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S****r in Law calls at inconvenient time.

My wife Melody and I were fucking one night when the phone rang. I reached for it and my wife said,"just let it ring." It rang once more then I picked it up. It was my wife's s****r Kathi. I slid my cock into my wife to the hilt and said, "Well hello Kathi. How are you?". My wife grinned and shook her head.

"I'm sorry but your s*s is asl**p in the bedroom." Kathi told me that was okay she just had some things to get off her chest. Being the understanding b*****r in law and having had a thing for Kathi I said that was okay and listened for the next ten minutes as Kathi told me about her problems at work and at church. The whole time I was fucking her s****r and we both were grinning.

I call her Chatty Kathi for a reason. She doesn't know when to stop talking. My wife Melody was wet before the phone call, but even more so as she got into the fact of me talking to her s****r as we fucked. I would just say "uh huh" every now and then or "you don't say." Melody by this time was on her back and pressing her clit against my shaft as I fucked her hard.

This went on for a while when Kathi stopped abruptly. "Are you feeling okay Peter? You are breathing kind of hard." I wanted to laugh but said I had a bit of a cold but was just fine. Kathi accepted that and went on talking while I fucked her s****r.

Finally she stopped talking altogether. I still moved in and out of her s****r but waited for her to say something. Very quietly she asked, "Peter...are you...having sex with my s****r?" I hesitated then thought what the hell and said, "yes I sure am." She stayed quiet for a few seconds then with a sound in her voice I had never heard before she asked, "So, is my b*****r in law getting off on the fact he is talking to me while he is fucking my s*s?". I replied, "Absolutely."

Kathi giggled a bit then asked, "So you are fucking my s****r and thinking what it would be like if you were fucking me?" I answered yes. She purred a bit then and asked if I ever thought about her when fucking her s*s. I replied, "All the time." She moaned at that and told me she was masturbating. I heard sounds on the phone then realized she had moved it down to where her fingers were sliding into her cunt. She was very juicy. I pushed up all the way into Melody hard.

Kathi was breathless now and said she was so looking forward to our visit. Every year we travel all the way to Ohio to visit Kathi. Her husband Ted is usually not there away on business. She told me Ted had already said he had to be in Miami for a conference then immediately added, "When you are here we will find a way to be together. I want you to fuck me Peter." I replied, "Yeah that would be good." About that time I felt my orgasm coming and was quiet as I pumped into Melody. I shot deep up inside her, trying not to groan as I did so.

I pulled out, and after waiting a few seconds Melody moved to my cock and started cleaning it off with her mouth. I told Kathi we were looking forward to the trip then hung up. My wife broke out into raucous laughter.

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