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Fucked in the Forest

Fucked in the Forest
I was so nervous the first time.

It started off as a bit of flirting online, but it quickly got a lot more intense and a lot more sexual, and the next thing I knew I was stood in the middle of the forest, blindfolded, and waiting for a stranger to come and fuck me.

I don’t remember much of the first time, one second I was leaning against a tree, shaking with fear and anticipation, and the next I was walking home with a stranger’s seed dribbling out of my hole and a head full of guilt, shame and a little bit of excitement.

One thing I was certain of. It had to happen again.

And it did.

Almost every week I stood at the same tree, and every week I left with my hungry hole filled with the stranger’s sperm. I didn’t know his name, I didn’t how old he was, I didn’t even know what he looked like. I was never allowed to touch, he wouldn’t let me. My arse was his little fuck toy, and I knew that. I was there for his pleasure, and he didn’t care if I ejaculated or not. In fact, most times I didn’t cum. I just let him use me and leave, and I’d spend the rest of the night wanking over what happened, sometimes I’d finger myself and use his cum as lube, making sure I licked every drop off my fingers.

I checked my messages every day, waiting for the one off ‘him’. I got so giddy when he sent one, even though it all it usually said was a time and day. “8pm Wednesday” or “Tonight. 9”. But sometimes there would be more, sometimes he’d tell me what to wear. Sometimes he wanted me to wear tight boxer-briefs, sometimes nothing at all, and one time I even wore some women’s underwear, but most of the time he wanted me to wear my jockstrap. I knew that was his favourite. Every time I wore it he would spend longer playing with my smooth little 20 year old arse before he rammed it with his cock. He loved pulling on the straps as he filled me, sometimes he would get so horny he’d turn me around, push me to my knees and face fuck me until I gagged, tasting my own arse on his beautiful dick. They were my favourite sessions. The ones where I was so desperate to take my blindfold off and find out who this person was, but I knew that if I did he would leave and never come back, and I didn’t want these meetings to ever end.

I would often fantasise about him as I rode the bus to work or went shopping. There’s only 3 things I knew about him. He was tall, he had facial stubble (as I found out the times he rimmed me) and he had a cock that satisfied every inch of my man pussy. But other than that he could have been anyone – the hot guy across the road who I used to watch get undressed at night, the married guy who worked at my local pub who’s bulge I always ended up staring at, or even the fat old bus driver who used to look me up and down as I stepped on the bus. I suppose it didn’t really matter what he looked like. What was important is that my tight little boy bum gave him everything he wanted as he slid his cock inside it.

This time I was wearing a new jockstrap I’d bought. I had tried it on in front of the mirror and knew ‘He’ would love it. The thick blue elastic waist strap rested perfectly on top of my arse. A good arse, I’d been told. In fact I did quite well with guys, i’d been told I was a good looking guy, athletic body, bubble bum, straight acting. Most people were shocked when they found out I was gay. Who knows how shocked they would be if they knew what I was up to now.
I could hear footsteps not far away, since I was blindfolded my other senses seemed to improve and I heard every step he took towards me. I slowly wiggled my arse in his direction, proudly showing off my new jock, and teasing him with what he was about to have.

I felt a hand on my bare cheek, caressing and gentle, which was strange considering I knew just how rough and powerful he could be. I liked that about him though. His finger found its way to my already lubed hole and he slipped it in. It felt good but I was horny and already wanted more. He used his other hand to spread my cheeks and got down on his knees, I could feel his hot breath on my arse and it was driving me wild.

His toungue touched my bud and I let out a slight moan. I loved when he rimmed me. I loved feeling his stubble between my cheeks and his wet tongue right inside my crack. He spent a good ten minutes rimming me and sliding fingers inside me. I was already close to cumming, I had to stop touching myself or I knew I would explode.

He got up, I felt his whole body push up against mine, pushing my face into the rough bark of the tree. He rubbed his cock against my hole and found the entrance. There was no messing around now, he had loosened me up and it slipped straight in until I felt his balls slap against my cheeks. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell, but it was fucking amazing pain, and I happily swallowed his cock with my arse.

He fucked me hard up against the tree, I couldn’t see a thing but that just meant I felt everything. Every inch as it slid in and out of my wet mancunt, his breath on the back of my neck as he filled me balls deep, and his powerful hands as they grabbed my waist and pulled my eager arse onto his throbbing cock.
I loved it.

I knew he was getting close coz his breathing became heavy, so I clenched my cheeks over his dick and pushed back as hard as I could until I saw white spots before my eyes. He let out a moan and I could feel the cum pulsating out of him and into me. His whole body shook when he came, and he stayed inside me for a minute until he had emptied his balls.

It was over too quickly, it always was. I heard him pull up his trousers and zip up his fly. He patted me on the arse before he walked off. I stayed stood blindfolded up against the tree for 5 minutes after he had gone, my hole was fucked raw but I couldn’t help but look forward to the next time.

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