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My Bestfriend And Me -Part One- (True Story)

(Note:Sorry if there are any mistakes I have dyslexia I have tried my best to make it perfect Thank You)

I was walking home from High School with my best friend Liam I was staying over at his tonight his parents were on a business trip and his his b*****r and s****r were staying at his nans.

I noticed Liam was really quiet today in school wich made me concerned because he was not the type to be quiet he's normally loud and hyper but today he seemed low I just gatherd it was cause his parents were away he's 14 and they leave him in the house alone he never likes being alone so he allways asks me to stay he say's he feels safer with me for some reason wich I don't know why I'm only 15 but he's allways considerd me stronger and older.

The walk from High School to his house was only about a 10 minute walk but it seemed like 10 years!
We stayed silent the whole way there Liam just kept his eyes on he ground and sighed now and then but they were sad sighs witch worried me more.
We finally arrived at his house and before we walked in he turned to me and spoke "I have something to tell you Joseph but I'll tell you tonight" I bit my bottom lip when he called me "Joseph" cause that's when I knew something was wrong he never calls me that unless theres a problem he usually just calls me Joe.

We enterd his house and walked through to the living area he threw his bag on the floor and jumped on the sofa lying down and shutting his eyes tight I just stood in the door way watching him trying to figure out what it was that was making him so quiet he looked up at me and sat up "you can sit down if you want I don't bite Joe" this made me smile for two reason one he was being his usual self and two he called me Joe not Joseph.


Later that night I was getting changed in liams room getting ready for bed he had a camper bed in his room for when I stayed over.
As I was getting changed I felt him watching me I had my back facing him he was sitting on his bed but leaning against the wall on his pillows I felt like he sat them up so he could watch me in comfort this thought sort of freaked me out.

I had just taken my school shirt off and was about to put my T-shirt on but then Liam spoke "No Leave it off Joe" I turned around to face him with a confused expression creeping on my face he gasped as he noticed my body I looked down at my self Liam hadn't seen me without a shirt on for a while I had been working out and for a 15 year old I had a very muscular body he bit his lip and eyed me up and down then reality hit me and I realised that he was....Checking me out.

I felt weird as his eyes inspected every inch of my body and finally he spoke again "you look much better with out a shirt Joe" I looked at him strangely then I finally decided to ask what the hell he was talking about "What do you mean?" he then crawled off his bad and walked over to me taking the T-sirt out of my hands and throwing it some where "you look better with out a shirt on thats all" I admit I was sort of shocked by what he said and I was in so much shock I didn't even notice he was moving closer to me.

I then came back to earth and realised my chest was being stroked by none other than my best friend and to be honest I liked his touches he then looked up at me and sighed I knew it was time for him to tell me the big "secret" of the day "Joe......" he paused before looking away and biting his lip I could tell he was considering whether to tell me or not "Liam whats wrong?"I whisperd it cause I admit I was worried he sighed and looked up at me oh no he had tears in his eyes he stutterd through his words "J-Joe I-I Lo- No I l-like....." he was seriously scarng me now and my emotions weren't afraid to show.

He then gave up and just blurted out "ILIKEYOUJOEMORETHANABESTFRIENDFRIENDb*****rMORETHANANYTHING" he was out of breath with saying it so quick and I looked at him with the most confused face I could ever make he the sighed and decided to let me understand him " I like you Joe More than a friend" he looked down I was speechless and my eyes widend so that why he was acting strange I just looked at how upset he was then my face softend I just reached out and hugged him I could tell her was shocked but he hugged me back I pulled away but keeping my arms wrapped around his waist "It's ok Liam I understand" I smiled and he was slowly forming a smile but instantly dropped it and frowned with a few tears escaping his eyes.

I pulled away from the hug and put my both hands on his cheeks and wiped away the tears with my thumb "Don't cry Liam it's ok I promise" he shook his head and tried to look down but I made him look at me he looked me in the eyes and slowly chocked out "w-what a-about our f-friendship?" I smiled and shrugged my shoulders "what about it?" he looked down again and sniffed I pulled him in to another hug and hhe wrapped his arms around my neck and lay his head in my chest I kissed the top of his head I hated it when he was sad and to be honest I felt quilty I felt like it was my fault but it wasn't my fault that he liked me was it?

After about five minutes of slient hugging he looked up at me and smiled "your the bestest friend ever Joe" he kissed my cheek but he didn't pull away straight away he left his lips there for a while then pulled away and snuggled in to me again for a minute until pulling away fully I smiled and moved a pice of hair that had fallen in front of his eyes he sighed but it was a sad sigh wich made me frown why is he so sad over a little crush, he mumbled "It's not a little crush Joseph..." I chuckled as I realised I said that out load it made him giggle but he soon looked down sad again wich now made me sigh "Liam you shouldn't beat yourself up over this we're close friends and have allways been here for eachother it's probably just a phase your going through" he shook his head keeping his eyes ont he ground "phases don't last 3 years Joe"

He looked up at me my eyes widend ŗ years!?" I sort of shouted it wich made him flinch and step back he looked at me sad until suddenly running at me and flinging his arms around my neck "p-please don't be m-mad I'm s-sorry p-please d-don't find a new b-best friend" he was crying almost hysterically I wrapped my arms around him for to comfort him "hey come on Liam calm down your still my best friend buddy" I felt a smile grown on his face from where his lips were touching my skin then he pulled back slightly and leaned in befire I could protest his lips were on mine moving in a sort of rythem the funny thing was mine where in sync to his.

We were nor lying on his bed making out it had been a goof half hour and we hadn't broke the kiss not even when we were lying down on his bed all we did was make the kiss stronger and more passionate after a good half hour I pulled away breathless I was in desperate need of air and with the way Liam was oantng he needed it to
He kept his eyes closed as mone were open and looking at his face and thats when I noticed something I never had before...he was really beautiful, and for some reason my eyes wouldnt leave the sight of his lips that were now moist with my saliva he flutterd his eyes as he opend them and he must have notice my want for his lips to be on mine again cause he kissed me again but thats when I realised I wanted more I wanted to explore my best friends body and for him to explore mine but the question was who would make the first move?......

ok I know his didnt have ANY sex in but I really have to go so hopefully part 2 will be uploaded later hope you like part one so far and thanks for reading ;) again sorry if there are any mistakes :)

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