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Fixing More Than Just Her Car

Nina Dobrev got into her car around noon on a typical Wednesday afternoon. She wanted to stop by the supermarket to get her shopping done before heading to an interview for ‘The Tonight Show’. She had about three hours before she had to be in Burbank, CA for the appearance. Nothing had led her to believe that she couldn’t get her shopping done in time. She climbed into her Mercedes and headed to store, which was about six miles from her Hollywood home.

As she was about half way to the store, the engine in her car made a loud noise.

“No, no not now!” Nina said as smoke started escaping from under the hood. “Please keep going.” She whispered as the engine shut off and the car started to coast. “Fucker!”

She punched the steering wheel before looking for a place to pull over. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed a garage a few hundred feet from where she was. She smiled at the luck she had once she remembered that it was a mechanic shop. Just as the car was about to come to a halt, she took a left turn into the garage.

Once coming to a stop, Nina emerged from the car and approached the tall mechanic who was working on a small Ford Taurus at the other end of the garage.

“Excuse me sir.” She softly said, getting the man’s attention. Once he saw her, he smiled at her.

“What can I do for ya, miss?” He said while adjusting his hat.

“I was driving to the store and my car broke down. It’s right over here, so you think you could figure out what’s wrong with it?”

Nina followed him over to the car. He raised the hood and was hit with large puff of smoke. He took a quick look.

“It doesn’t look like anything serious. Give it an hour and I can get this done for ya.”

Nina let out a sigh of relief. “Awesome, I can still make my appointment. Thank you so much.” She grabbed his hand and shook it.

“No problem. You can have a seat in my office if you want to wait.”

“Okay.” She slowly walked towards the room. The mechanic could not help but keep his eyes locked on her ass, which was covered by a tight pair of black jeans.

Nina sat down and played with her phone while her car was being repaired. She would occasionally look over to see how things were going, but she trusted the mechanic enough not to worry. She would also occasionally look over at the man. Even though she was in a relationship, she knew that he was good looking and, in her mind, there was no harm in just looking.

After a half an hour, Nina decided that making it to the supermarket was not going to happen before the television appearance. Instead, she would now just go afterwards. She didn’t like having to do it, since she hadn’t slept much the night before, but had no choice.

Exactly one hour after he started working on the car, the mechanic entered the office.

“Car is all fixed.” He said, tossing a rag onto the desk.

“Oh my god, thank you so much!” She got up and gave him a hug. “So, how much will it cost?”


Nina reached into her purse and pulled out her wallet. As she rummaged through it, she quickly realized that she had left her wallet at home.

“Damn, I left my wallet home. Is there any way I can just pay later?”

He looked at her as the smile faded away from his face.

“I’m sorry miss, I can’t do that. You have to pay or I don’t give you the keys back.”

Nina had no idea what to do. She had every intention of returning with the money and wasn’t sure why he wouldn’t let her.

“Please sir, I will come right back. I only live a few minutes away. I’ll even take you with me.” Nina was close to begging.

“Sorry, I can’t leave. What if someone else comes in with a car problem? Business is really important.”

Nina looked at her phone and thought to call her boyfriend and have him bring the money over, but quickly remembered that he was in Georgia, filming a movie.

“Please Mr…” She looked at his name tag. “Tom, there has to be something I can do. I have to be in Burbank for TV appearance in less than two hours.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Television? Are you an actress or something?” He asked her. “You look familiar, what’s your name?”

“Nina. Nina Dobrev.” She responded. “I’m on the show ‘Vampire Diaries.’”

Tom smiled once again. “Oh yeah, of course. I knew you looked familiar, I’ve seen that show a few times.”

“Cool, thanks for watching.” She smiled again. “So…is there any way I could pay for the repairs later?”

Tom slowly approached her and placed a hand on her hip. “I think we could work something out.” He leaned in for a kiss but she turned her head.

“Whoa Tom, I have a boyfriend. I can’t do that!” She pulled his hand off of her.

Tom looked around the garage. “I don’t see him here.” He reached for her again but was cut off.

“That doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist!”

He looked her directly in the eyes. “If you want to get to that TV appearance, you’re going to have to do this.”

Nina lightly slapped him on the chest. “Screw that, I’ll just have someone pick me up.”

“With what?” He asked.

“With my phone, moron!” She looked on the desk and could not find her phone.

“You mean this one?” He held the phone up above his head.

“Give that back.” She jumped up to reach it but was too short.

With her attention on the phone, she left herself open and he took the opportunity to plant a deep kiss on her lips. Nina was initially in shock and tried to pull away but he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her deeper. She fought for a few seconds until her hormones took over and she started to kiss back.

“Wow, he is a good kisser.” She thought as their tongues started down each other’s throats.

After a few seconds, they both pulled away and stared into each other’s eyes.

“This is wrong.” She said.

“Wrong is fun.” He responded, causing her to laugh.

Nina wasn’t sure what to do. She was always a loyal girlfriend but she found herself in a bad situation. She wouldn’t be able to leave if she didn’t cheat and she was starting to like Tom after that kiss but she didn’t want to by unfaithful. It was a hard decision but she didn’t have enough time to think it through.

“If I do this, what’s in it for me?” She asked.

“If you do this, you can get to Burbank on time…and I’ll make the repairs free.” He responded while stroking her hair.

Nina looked over at the open garage door. “If you close the garage, you have a deal.”

Tom immediately ran to the door and locked it up. He returned quickly to Nina and gave her another kiss, which she instantly responded to him with a kiss back. He picked her up and carried her out of the office and towards her car. He gently placed her down on the hood of her Mercedes and passionately made out with her. His hands thoroughly inspected her thin body. It didn’t take long for one hand to make its way up her loose blue tank top. He quickly confirmed what he had thought…she was not wearing anything under her shirt.

Nina moaned as his hand caressed her small breasts. She grabbed onto his head and pulled him in for a closer kiss after he gave her nipple a light tweak. While he was playing with her breasts with one hand, the other was trying to work her jeans off. He was finally able to work her zipper loose and tried to pull them down, but they were too tight to remove with only one hand. He slid himself off of her and down to his knees while pulling her jeans down with him. Once they were off, he turned his attention to her pink panties.

Tom pressed his finger against the small wet spot that was beginning to form. Nina jumped at first but quickly adjusted to his touch. He rubbed her pussy for several seconds before swiftly removing the cotton panties from her body. While her panties were being removed, Nina reached down and pulled her tank top off, tossing it in the roof of the car.

Tom looked back at her and saw her beautiful naked body in front of him. He loved seeing her pussy barely covered by a small patch of hair and her perfect b-cup breasts topped by two hard nubs pointing straight forward. It took no time before his mouth met her crotch. Nina lay flat back on the hood as the man’s tongue gently abused her cunt. His tongue quickly worked in and out, touching almost every spot inside of her. She squirmed around every time his nose pressed against her swelling clit (which was basically the whole time). She ran one hand through her own hair while gently biting down on the index finger of her other. She lay there staring up at the ceiling fan slowly spinning above her as jolts of intense pleasure shot through her.

Nina could literally feel the juices drip from her pussy down on the car, forming a puddle that started to run down until it was dripping to the ground. While he was still attacking her pussy, Tom started to remove his own clothing. He pulled away just long enough to pull his t-shirt off, exposing his ripped frame to the young woman. Nina looked up for a second to see him and once she did, she only got more excited. He quickly continued abusing her cunt as he worked off his pants.

The combination of his tongue inside her and his perfect frame in front of her proved to be too much for Nina to handle as she exploded in orgasm, filling his mouth more with her sweet, warm juices. She let out a loud squeal with each twitch of pleasure. She spread her arms out wide above her head and closed her eyes while her body tried to recover. Tom did not let up on his tonguing for several seconds before he stopped.

Nina, with her eyes still closed, took a deep sigh as he removed his mouth from her moist hole. When she recovered, she opened her eyes and looked at him. Tom was now free from all of his clothing and stood in front of her while stroking his seven inch cock. She smiled and licked her lips before sliding down off the hood of her car, on to her knees just inches away from him. She started shuffling towards him as he started to back up. They looked at each other and smiled. Nina got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him as he again backed up. She crawled around in several circles, smiling and reaching for his member for about a minute before he pressed his bare ass against the driver’s side door and stopped.

Nina crawled up to him and grabbed at his feet. She slowly slid both hands up his legs, past his knees, and over his thighs until they reached the prize. Her left hand softly tugged at his balls while her right slid across his throbbing cock. She grasped onto it and stroked it slowly, gradually increasing the pace until she was furiously jerking him off, with a huge smile on her face. She got all the way on her knees and started slapping his cock onto her bare chest with both hands. Once she stopped, she stared it in the hole and slowly drew her face closer.

Tom reached down and rubbed her cheek before she opened her mouth and quickly engulfed his member. She took no time before filling her mouth full of his man meat, roughly sucking every inch she could. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes while sliding him against her tongue. She moved her hands around to his ass and grasped on for dear life before forcing all of him down her throat, holding it for several seconds while moaning. Tom let out a loud groan and closed his eyes.

“Good girl.” He yelled.

Nina pulled him out of her mouth and laughed. She went back to sucking him for another minute or two before she stopped.

“Enough of this…I need you inside me now!” She yelled before standing up and moving him aside. Nina opened the driver’s door to the car and bent over, placing her hands down on the seat. “Fuck me now, Tom.” She said, slowly moving her ass around.

Tom did not need to be told twice. He quickly got behind her and rubbed his slobber-covered cock against her damp pussy. He knelt down and kissed her on the ass before pressing it inside her slowly. Nina moaned softly as she felt herself being filled up. He pressed one hand on her lower back and the other on the roof of the car and slowly fucked the young brunette.

It didn’t take long for Nina to match Tom’s thrusts and they were quickly in sync with each other. It was not the way she had expected to spend her day, but Nina was in heaven as his thick cock slid in and out of her tight pussy. She also loved the feeling of his big balls slapping hard against her bulging clitoris, sending her brain into a stupor. All she could do was stare forward with her mouth wide open, only having small moans escape her.

Tom reached under her and gave each nipple a hard tug, causing her to jump back to reality. He continued tugging on her repeatedly while she screamed in joy. He suddenly stopped and pulled her out of the car. He climbed into the driver’s seat and sat down while Nina crawled on top of him, pressing her chest in his face. She quickly got onto his cock and slammed herself down while beginning to passionately kiss him. Their tongues wrestled around in each other’s mouths as she rode him like a horse.

Nina continued moaning in his mouth as she felt another orgasm on the brink. They eventually broke the kiss and he immediately pressed his lips to her stiff nipples.

“Oh my god! Yes!” She cried as arched her back.

Nina’s ass leaned against the steering wheel, blasting the horn, as she screamed in orgasm for the second time. The horn continued blaring until she came down from the high of her climax and flopped forward. She rested her head on Tom’s shoulders as he took control of the fucking. She buried her nose into his neck and softly purred.

Tom was humping like a man possessed, waiting for his seed to explode from within himself. It wasn’t too much longer before he felt that his time was coming. He thrusted a few more times into her before telling her that he was ready and asking where she wanted it.

“Cum on my chest Tom.” She whispered before climbing off of him and exiting the car.

She was on her knees waiting as the mechanic got out and started jerking off furiously. He aimed his cock down at her beautiful chest and let out a long groan. Nina stared at his member as the first shot of cum hit her square between her breasts. The next shot went out of control and hit her chin, which was not met by ay complaint from his horny target. The remainder of his shots landed in the right spot, covering both breasts with his pearly white seed. She quickly grabbed onto him and wiped any remaining cum from his cock until her hand was covered. She wiped her hands all across her own torso, spreading from her breasts down to her pubic hair.

Nina stood up and met her mechanic with another long kiss, sure to avoid pressing her cum-coated chin against his skin.

“That was amazing Tom.” She said following the kiss, still smiling.

“You sure know how to properly fuck.” He said, causing her to giggle before starting to gather her clothes.

Nina f***ed her jeans and panties into her purse, drawing a questionable look from Tom.

“Aren’t you going to wear those?”

She looked back and him and giggled again. “I need to shower when I get home. Why put these on when I’ll just take them off in a few minutes. I’ll have to wear a shirt because people will see me driving topless, but they can’t see my bottom half.” She bent over to grab her tank top, giving him another look at her abused cunt.

“Do you want a towel from the cum?”

Again, she just giggled. “Nope.” She tossed her loose shirt on over her stained chest. She walked back to him, kissed him again and held her hand out. “Keys?” Tom handed over the keys from floor and kissed her cheek. She responded by slapping his ass lightly and stepping into the car. She reached into her glove compartment and pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. She wrote something down before handing it to him. “That’s my number and address, call me tonight around 8 or 9…I just got a new bed the other day and I’ve been waiting to break it in.” She smiled and shut the door.

Tom knocked on the window, causing her to roll it down.

“What about your boyfriend?” He asked.

“He’s on the other side of the country…he won’t interrupt us.”

Tom walked over to the garage door and opened it up, allowing her to leave. She blew him a kiss before heading home.

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