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Mommy's lesson

I was thirteen when dad walked out. They had been arguing for several years on and off and it had come to a head.

I was at an age where I was experimenting with myself and was wanking three or four times a day regularly. It was during one of these sessions that mom walked in and caught me, I didn't realise she was there as I was on top of the bed with my eyes closed dreaming of what I'd like to do to our next door neighbour. I shot my load over my belly as usual and opened my eyes to see mom standing there watching. I was horrified, I just didn't know what to say or do, but she just smiled and said "feel better now love" and walked out.
Nothing was said that evening and after some telly I went off to bed. I was woken about one in the morning by some moaning sounds coming from moms bedroom, and thinking she was unwell I rushed in, only to find her on the bed rubbing herself between her legs and moaning.
"Mom are you alright" I asked.
Despite being a bit startled by me she quickly composed herself, "Yes darling I'm fine" she said.
" But you sounded like you were in pain" I said
"No darling" she said "women have the same sorts of needs as men you know"
Well at thirteen I didn't know and said so "but you don't have a thing like me to play with" I said.
She laughed at my lack of knowledge but instead of sending me off to bed she said "come here darling and I'll show you"
She sat me on the bed so I could see clearly everything between her legs and proceeded to give me a lesson on the female parts, and needless to say my bulge was growing by the second.
"This is the bit I rub darling" she said as she spread her cunt lips to expose her clit and inner lips," I stroke very gently up and down here till I start to get nice and wet" and she started to rub herself making her cunt lips wet.
"Then when I feel nice and wet and start to get excited I push a finger or two deep into here" she said as she started to finger fuck herself. By this time my prick was aching to be wanked and I tried to rub on it without her seeing, but needless to say she knew exactly what I was up to,
"Don't be embarrassed darling" she said "here take it out and stroke it like you did before" and she reached over and pulled my rampant prick from my pyjamas.
All during this she continued to wank herself and as she got worked up further she said "See darling this is my clit and it's just like a mini prick and if I keep rubbing I'll be able to come just like you" and that's just what she did. She lay back and rubbed and started to moan as she got more worked up. Suddenly she arched her back "Oh fuck I'm coming" she cried and kept rubbing harder and faster.
I too was wanking like mad and shot my spunk over her legs as she orgasmed.
"There you are my dear" she said, that's how a woman eases her tensions, it's perfectly normal, just like you, so don't be embarrassed or worried if you hear me as I love to make myself come if I have no man to ease it for me"
"Can a man do that for you then instead of you doing it" I said
"Of course darling, in fact a man can often do a better job as he can use his mouth and his prick as well as his fingers"
"Oh mom I'd love to learn how to do that for you" I said "Seeing as dad has gone I could take his place and ease your tensions for you"
"OK darling" she said, "but not tonight as I've come already, get yourself off to bed and rest and we'll see about it in the morning". I got up off the bed to go and she stopped me and said "And try not to wank again tonight my love, save for tomoro"
That was the hardest part as I was so rampant, but with the thought of maybe playing with moms bits I managed to refrain and got off to sl**p.
At breakfast next day I was bit shy and wasn't sure she'd still want to show me but to my delight she came downstairs in her dressing gown with the buttons undone and showing her lovely body for me to admire. Mom's only a little lady at 5'2 but with large wobbly tits and a bit of a belly and as she told me later she always shaved her cunt hair as dad liked to see her lips.
"I have to go shopping first darling so no wanking 'till I get home" and off she went to change, no embarrasment or anything, for her it seemed to be perfectly normal to be teaching her son how to fuck.
Two hours later she was back and she didn't mess about "Come on my lovely lad, let's make a man of you" and led me by the hand upstairs into her bedroom.
We quickly stripped off and she let me stroke and fondle her tits and body, "Kiss me all over" she said. So I started at her neck and worked my way down over her kissing and sucking as I went. My prick was hurting now it was so hard and she very gently stroked it as I kissed my way down her generous body.
As I neared her crutch she opened her legs for me "Now gently get your tongue into my cunt lips and lick them darling" she said as she pulled them open for me to see them glistening with her juices.
The taste was amazing, I'd never tasted anything so sweet and sticky, I was in heaven and I knew I was doing well as she started moaning again.
"Keep going darling" she said and pulled my head harder into her crutch "Oh god yes that's it , more darling more,make mommy come Oh yesssss that's it I'm coming" and she proceeded to squirt cum juices all over my face and mouth, I tried vainly to drink as much as I could but loads spilled out over her thighs and onto the sheets.
After a few minutes she relaxed and her breathing settled, "Now it's your turn" she said and gently pulled me over on top and eased my solid prick into her sopping wet gash. "Push gently darling Ah yes that's it, deeper, get all of your prick into me and then let nature take over and fuck me" and I did just that, it felt so good to be pumping my tool into a real hot wet cunt hole instead of my hand, it was so soft warm and tight. I didn't last long that first time needless to say, very soon I could feel the build up and so could my mom "Yes darling that's it fuck it deep and pump all of that lovely spunk into mommy"
"Oh shit I'm coming" I moaned, and couldn't stop it, I just kept on spurting my load into her deep womb and flooded it. As I relaxed and slipped out I slid down the bed to see my spunk dripping from her onto the sheet and she just laughed gently and said "Oh yes my love that was heaven, look at how much you've pumped into my cunt, I'm swimming"
That was my first of many session with mom, and that's where my love of the larger woman has come from I think as I now always go for the bigger woman as she reminds me so much of my first fuck.

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