in her mouth, but I saw her eyes roll back from the pain. “Don’t even think about it cunt! If that foot leaves the floor I’ll crush your fucking toes under my boot, got it?”

She nodded meekly and I felt her will to fight was leaking away like water through a colander. I had no idea how she had expected this would go, but if she thought I was going to let her slap me around as she had this morning then she was seriously mistaken! I picked her up and dropped her roughly on Dad’s solid timber workbench. I pushed her so she was lying on her back and spread her legs wide apart. It was time I took her last remaining weapons out of play, so I zip-tied each ankle to the legs of the bench, which had her spread wide open for me. I roughly grasped her arms and secured them to the other end of the bench, so she was trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.

“Well, look at you now you pathetic little fuck!” I said as I put the final restraint in place. “Your cunt is primed for fucking and you’ve got a couple of bullets on your tits, anybody would think you were planning on getting laid tonight!” I laughed heartily as I looped some nylon rope around her neck and then tied it under the bench. “The good news is that’s exactly what’s going to happen, just not quite how you had it planned huh?”

I slid my finger back in her fuck-box and almost got scalded, her body temperature must have been off the scale! I stripped off my clothing as I continued, exposing my rigid fuck-stick to her gaze, but I left the ski mask on. “You can struggle all you like bitch, but I’d suggest you be careful!” I said giving her my best sadistic smile. “You see, that rope around your neck is tied under the bench. The more you struggle the tighter it’ll get, kinda like a hangman’s noose, so you might find it hard to breathe if you start thrashing around! You got that?” She nodded, very gently!

I had left the rest of my purchases outside near the power box, so I walked slowly along the wall where Dad kept all his tools, looking for something to keep Mom was amused while I ducked away to retrieve them. I found a wood chisel with a good-sized round handle and turned and showed it to Mom, seeing her eyes widen as she wondered what I was going to do with it. I walked back between her legs and rubbed the handle up and down her twat until it was covered in juice, and then I started rubbing down further so I was stroking between her clit and her shitter. I teased her by slipping it just inside her cunt before withdrawing it and sliding it back over her rosebud. She tensed every time she felt it invade her drooling pussy, but she didn’t realize that was where it was going. When I was sure her shitter was covered in her pre-cum I rotated it over her rosebud, and then slowly and firmly eased the greasy wooden handle into her ass.

I could hear her screaming into the ball-gag, her eyes wide open as I invaded her virgin shitter for the very first time. She started thrashing around until she felt the rope around her neck tighten and she quickly stopped moving. I could hear her sucking air through her nose and I smiled at her, and patted her face in my best condescending manner. “Here’s a little word of advice for you, especially seeing as you’re going to lose your back-door cherry tonight.” She started shaking her head, begging me not to do it. I laughed back at her as I lightly swatted her cheek again. “Oh yes my little slut, that is just one new experience you’re gonna enjoy! I suggest you concentrate on breathing slowly and deeply, and just focus on relaxing that tight little ass. It’s really just the same as taking a dump, the only difference is that this time you letting something in, not trying to squeeze it out! Now be a good little shit-slut and work on that for me, and I’ll be back later to see how you’re doing.”

With that I turned and walked out. I slipped out the side door and had a quick look at the neighbor’s place to make sure no one was at a window. It wouldn’t do to be caught roaming my own yard at night wearing nothing but a ski-mask and a stiff cock! I found my bag and slipped back inside, remembering to lock the door again before heading to the kitchen. I had worked up a serious thirst so I grabbed a soda and drained the can, surprised at how dry my throat felt. I was about to head back and see how Mom was doing, but decided to take a bottle of wine back with me.

I walked back in and Mom seemed to have relaxed some, at least her breathing was back under control though the chisel was twitching in her shitter which was very strange to see. I took my time pouring a glass of wine and took a long, savoring sip, before I walked back between her legs. She was still working on relaxing her sphincter which explained why the chisel was moving, but the whole area between her legs was saturated, the bitch had cum, and cum big time!

Her eyes were closed tight so I slapped her face, not hard enough to really hurt but certainly enough to get her attention. She jumped back to a state of awareness as I squeezed her nipple again. “You dumb little fuck!” I shouted out her, finally seeing genuine fear on her face. “You pathetic, stupid, worthless cunt! You have no idea how this works do you? You don’t cum unless I tell you to!” I scooped up some of her lukewarm juice and smeared it all over her face, going back several times for more until she looked like she’d been sprayed with a cock-load. “You’ve jizzed all over the place, what a fucking mess!”

The can of soda had gone straight through me and my bladder was letting me know it wanted to be emptied. I hadn’t made up my mind whether piss games were a good idea this time, or if I should play it safe and keep that little perversion up my sleeve for another day. What the fuck, I climbed up on the bench so I was standing between her ankles and looking down at her. “It’s a good thing one of us is prepared to clean up this mess!” I sneered as I aimed my cock at her dribbling fuck-hole. “No fucking way I’d trust you to do it properly!”

I was watching her closely as I released my first burst and it splashed over her cunt, the bench and the chisel protruding from her shit-hole. Her eyes flew wide open and then half-closed as my warm piss ran in rivers from the V between her legs. She trembled and I suspected she may have just cum again, but there was no way I was going to stop and find out. I walked my stream up her chest and splashed across each of tits, and she closed her eyes as a few droplets spattered on her face. For a second I debated whether this was the time to give her a piss-facial, and then I figured I had nothing to lose. I splashed up on her face and then quickly back to her tits to gauge her reaction. Her facial expression didn’t change, nor did she try to squeeze her eyes shut any tighter, so I gave her another short spray and again she remained still and compliant. I gave her a longer spray and I could feel I was starting to run dry, so I played my stream up and down her face, saturating her hair as my stream slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. The pungent smell of urine permeated the garage and she was wet from head to toe.

I climbed down off the bench and jerked the chisel handle free of her clenching ass. She moaned against the ball-gag as the tool slid free and I threw it on the floor. Her eyes blinked open, her expression conveying her uncertainty as to how I planned to use her body next. Her sphincter was still gaping, which was little wonder as the handle must have been two inches in diameter. And while I had every intention taking her anal virginity, I wanted a nice, snug fit so I slid my cock into her sloppy pussy. Her freshly-shaved cunt was a huge visual turn-on, and I jammed straight in until my balls were slapping against her ass, savoring the feel of her smooth skin. Her eyes rolled back and I could see drool leaking past the ball-gag and mixing with the pools of cum I’d smeared all over her face.

“So my little fuck-slut, is my cock getting your twat good and hot?” I sneered at her. She hesitated and then nodded meekly as I pounded away. “I guess you’d like to cum then, wouldn’t you? Do you think I should give you permission to paint my cock with your stinking fuck-juice?” I spat at her. Again she nodded, this time with a lot more enthusiasm as we both heard the rhythmic slap of my balls hitting her ass cheeks. “Well what are you waiting for bitch?” I yelled at her. “Are you fucking frigid or are you going to give my cock a sticky cum-bath?”

The combination of my thrusting fuck-stick and filthy talk took Mom over the top, and I heard her groan as her juice spattered over my cock. As soon as I knew she was cumming I whipped my shaft from her cunt and jammed it past her partially-closed sphincter deep inside her shitter. Her eyes flew open and her back arched, at least until she felt the bite of the noose, and her cum was spurting f***efully from her now gaping twat and splashing over my chest. I was soooo close, sweat was breaking out on my forehead and running into my eyes. Mom had told me to take her, and that’s was exactly what I had in mind as I ruthlessly ****d her shit-hole. My cock felt twice it’s normal size in her tight hole, and knowing I was her first only added to my fuck-lust. Mom was cumming non-stop, a spurt of fuck juice spattering from her twat every time my cock reached its limit. Her eyes were open but glazed as my first spurt of cum flew into her bowels like a fire hydrant being uncapped. I threw my head back and roared at ceiling as my cock kept pumping and she was with me, her juices saturating me from the waist down. I had never cum so hard or for so long, and I was still pumping slowly as I felt my own jism slide past her bruised sphincter and drip onto my tight ball-sac.

I was done, completely and totally spent, and all I wanted to do was take her in my arms, kiss her, and tell her what an amazing, sexual woman she was. But I was sure Mom wouldn’t want that and it could even ruin the whole night for her, so I sucked it up and went on with the final part of my plan.

I reached behind her head and undid the strap on the ball-gag, throwing it over my shoulder, as I crouched down beside her. I slapped her face and her eyes flashed open. “Having fun cunt?” I hissed at her. She looked thoughtful for a moment, and then spat in my face! I hadn’t seen that one coming, and I was seriously pissed! I grabbed a handful of her hair and held her head tightly in place. “Still the tough bitch huh? We’ll see about that! Remember when I said that was going to cost you? Well, it’s time to settle up slut!”

I stroked my softening, scum-covered cock as I leered at her. “You’re gonna clean my little friend here……with your cock-sucking mouth!” I jammed the knife into the work-bench inches from her face with so much f***e the handle was vibrating well after I’d taken my hand away. “And if I feel the slightest touch of teeth guess what’s gonna happen!”

For the first time a look of pure, genuine fear came over her face and she gulped. “No please! Not that…. anything but that! Please, please, I can’t do that after…….after where it’s been! Please….I’ve done everything you wanted, I’m begging you…..don’t make me do that!!!”

“You’ve done nothing but fight me all night bitch, so don’t waste my time with that fucking crap! Now open wide and clean me good, otherwise I might just come back tomorrow and make you do it all over again!” I shouted.

I nudged her mouth with my cock-head but her lips stayed locked together. I gripped one of her nipples and squeezed with as much f***e as I could, and her mouth popped as she gasped from the pain. I jammed my greasy cock into her mouth as she struggled for breath, and eased the pressure on her tit as I waited to see if she bit down. Her lips relaxed and formed an O around the root of shaft, and then I felt her tongue start to move. I kept a steady grip on her nipple to let her know that any pain she inflicted would be returned, but her tongue continued slowly cleansing my spent fuck-stick. I slowly eased back, not wanting to prolong her obvious discomfort too far, until she was licking and sucking around the head. “Well, that wasn’t too bad….for me!” I said as I gave her a patronizing pat on the face and eased my cock free. “I won’t bother asking you if you enjoyed it, because I really couldn’t care less!”

“Well cunt, I’ve had a great night, but now we need to talk about what happens next.”

She lay there passively, completely broken. “Please……no more. I can’t take anymore.”

“Lucky for you I have to get going, and if you behave yourself you might even come out of this ok. Are you going to pay attention or would you prefer I slap you around again?”

“No!” She softly replied. “I’m listening.”

I carefully eased my knife out of the bench and walked over to the tool rack as I gave her the final instructions for the night. “In a second I’m gonna take the noose off your neck and then I’ll cut your hands free.” I found a pair of side-cutting pliers which I held up to her. “I’ll leave these on the bench for you to cut the ties on your feet. With me so far?”

She nodded slowly, wondering if this was really the end of her humiliation. “Then I’m gonna leave. You are not going to leave this room for thirty minutes, as you won’t know whether I’ve gone or I’m still hanging around. Got it bitch?” Another compliant nod. “I promise you this, if I hear sirens or see a patrol car pull up in less than thirty minutes then I’ll be back to see you again real soon, and now that I feel I know you we’ll have some real fun!”

“I understand. I won’t leave this room for thirty minutes.” She whispered.

I got dressed to complete the realism even though I was only going to my room, and then freed her as far as I’d promised. She slowly pushed herself up to a sitting position, rubbing her wrists in an attempt to soothe the chafe marks on her skin. I threw my toy bag over my shoulder and headed for the door. “Remember cunt, thirty minutes and not a second less!” I said as I headed out, closing the door behind me.

I’d taken the wine with me and poured myself a glass, taking a long, refreshing sip. I stripped off my clothes, took them down to the laundry and threw them in the machine as my jeans reeked of the smell of piss. I realized we’d never gotten to dinner and I was hungry, but too tired to bother fixing something so I went back to my room. Right on thirty minutes I heard Mom came in from the garage and slip quietly past my door to her room. Her shower went on and she must have been in there for twenty minutes or so, then I heard the hair-dryer going.

I was just drifting off to sl**p when I sensed her enter my room. I cocked an eye open to see she was stark naked and looking down at me. She put a finger on my lips, indicating she didn’t want me to speak, and then took my face in her hands, slowly and softly kissing all over it. “Honey, that was just……amazing……and incredible…..and just soooo fantastic!” She whispered in my ear in such a sensual voice I could feel my cock stirring again. “I love your father and I asked him to do……that a long time ago, but he just couldn’t treat me that way, even though I told him it would mean a lot to me. He tried, but it was kind of half-hearted and just didn’t work for either of us so we just….let it go. But the way you treated me tonight, and the things you did to me…..Oh God! That was something out of this world!!!” She said with a beaming smile on her face.

I wanted to talk to her as there were several questions buzzing around my head, but they could wait so I kept quiet. She went on. “Do you have anything important at school tomorrow? Any tests or anything?” I shook my head as tomorrow was nothing special, and cocked an eyebrow in curiosity. She breathed a sigh of relief. “That’s great honey, I was hoping you’d say that. You see………I think I’m going to have a bad headache tomorrow so I’m not planning on going to work, and it would be nice if you’d stay at home and take care of me. I’ll ring the school later tomorrow and let them know.”

She was breathing deeply and slowly, her face and breasts flushed. “So when you wake up tomorrow I’ll be in asl**p in bed, and I’ll be vulnerable and unprepared.” She left it at that, after all there wasn’t much else to say.

She stood and headed for the door, pausing briefly before she left. I sat up and threw the sheet back and slowly stroked my semi-hard, leaking cock as she gazed at me. She gasped and then smiled. “One more thing Honey. When it’s just us would you mind not calling me Mom? You can call me Vicki or Vick, or any of the names you used tonight would be just fine!”

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