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My neighbor's daughter

In the house next to me live one of my best friends with his wife and daughter. I have seen Emma as she's called growing up. When Emma was becoming a teenager, she was often very challenging and a little bit of a teaser. She started to flirt more with me, for example, she could stand in their garden, and she saw that I was out of mine so she leaned forward in her short skirt so I could see her panties. She took off her top and exposing her young breasts to me as she smiled at me. Will also remember a party that my friend had where she happened to touch my cock as she whispered "mmm later"

Now I had not seen emma in 2 years when she studied elsewhere. But now she would stay with their parents while they were on vacation a few weeks. Emma had just turned 19 years old. My friend had brought her from the train station and I would go and welcome her home. When she opened the door, I thought WOW. She had become a real woman with long slender legs and henns breasts much bigger now than she exposed herself to me a couple of years ago. She gave me a big hug, I thought she pressed against my cock, but maybe I just wished she did.

A few days later I went out in garden, I saw that Emma swam in their pool, I waved to her as I asked if it was good in the water? She did not answer but swam to the ladder. When Emma got up I saw that she was completely naked. Her tanned teen body with curvy hips. Emma turned around with both hands above her head she pressed the water from her long blonde hair. I saw her perfect breasts the cold water had made ​​her nipples erect. She had a well trimmed pussy with just a little pubic hair. My cock grew to full positions thought I'd shoot a load in my shorts. They are really comfortable in the water, she replied, still completely naked and she had no plans to hide her body. Emma lay down on the sun bed and spread her legs while she told me to come over to her. During all the years she tried to get me into bed, I've always said no to respectability to my friend.Now I stood here with a large stand and looked straight into a wonderful teenage pussy. Hell, I'm going to say no now.

I'm so horny and longing for your hard cock for years. You have to fuck me. I put my down between Emma's legs and started licking the inside of her thigh then went to her swollen pussy lips before finally licking her clit. She groaned loudly while I licked her faster and faster. After a while, so she threw her head back while I watched her nipples become stiff again and she pressed her legs on my head. She screamed so loud that I had to hold my hand over her mouth while she was shaking all over. To be continued

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