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Math Teacher

Introduction: A Teacher and her student help each other with their secrets.

After teaching math in the middle school for four years, it was time for a change, so I took a position teaching Calc and Trig. It was only a little more money, but I liked higher math more than plain Algebra.

"Hi, Ms. Sanderson. Are you now here teaching at the high school?", said a familiar voice.

Looking up, my heart fluttered. It was Craig, the geeky little 8th grader, who would "tent" his gym short when he would doze off in class. And boy, what a tent, big enough to shelter a f****y of 6. I fantasized that Craig was dreaming about me, and plowing my fields in his dream. After a time, I began to wonder if I let him fall asl**p for my own guilty pleasure.

He now stood before me, a young man. No, an attractive, strapping young hunk of a man. I immediately snuck a peak between his legs to see... Oh, shit, I think he caught me checking him out, as he cracked a little smile, and my eyes went back to his.

"Hi, Craig. You're in my class this year? It will be great to see you again everyday.", god what was I saying. "I just hope I can keep you interested long enough to keep you awake this time."

"Well, I am interested, just not so much in the math.", now he was plowing my fields and he was awake. He raised his eyebrow knowingly as he turned to take a seat.

This was going to be a hard and difficult year.

The other students filtered in, some stopping to say "Hi", as they remembered me from middle school. I noticed one particularly striking tall brunette, with long straight hair falling from the sides of her head, and led your eyes pointing to her ample chest. She was wearing a beautiful blue cotton pull-over shirt with a neck line that dropped down between her breasts. The blue color of her shirt match perfectly with her eyes. I don't think I have found a woman that I have ever described in such terms or detail. She must have to beat them off with a club. I just hope she doesn't hit hard.

"Hi, I'm Cheryl Sanderson. Some of you might remember me from your 8th grade math classes. If you want to pass this class, my class, you will need to study, and study hard. Not because I'm a bitch of a teacher, but because I want you to learn Calc and Trig. It's a subject I love, and I would hope I can help you understand it enough to like it, or in the least pass the class.", I started.

"I need to explain how I run my class. I don't grade on a curve, you will stand on your own. I don't count homework as a large part of your grade, only 20%, the rest is based on tests, pop quizzes at 30%, and the two larger exams, at 25% each. The pop quizzes will be given each week, either on Thursday or Friday, depending on how the mood strikes me. These quizzes will cover all the concepts we have worked with up to that point. The two larger exams can be taken up to three times over a two week period with the highest score being your grade. And just so you know, they are computerized, the questions are choosen at random for each student to help discourage any kind of cheating. Either you know it, or you don't. If you don't know it, I will be offering tutoring, both one-on-one, and if need be, in extra class time."

One of the boys tried to make a crass joke about "one-on-one", but he sadly failed, and the other k**s squirmed around almost in embarassment.

The first day was mostly spent passing out the books, and the syllabus showing all the lesson plans.

The last 20 minutes I spent learning their names, and when I finally got to the tall brunette, I was very taken by her name. Olivia d'Amorney.

Once class was dismissed, several of the k**s came up to my desk, some asking silly questions, others not so much. I noticed Olivia had waited a few minutes, but then got up to leave, her books hugged to her chest, accentuating her breasts even more. Or maybe it was just me, this was my first infatuation with a student not of the male gender.

The first couple of weeks were hard for most of the k**s. I came to realize that Craig had turned out to be kind of a jerk. I heard he got a couple girls pregnant, one got an abortion, the other was sent off to a boarding school for pregnant girls. I don't think it really sank in for Craig just how serious it was, as he joked with all the guys about "tapping chicks". Boy, was I wrong about this shithead.

Olivia was turning out to be the top student, my top student, as out of 6 classes I have, she was the shining star. Almost completely straight "A's".

"Ms. Sanderson, could I speak with you after class?", she asked me in her dark alto voice.

"Sure Olivia. Is there anything wrong? I'm sure it couldn't possibly be a problem with class, right? We can talk now, class doesn't start for another 10 minutes."

"Sure, if we could, that'd be great."

"Let's go into my office."

We went into my office attached to the classroom, and I closed the door. "So, what is it about next week?"

I was leaning back against my desk, and she stood no more than a foot away from me. She moved her books away from her chest, took a deep breath and sighed. It was then I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, and her nipples were poking at the fabric of her cotton dress. I couldn't help but wonder if she dressed this way for the teachers, as she didn't seem to have many friends her age. Too pretty for the other girls, too brainy for the guys.

"Well, my father is going out of town on a business trip, and he wants me to work at the store while he's gone. I finished all the homework for the week," handing me the papers, her hand stopping to rest on my arm, as I read the top sheet.

Setting the papers in my "to grade" box, I say, "Well, I will miss seeing you. I'm sure everyone will miss you.", I didn't really think there was much more to say, but Olivia looked like she had more on her mind. "Was there anything else, Olivia?"

"I... um... well... I guess not. Thank you, Ms. Sanderson."


It was Friday night, and I didn't feel like going out. At the same time, I was horny as ever. I couldn't remember my last orgasm. I jokingly toyed with the idea of calling a "pro", but I had no clue where I would find one. I turned to a Google search. "male e****t chicago"... It would appear that there were only gay men working as e****ts in Chicago.

I stumbled across a link, which I hit by accident, and I ended up at It was a very slick website, at least as compared to the others. They first ask you what country you are in, so obviously I click USA. Then I'm asked the state, I click on Illinois, then on Chicago. They have no listings under men, I'm feeling a little "boy"sterous, so I checked out some of the trannys. Some are really cute, but I guess I like cock to be a little less feminine.

This is all after two drinks and a joint, so I move into the women's section. First the brunettes. Up until now, or maybe the beginning of the school year, I never would have guessed I would come looking here. And I suspect will come here again. Usually my "Bob" is sufficient, to carry me until the next time I go home with some guy. And now, maybe a woman.

I go though the ads, mostly wondering why some of these obviously non-brunette's are listed, and then it dawned on me, they probably dye their hair so often that they can't keep updating the web that frequently.

Some are cute, some not so, some exposing their breasts, others more demure and chaste. Some are older, more matronly, and not my desires. I'm looking for someone younger, that much I know. Younger than I was.

I get a nasty chill on seeing Queen Victorious, who promises to dominate her men. Nope, not available to women. Probably not a good thing for my first, anyway. That becomes my searching point. "Women available to Women", I feel my stomach tingle. I grasp my clothed breasts, imagining some charming brunette's hands instead. It makes me sigh.

After seeing almost 50 ads, I see the small pic for a girl named Vanessa. Long wavy brunette hair, beautiful bathing suit pics, a few business attire shots with her buttons undone down passed her cleavage, and a second where she's hiking up the back of her business skirt with one hand while the other runs a finger between her asscheeks. It was her hands that were now in my mind touching my breasts. My breathing noticably slower and deeper, as she groped me from behind, at least in my head.

I clicked back to her main page, and held my breath in anticipation of her availability. She listed 19 as her age. I was almost bowled over. This was the first woman's ad that only listed her availability as "Women", no men, no couples. I was really turned on by the idea of not just a woman, but a 19 year old "lesbian" e****t. It felt dirty, seductive, enticing.

No, I was not going to call. I am a teacher, and if I get caught, it would not just be the end of my job, but my career, too. But of course downloading porn wouldn't be considered much better. I was certainly guilty of that, masturbating while watching some woman giving a blow job to a guy or two.

So I load up the porn site, and look at what they have to offer. Nothing catches me. Blow jobs, fucking, anal, DP...

I see one icon picturing a woman spread eagle and a buxom breasted brunette with her face buried in the other woman's beaver, hands holding her head in place. 53 minutes long, 4.5 stars, viewed by 53316 people. It took about 10 minutes to download, so I used the time to get ready. Rolled another joint, poured my fourth drink, got an extra pillow, and took my clothes off. My 34dd's already felt engorged, my nipples standing at attention. I tweak them a few times, wishing it were someone else's fingers.

The video was ready, and so was I. It started off with the older woman, who couldn't have been older than I was, at 28, moving in to kiss the younger woman in the sun dress. It moves on seductively, but I notice that I'm just too impatient. My mind drifts back over to Vanessa. I want this to happen for real, not in my head. I notice it's almost 9, and I seem to remember she listed 11 as her latest time.

I turn off the movie, and load Eros back up, and find Vanessa. I hesitantly look at her pics again, then find her number. Mind you, I'm now running around my freaking apartment, nude, looking for my phone that I thought I tossed over by the computer.

"Damn, where's my fucking phone!", I tear around a little more, and then move the keyboard.

"There you are.", and grab it, sit, and dial.

"Hello. You have reached, Vanessa, I'm away from my desk at the moment, please leave your first name and a number, and I will get right back with you."

"Hi, my name is Cheryl", why did I use my real first name?, "and my number is 555-612-4932. I'm looking for... forward to meeting you.", not knowing what I was saying.

It was done, my lesbian e****t, she has my number now. My head was spinning, I almost wanted to vomit I was so nervous. My leg was bouncing up and down, something I haven't done in years.

It wasn't 5 minutes when my phone rang.


"Yes, may I speak with Cheryl, please?", said the voice on the other end.

"This is she.", I fumbled.

"Hi, this is Vanessa. Were you looking for a date tonight, or do you just want to stay in, I can come over and spend some time with you, if that's what you want."

"Yes... I would... like that very much... that's what I want." I stammer some more, my heart is pounding in my chest.

"Great! What's your address?"

񔇧 W. Jackson, apt 511, I can buzz you up from the lobby."

"Alright, I will see you in 15.", and she hangs up.

15 minutes? My god, I gotta clean this place up, and get some clothes on. A bra, shirt, jeans, no panties.

There's a phone call, it is Vanessa in the lobby. I buzz her in and I pace, waiting for a knock at the door. It just seemed like forever, but it wasn't.

Tap, tap, tap. I look out the peep hole, and there she stands, but I can't see her face too well. I open the door and greet her, looking down a little. She walks in, and I close the door.

"Would you mind if I set a few things here?", as she takes off her hat, her back still to me.

Her voice sounds very familiar, somewhat unlike the voice on the phone, and then it hits me as I see the star tattoo behind her left ear. My god, it's Olivia. I start to panic at what she would think of me for calling an e****t, and a woman, not giving a single thought to the fact that she's the e****t and she has made herself available to other women.

She turns around, still not having looked at me, fumbling in her purse. She looks up, "I usually take...", it hits her, "payment... up...", she panics. "I gotta go, I need to leave."

"No, please, Olivia, let's talk about this. I mean, you gotta promise you won't say anything."

"And you? You won't talk either.", looking me in the eye. "Yeah right. I think we're both in deep on this." and she sits on the chair opposite the door. "I need a drink. You have any whiskey?"

"Olivia, you're only 17."

"That's true, it's also true that I'm a $300 an hour hooker that you just called to come over and pleasure you. Whiskey? Please?", she pleads.

I had to bust out laughing at that, not just because it was true, but that it came from someone who up to that point I thought of as a c***d in a woman's body. She's no c***d. I went and grabbed some whiskey, and I saw the joint still sitting there, and grabbed that too.

Here I was, her teacher, calling her for sex, giving her whiskey, and going to offer her some pot. Shining example of a role model and f****y values..

I handed her the glass, and she downed it, and held it up for more. I refill it to almost full.

"I could really use this," holding up the joint, "You?"

"Sure.", and I lit it, and handed it to Olivia. She took a big hit, and handed it back.

"Why don't you come in here, it's more comfortable.", and she got up.

I took a quick toke and handed the joint back to Olivia, "Can I ask you something?"

"I think I already know. Why, right?", setting the joint on the edge of the ashtray nearby. "Well, how about you? Without you I wouldn't have a job. I do it for the money, that's all. There are some rich women who are willing to pay me to come over and keep them company. It also just happens to be that I was blessed with a commodity of great value. My body."

I silently acknowledge that, "And you sl**p with these... these rich women?"

"Just as you would be doing by now if only I were a different woman."

After a few long heartbeats, "So, there's no chance of you... and I?", I say hesitantly. I reach into my pocket and take out the money. "You told me you do it for the money. I'm doing it because I have never been with a woman, but have recently been dreaming at night of having sex... with a woman. I would love it if that woman were you. Now we know each others secrets."

We sat in silence for a good 5 minutes.

"One condition... we don't use this as a weapon to try and hurt the other person."

I nod silently, and take her hand. Her other hand tucking the money into her purse.

After several moments, I awkwardly say, "But I think I will need you to kind of take the lead." The distance between our faces decreasing slowly while I slowly spoke these words, "I'm kind of a virgin... with women, anyway.", with our lips meeting as the period at the end.

Her lips were gentle, soft, and electric. Wrapping hers around mine, slowly pushing me back into the couch. Still kissing me, her hands were now on my breasts. I release a sudden sigh caused by the touch of her hands on my breasts. I reach up to hold the sides of her head and guide her lips back to mine. I kiss her even more deeply now.

"Why don't we move to my bed?", I offer. She nods and gets up off me. When I get up, I take her hand, and lead her to my bedroom, opening the door, and allow her to enter first. I watch her in appreciation as she passes over the threshold to my boudoir, she has never looked so beautiful. I enter following her and close the door. There it's a dim light from the lamp on my night stand.

She turns and places her hands around my face and draws me near. Our lips touch, and my knees begin to buckle. Taking my hand, she sits me down on my bed, reaching up to the buttons on my shirt. I look her in the eye. She looks down at her hands where she almost has my shirt open. Last button gone, and she pulls the shirt over my shoulder. She touches my bare shoulder and leans in for another kiss. My left hands reaches up to cup her breast. They feel amazing, not like mine, firmer. I can feel her taut nipple under her blouse, through her bra.

She stands back up, taking both of my hands, she pulls them to her breasts, holding them to her. She closes her eyes and breathes in deep. I feel her chest rise, an exhale, and her breasts fall. She looks down at me, smiling, and begins to remove her shirt. She steps back from me, and when half the buttons are gone she leans forward slightly and pushes her breasts together. My eyes on her cleavage, and her looking me in the face. I think she knows how turned on she has me.

She grabs her enclosed nipples, and breathes in deep. I love watching her breasts rise and fall with her breath. I reach up to finish unbuttoning her blouse. Looking me in the eye, she unclasps her bra at the front, between her tits. Slowly, she begins to show me her 17 year old breasts. Beautiful, round, voluptuous, firm. She drops her shirt and bra to the floor. I can see her nipples now. Her areola are about an inch and a half around, somewhat dark, at least darker than mine. The buds of her nipples, sitting almost directly in the center, are standing up. She begins to twist them, and releases a deep sigh.

One hand cupping her breast, and the other under my chin, she steps forward, and places her nipple to my lips. I kiss her slowly, then take her between my lips, this is sending shockwaves through my body. I then lustfully open my mouth, and wrap my lips around her, and suckle her. Her hand was now holding the back of my head clasping it to her. My arms envelop her around her toned waiste, and pull her to me. The feeling of her nipple on my tongue is heavenly. I flick it with my tongue, and roll it around in my mouth. She now has both hands holding my suckling mouth to her nipple. Her hands drop to find the clasp of my bra.

As she pulls away from me, her nipple leaves my mouth with a pop. She kneels, and begins feasting on my breasts, one hand kneading a breast, her mouth on my other. This was completely unlike how any guy had done me in the past. I was now pulling her closer to me. I'm looking down at her, and she then looks up at me. She breaks to kiss me once more, then pushes me back on my bed. She unbuckles my belt, and unbuttons the top, then reach for the zipper, then pulls my pants off in one motion.

"My god, you're soaking. And you smell..." she says, stopping mid-sentence, " smell intoxicating." She doesn't hesitate, and puts her mouth on my cunt. I almost feel as if I was going to cum at her first touch, but settled down. She then thrust her tongue into me. This drove me wild. I now am holding her head against me and my hips begin to move, almost fucking her face. Maybe because this was my first time, or because I was already so aroused, but there was a tidal wave that crashed into an orgasm. My hips bucking, my pussy convulsing, my head spinning. Wave after wave crashed on my shore, the tide eroding any sense of shame and guilt. This was the best sensation I have ever experienced. I wanted to live in this experience forever.

When my eyes opened, she was laying beside me, her fingers tweaking at my nipple. She leaned in and kissed me. "For what it's worth, I don't think I have ever given a woman such an intense orgasm before. I get turned when I make a woman cum, but that was different.", I smiled at her words. I laid there, as her hand was caressing my body, stopping at my breasts and kneading them gently.

After a few short minutes, I roll on my side and begin to suckle her nipple again. "You have beautiful breasts."

"Thank you.", her hand guiding my mouth back to her nipple. My hand reaches down between her legs, and she parts them to provide my easy access. She feel damp through her skirt, and I press more firmly into her, her hips rubbing against my hand. I begin to pull her skirt up slowly, but she sits up, unfastens it and it drops from her hips. She wasn't wearing any panties, and sight of her shaved pussy with a patch of hair just over the top is heavenly.

She is now straddling my stomach, pulling at my nipples. Almost without warning, she now had her knees at the sides of my head, and her fragrant cunt just inches from my mouth. She holds my head up, and kisses my lips to her pussy. She is wet, almost dripping into my mouth. I stick my tongue into her, and taste her. I have never had such a flavor, she tasted like heaven. She was now rocking her hips slowly over my mouth, making sure to rub her clit over my tongue. She continues this for several minutes, increasing the speed and pressure.

She was now fucking my face with abandon, when she bust forth with an intense orgasm. Her juices were now flowing into my mouth, or down the sides of my cheeks and onto my bed. It really turned me on to be used in this way. She looked at me and we locked eyes, while I drove my tongue as far as I could into her cunt, and tried to get any traces of her cum that remained.

She laid down next to me, holding me close.

"Thank you. That was the best anyone has ever given me." and we kissed. We held each other silently for a while. I guess I fell asl**p, and when I woke, she was gone.


It was Monday morning. I was sitting alone in my office. There was a knock on my door. "Hi, Ms. Sanderson, may I come in?"

"Sure, Olivia, please...", feeling a little nervous. "I thought you were going to be out this week?"

"Well, sort of a change of heart so to speak. I went out and got a new job over the weekend. I really like it, too. Clothing sales, nice high end stuff. While it will be a pay cut, I think I will be able to sl**p better at night."

"What happened to change your mind?"

"Well, I met someone on Friday night that showed me that I was just going through the motions. I figured that if I wasn't really enjoying that job, then I needed to find one I did like."

"I'm really happy for you."

"I learned that I would very much like to see her again. I think we have a little unfinished business."

"Well, you are only 17, and you have your whole life to meet someone."

"Yeah, 17... but only for two more months.", and she turned to leave, smiling very brightly.

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