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The day i got one of my bitches pregnant

Well I’ve just been given some news from one of my sluts that she’s pregnant. I have two sluts both are married and both have nice f****y’s but they have chosen to see to all my needs and make sure they have a smile on there faces, when I text one of them they have to come no matter time, day or weather otherwise they will be punished
One is a welsh woman called Leanne she is 37 and I have put pic’s up of her on my profile the other (who is now pregnant has not been uploaded…yet) her name is Kelly and she is 42 with 2 c***dren and has been married for 24 years.
I’m a male of 21 and have moved to the out shirts of wales (Gloucestershire) from east London. I have always loved sex. I love everything about it and have always loved older woman it’s the fact that a lot our older then my own mother and I’m degrading them by making them suck my cock which has just cum in the virgin arse holes or fucking them in the husbands/c***d’s bed .
I met Kelly at a pub where I was getting her d***k and using my youth to flatter her. It took about 2 hours to get her so d***k that she couldn’t stop smiling then I put on the shy act and told her I wish I was older so I could make her feel more at ease which made Kelly say ‘no your perfect it’s me who’s to old and I’m married why me’ I’ve heard this a lot before so have the routine down to a T. I looked Kelly in the eyes and slowly ran my fingers over her hand and said ‘I have travelled all over the world and have never seen a lady of your beauty and the fact that your older only means its more we can teach each other’ which made Kelly smile and go abit red which I knew now I have hooked her I brought her 2 more drinks which went down a treat then said I will get her a cab Kelly said that she can’t go home d***k and started to cry I slowly rubbed her back and held her close to me I could smell drink on her breath with a tint of her perfume. I slowly held her face up and gave her a gentle kiss then she went in for more. This continued until we got to mine I slowly kissed her neck as we got into my living room which made her softly moan. I slowly undressed her and took her to bed it was a normal routine of me going down on her till her legs shook with pleasure then she returned the favour by sucking my hard cock I could see a tattoo of her husband’s name on her shoulder and I then raised her up and slowly pushed my cock into her loose wet pussy which he gasped as I entered her we fucked most of the night and I came inside her and she seemed to pass out. I took photos of her body on my phone and made sure the tattoo was in them and I put her passed out body in sexual positions and took more.
The next morning I got her phone number and found her on facebook she said it was a onetime thing so this is when I sent her one of the pics of her with my cock in her mouth with the tattoo showing .Kelly phoned me straight away saying delete it which I replied with come round now or your husband will have it sent to his profile which I was greeted with her crying.
Kelly turned up and I told her to undress which made her go red in the face and she did with no problem as she sat the naked I told her to crawl over to me and turn her arse to my direction which she did I ran my finger from her arse hole to her pussy which I noticed was very wet I slowly finger fucked her till she was breathing hard but then I stopped and said put your lips round my cock Kelly looked disappointed as I had not let her cum as she sucked my cock I told her to get ready for me to cum in her pussy then I would give her the pic she did this with a dirty smile on her face as I pumped my hot cum into her I heard her mumble ‘im not a slag im doing this for my marriage’ I then said you can go but took the underwear she came hear wearing. Kelly broke down in tears and I showed her the door and said ill think about giving you the picture.
I have been shagging Kelly for just over 3 months and was shown the baby scan pic with her name and date I’ve told Kelly if she has my baby I will end this and give her all the pictures……………………’s up to you if you think I will honour my word x

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