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Sex with my black granny

This is a real story that recently happened.

Ok first off im a young horny black guy who loves bbw mature and big asses and tits so happen my grandmother has all of that. I live with my grandparents.

One day it was a hot muggy rainy day in Houston. Lighting struck our a/c unit outside so it stopped working but we still had power. I was home alone and really bored (horny) and pulled out my laptop. Iknew my grandfather wouldnt be home soon but my grandmother would be home in 45 minutes. I went to one of my favorite porn sites and found a vid tht made me extremely horny. So i pulled out my 8in thick black cock and began to start masturbating to get tht good lil nut in lol. I wasnt paying attention to the time and before i noticed my grandma was coming in the house. Reminding u tht our air is off and it was hot so i stop pulled my pants up and hid my laptop woth no shirt on. My grand ma started up the stairs and was coming to ask me wat happen. I told her wat happend but my dick was still a lil hard and i think she may had noticed it so i quickly turned over in my bed to hide it.
She said she was hot and was going to go change into something less hot. My grandmother is 5൓ 56yo black curvy wwoman with a nice big tight ass and some nice 42dd tits to go with it. I knew she was going to put her sl**pind gown on which is dark blue but see thru. By tht time i laid straight back and ten minutes later she told me to come down stairs for something. She was standing with her see thru gown lookng sexy with no bra or pantys on her. this gown fits her ass right and i could see her nipples and large black areola thru it. I instantly got turned on and she said could i open the air filter up so i agreed. At this point i dropped the screw (well tossed it cause my dick was hard) and ask could she get it for me. She went to pick it up bent over and her gown came up revealing tht big ass tht i always dreamed about and my cock was about to jump out my pants so i quickly finished tht task and hurried up stairs to try to let my dick cool down so i laid in my bed with no shirt and just some shorts.
My grandma came up the stairs to check on me but i didnt notice until she actually came in my room. Boom my dick imprint was showing thru my shorts and this time she said are u ok. i replied im fine and tried to turn over but before i kno it she grabbed me and said give it to granny. I couldnt resist her soft touch as she took off her gown revealing tht tits i loved and the ass i wanted to grab. She grab my cock and started to deepthroat it while i felt on her tits. She said dont worry papa wont be home soon and started suckin my cock faster and faster licking my balls with to. I didnt get my nut earlier so i knew i was going to blow a big one. I told her and she knew cause she tatsted my pre cum and when i exploded like a water hose she swallowed it all up abd was still sucking my cock ferioucsly getting eveery last drip. By this time i tell her to lay on her back and opended her legs up. The aroma that came from the heaet was hot but turned me on again. I started fingering granny then started to suck on her clit until she squirted and cum all on my face and i even liked tht all up. She then said she havent had sex in over a year so i knew she was gonna be tight.
I sucked on her big black tits so my dick can be just right for granny. I then slapped my dick on her clit and she said dont play give it to me. So i started to go in. her Pussy was so tight but so fuckin wet tht it wasnt a problem gettin in. Granny screame with pleasure and after ten minutes she said i wanna ride itt cowboy. I told her get on in reverse and she did. She started riding and tht fats ass was so big i was grabbing it slapping it and throwing it all on me. She cummed all on my dick and iasked her was she done.
She said no and i got in the doggystyle possition and as i was about to enter her pussy she said nogo up higher. And i Asked her was she sure she gave me tht look so my dick had cum and was alreday wet so i ised tht to slide itn . At first it was hard but once the head got in she let out a crying scream and said fuck my ass. i started slow then after 5 minutes i was going faster cuase she wanted me to cum in her ass. I never done this before and the granny fat tight ass had me so in loved i blew my load faster then she knew it.
Granny was worn out and so was i we went and hopped in the shower together and she suckexd some more cum out of me. Later on papa came home and we act like nothing happened. Now most of the time when granny come home she either comes in my room start stripping and fucking there or she catches me in the shower when she want her ass fucked. Im still turned on by her huge tight ass and tits everytime i see her and might slap her ass if we in the kitchen. But who knew tht my granny was so freaky.

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