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Sophie and I share some loving moments...

I wrote this for my lover whilst she was having a crappy day at work.. it cheered her up and she even contributed a little in the middle of the story... enjoy!

Her tits seemed to fit perfectly in his warm strong hands. His fingers were gently squeezing her breasts, touching the sides, drawing up to the nipples which he lightly toyed with using his thumbs. His cock in her mouth was hot and hard, but the tip was so smooth on her lips and tongue.

She licked up one side of the shaft, flicked her tongue over the knob, sliding her it across his slit before licking down the other side before finally sucking at his balls.

His muffled moans of pleasure and increased squeezing of her tits told her how much he was enjoying the sensation of her mouth on him. Her own pleasure was obvious from how wet her pussy was on his own tongue as he greedily lick, sucked and slurped at her hot pussy. He flicked his warm tongue in slow circles around her erect clit, causing her to momentarily lift off his cock to moan in desire and push her pussy back into his face.

She kissed down his hard cock and licked his balls before lifting them in her hand, squeezing them, rubbing the shaft as it descended down towards his arse. A hand left her breast and traced its way along her side, up onto her back where it lingered in the small of her back before sliding onto her butt cheek, squeezing it. His fingers flowed around the other cheek then slid down to cheekily caress her anus, before just slipping easily into her very wet pussy.

She tried pushing back onto his finger to drive it deeper into her, but he kept it just at the entrance, twirling around her hole in exquisite little circles as his tongue pressed hard onto her clit, lapping her freely flowing juices.

Moaning deeply into his cock which was full length in her mouth, he enjoyed the double sensation of being deep inside her mouth and having her hot breath blowing on his groin.

His finger slid slightly deeper into her love tunnel, exploring the heat and delicious juices. Starting a slow, steady rhythm he slid his finger in and out of her… Her moans told him she loved the sensation as much as he was enjoying doing it to her.

Her moans of desire and the sweet love juices flowing from her caused his to begin thrusting his hips and cock in and out of her mouth at the same pace as his fingers and tongue were fucking her pussy.

They both could feel their approaching orgasms… it has been several weeks since they were last able to be intimate together and the meeting for lunch just before he had to go away overseas was such a tease. Having her tits in his hands, seeing her smiling face and kissing her sexy soft lips, smelling and tasting her sex again flooded him with the wonderful memories of their previous encounters, filling him with even more desire.

Her mind was awash with pleasure, his cock was full and hard in her mouth, his balls felt wonderful in her fingers, her tit in his hand being squeezed, her pussy clamping on his finger as it slid in and out of her. Her clit was alternately being sucked and flicked with his hot firm tongue…

“Oh fuck!” he cried deep into her pussy thrusting with his hips, his cock pulsing in pleasure.

“Oh… Oh… oOHHH” she moaned as the first waves of her orgasm rose up from within her, her pussy clamping hard down on his finger, her thighs involuntarily squeezing up tight around his head. His tongue flicked mercilessly on her clit driving her deeper into her orgasm as his own passion threw him over the edge and his cock started to pump his love seed into her mouth.

He loved the sensation of his face buried deep into her pussy... his tongue pulled back from her clit to lick and drink her love juices as his finger slowed its thrusts as she continued to writhe and buck on his face. Slowly her orgasm subsided and he removed his finger from her, still rubbing his smooth face all over her wet pussy, making little sounds of contentment...

Lifting off his cock, his seed still in her mouth she arched up to rub her hot tingling pussy over his face before lifting off to lay down next to him.

He took her face in his hands, gently drawing it to his, their mouths meeting, tongues softly parting lips and dancing with each other, their love juices mixing in their mouths.

They pressed their bodies close up against each other, her head settling under his chin on his broad chest as her full warm breasts pressed against him. He breathed in the scent of her hair as he made long soft caresses down her head, neck and along her spine to her butt cheeks then back up again. Her arm reached over to pull him close as she snuggled up against his warm body, enjoying the closeness as she delighted in the afterglow of a wonderful mutual orgasm.

The tingling between her legs as he continue to stroke and massage her back, shoulders, neck and butt told her it wouldn’t be long before she would be recharged and wanting to be pleasured some more…

His cock was stirring as her hand slid along his arse crack to rest on his balls before returning to his back, again and again. Her hand slid between them and she could feel the heat from his cock as it rose up to meet her fingertips…

She murmured in surprise that he had hardened again so quickly - but was completely delighted! She kept stroking the underneath of his firm balls and then letting her finger tips travel up the side of his cock and circle around the top - slippery with pre-cum. He groaned quietly into her hair, his hand caressing her back and ass, following the same languid pattern which was feeling oh so good.

She could feel his slow stroking falter at times as he started to get caught up with what she was doing to him and was unable to resist her ministrations to his hard cock. She moved slightly so her head was resting low on his chest, so she could watch her hands and fingers move over his groin, giving little butterfly kisses to his taut tummy and every once in a while taking one of his nipples in her warm mouth and gently nipping at it. She could hear his breathing becoming a little more ragged as was became more fully immersed and engaged in the pursuit of his own pleasure and this stirred her to stroke a little harder... a little faster... and to slightly vary the path her fingers were taking - making his breath catch.

This time it was all about him and his pleasure. She was there simply to provide this to him - her gift to him. She moved around and knelt before his spread legs - her full breasts on either side of his hard cock - a delightful picture from both his and her viewing angle. She gently pressed her breasts together around his cock and slowly started moving up and down, licking the head of his shaft each time it emerged from where it was happily nestled between her warm breasts. She glanced up at him and smiled - his head was thrown back, his mouth slightly open and he was obviously just loving and enjoying the sensations he was feeling. He opened his gorgeous blue eyes and caught her looking up at him. Looking down at his cock between her breasts and her pink tongue circling the tip of it, he grinned and looked back into her eyes - loving the sight of her loving him...

She returned to squeezing her wonderful breasts tighter around his cock as she slid them up and down over him. He looked up again at her as she pleasured him with her sexy tits and mouth, enjoying the sensation of her soft hair caressing and tickling his tummy as she licked the cock head between her tits.

He reached down and gently pulled her up towards him. She slowly slid up his belly, her nipples rubbing his tummy as she kissed her way to his chest, taking the time to lick, kiss and tease each of his nipples. Meeting his mouth with her own she slid her legs over his to straddle him. His hot cock pressing against her belly as she lay on him kissing him passionately.

He started to reach for her breasts, to touch her back, to caress between her legs, but a stern look and finger lightly placed on his mouth told him to both stop and to not say a word! Trying one more time she grabbed his hands and held them above his head with one hand before looking again deeply into his eyes with that same stern look, before lowering her mouth to kiss him again.

He relented and relaxed, enjoying her mouth as her free hand roamed his arms, neck and chest. She sat up slightly feeling his hot cock under her and slowly ground her pussy on him, feeling her clit tingle at the touch against his groin.

Groaning with pleasure he let his head fall back before looking up at the sight of her sexy breasts slowly swaying in time with her grinding, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling of her clit and pussy rubbing on him.

She reached down between her legs, lifting slightly as she guided his stiff cock into her wet pussy. Slowly lowering down onto it she sighed as she felt the hot rod of his cock enter her, her pussy muscles immediately clenching around it bringing on waves of moisture and pleasure to them both.

Gently rocking back and forth she looked down into his eyes through the veil of her dark hair. Her tits lifted and swung back and forth to the rhythm of her motion, his smile filling her with a sense of joy at their mutual pleasure. She leaned forward kissing him, feeling her breasts caress his chest, her clit rubbing on his pubes, making it tingle more intensely. Their mouths stayed locked together as she rocked back and forward faster and faster, their breathing also increasing in pace. His arms found her back, one lifting to caress her neck and hair the other encouraging her to press herself harder against him as she ground her clit on him and buried his cock into her. She could feel her love juices flowing freely from her pussy around his cock, their moans coming faster and more urgent as their mouths fed on each other’s breath. She bucked faster and harder, her clit sending bolts of pleasure deep into her pussy, clamping more urgently around his cock as he placed both hands on her rump and helped her grind faster and hard on him. His urgency filled her with desire her moans into his mouth making him more desperate to pump into her.

Lifting her head momentarily she tossed her head as she felt her orgasm begin to descend upon her then mashed her mouth on his again as she came...

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