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Her Own Choice Part 1

18 year old, Safia Memon looked out at the Pine forested mountains and hills of
Murree and took a deep breath of clean mountain air. She exhaled and smiled to
herself. It was still early morning, her parents, and s****r and b*****rs were
all asl**p, enjoying the peace and quiet of Murree after the hustle and bustle
of city life in Lahore. How different the world looked up here far from Lahore,
way down on the hot dusty plains of Northern Pakistan.

She strained her ears to catch the faint distant sound of someone hammering.

She turned around slowly on the patio of the lodge the f****y were staying at,
holding herself as the fresh cool air made her skin goose pimply.

She was just savouring the feel of her hardened nipples pressing through her
clothing against her arms when a male voice saying “Hello.” startled her.

Safia found herself looking into the face of a white man, as he walked slowly
towards the railings of the patio and looked over the edge at the steep incline

“Long way down” The man said smiling at her.

Safia had instinctively adjusted her Dupatta (long head scarf) on her head and
pulled a portion of it across her face so that only her dark brown almond shaped
eyes showed.

Her heart was racing as she stared at the white man near her. He was roughly her
height 5ft 6inches. With shoulder length light brown hair; and smiling light
brown eyes. But what struck Safia was the sight of his white legs. She had never
seen a man’s legs in her life; well not above the knees, at least. Yet here was
this man, calmly sitting on the railings of the patio in a vest and the shortest
shorts she had ever seen.

His muscular white thighs were exposed right up to the hip, and when he casually
raised a leg and rested it on the back of a nearby chair, his knee level with
his shoulders, she saw his white briefs through the leg hole of his shorts.

Safia’s eyes drank in the sight as she felt her pussy pulsate and her nipples
harden again.

“Do you speak English?” The man asked. Raising his arms above his head and

Safia gasped as she saw the brown hairs in his armpit.

She nodded and mumbled a ‘yes’. Before quickly turning and dashing off to her
room, terrified that someone might see her talking to a half dressed foreigner.

From the safety of her room, she peeped out at the white man still out on the
patio. He stood up, yawned, and stretched. Walking off towards his room, he
scratched his groin and adjusted his shorts.

Safia felt her face flush and suddenly felt very hot.

Throwing her Dupatta on the bed, where her s****r was still asl**p. She walked
into the bathroom and washed her face. She stared at her reflection in the
mirror and contemplated her features.

She was fair skinned with almond shaped dark brown eyes; with long eyelashes and
neatly plucked eyebrows.

Her lips were soft and full, her teeth sparkling white, and her nose straight
and perfectly sized for her oval shaped face.

Her hip length silky black hair was tied in a loose bun, hung low at back of her
head. She always tied that way.

As she stared at the reflection in the mirror; She found her thoughts drifting
back to the white man. She saw his white thighs and the white brief under wear
beneath his shorts. She saw him scratch his balls and felt a weakness in her
knees as her pussy itched and creamed.

Stripping off her cloths she stepped into the shower and let the Luke warm water
wash over her body. Her 34, 25, 34 figure was something she was proud of. She
ran soapy hands over her breasts and teased her nipples. Then her hands moved
down over her flat stomach down between her slim smooth thighs to the hairless
cunt between.

She moaned softly as her fingers made contact with the hot itchy flesh of her
virgin pussy.

There, like so many times before, her fingers slipped between the wet slippery
lips of her slit and teased the hard button of her clit. Waves of pleasure raced
through her body as her fingers expertly toyed with her button.

Biting her lips to stop her moans of pleasure escaping, she sat down in the
shower, her back against the tiled wall, the cold tiles making her shiver as she
rubbed her clit and pressed her hard nipples, squeezing her breasts and shutting
her eyes tightly.

Years ago, alone in her bathroom in Lahore, she had discovered this secret joy.
A heat and itch that had worried her for days after nights filled with sexy
dreams had finally found relief when her fingers had hesitantly explored and
stroked her pussy and her slit.

As her fingers speeded up and rubbed her hole and clit, her mind filled with the
images of male bodies, only now she saw the smiling eyes of the white man and
his white body naked before her, touching her, kissing her and toying with her
clit and probing her virgin opening.

The crisis came and panting and squirming she came, her juice flooding out of
her virgin hole all over her fingers.

After regaining control of her breathing, she slowly stood up and washed her
body. The dull feeling of pleasure slowing leaving her, as the warm water washed
over her.

Over the next few days, Safia saw the foreigner quite often on the patio,
walking in the town, sitting in the lodge dinning hall.

Whenever he saw her he would smile, luckily, no one seemed to notice, and she
never responded. But a smile would form on her lips as she blushed and covered
her mouth with her dupatta.

The days were spent looking out for him and hoping in her heart to see him smile
at her again.

Her nights became an endless series of romantic sexual dreams with him and her.
Often she would end up, slipping her hands between her legs and playing with
herself until she came.

Maybe a week had passed when Safia, unable to sl**p came out onto the veranda.
It was about 1am and the whole lodge seemed to be fast asl**p.

From the veranda, she could look down on the main street in Murree town, still
alive with activity and brilliantly lit. The night was cloudless with a bright
full moon lighting everything up in a romantic relaxing way.

She sighed and began to slowly pace along the veranda, lost in thought. Her
holiday was coming to an end. Soon she would be back in hot, busy Lahore and
what was more, her mother had told her that her marriage was being arranged with
a cousin.

She knew the cousin. Sohail was perhaps 7 or 8 years older then her. Ok looking
with an average height and darkish complexion. The fact that he was unattractive
to her was not important to her parents. He had a good job and was part of the
f****y. His marriage to her would be one of the many threads in the web that
held the whole clan together. If only he looked like the Englishman. If only he
had eyes like him. Lips like his. A body like him.

She shuddered. The thought of the Englishman white thighs and white arms always
made her hot.

Perhaps the next holiday in Murree would be as a wife not a single woman.

As she walked along the veranda, she found that she had come further then
intended. She cursed herself for letting her mind wander.

Just as she was about to turn around and head back, she saw the Englishman (as
she had named him) sitting on a boulder on the hill side that sloped away up
from the lodge.

He was staring in her direction; she hesitated and adjusted her dupatta.

She bit her lips. Her heart began to pump faster and she felt her face blush as
she walked down off the veranda and up the hill side.

He was smiling at her as she approached. His face lit by the moonlight his eyes
sparkling as he said “Can’t sl**p too?”

She nodded and stood a short distance from him. His voice so warm yet manly drew
her eyes to his lips. Her stomach fluttered as she felt suddenly very warm
between her legs. He was so close. So handsome.

“My name is Mike, Michael really but call me Mike” He said softly but clearly.

“Mike” She repeated and then said “My name is Shireen” Now why had she lied?

She hadn’t meant to lie, it had just come out. She felt embarrassed.

“Nice name” Mike said softly, his voice carried a hot sensuousness she had heard
before in “Dumb calls” from strange boys all saying “I love you’ followed
quickly by a request for ‘friendship’. Somehow the way it was said always meant
that more was on their mind then just friendship.

Safia contemplated her next move. Her mind racing through conflicting thoughts
and desires.

She stepped forwards and, sat down with her back to him, looking down at the
lodge. The lodge was in total silence. All the lights except a few dim veranda
lights were off.

Mike stood up and looked around him. Safia looked at him. He was in a t-shirt
and a pair of loose cotton pants obviously a sl**p suit.

She stared at the front of his pants and wondered what his manhood looked like.
She had never seen a grown man’s penis.

The girls who were married, told her how stiff and hot it was. How painful it
was to take one into their vaginas. But apart from being hard, hot, and painful
she had no idea what it was like.

Her married friends would sigh and say that eventually it was wonderful to have
it in you but that, told her no more then she already suspected.

Mike suddenly said “Anything wrong?”

She looked away but when she finally looked at him again, he was smiling at her
as he said “You are a shy girl, aren’t you?”

She got to her feet and felt his hand gently catch her arm as he said “Don’t

Safia looked at his hand and at his face, her mouth parted and her nipples
hardened as she felt wetness between her legs.

He gently guided her into his embrace and kissed her softly on the lips.

Safia didn’t struggle or make a sound as he kissed her and gently pulled her
harder against him

Safia’s head was spinning as she allowed herself to be pushed gently to the soft
grassy ground. Mike was kissing her again, on her neck and cheeks. She felt
herself shudder as his hands moved gently over her body stroking her arms,
stomach, and waist. Her dupatta had slipped to the ground as he took her into
his arms.

She sighed as he nibbled and licked at her ears. When his hands began to squeeze
her breasts and press down on her hard nipples she almost came. This was so much
better then her own hands and yet, her cloths were still on.

He kissed her lips and teased his tongue into her mouth. Safia’s eyes went wide
with fright. What was this? What was he doing? No one had mentioned this to her

He eased back stroking her face with his fingers soothing her with soft words
from a smiling face. His warm breath close to her skin as he calmed her

Safia struggled to get up, grabbing her dupatta as she did so. Mike stood up and
helped her to her feet.

They walked in silence to the lodge below. Mike saying goodnight as he dropped
her at her door, before he went down along the veranda and stepping off it; went
around the corner to the path leading to his room.

In her room, Safia stared at herself in the mirror. Her cloths were damp and
grass stained and her face flushed red.

She held onto the sink as her knees trembled and her heart raced. She felt so
alive and so scared at the same time. If she hadn’t pushed him away, where might
she have ended up?

She had felt something hard and very hot pressing against her thighs as he
kissed her. He had been pressing it against her, trying to move it between her
thighs. She was sure it could only be his penis. Her stomach trembled and her
pussy got even wetter at the thought of his cock so near to her virgin choot

She pushed her fingers down her shalwar to her choot. It was unbelievably wet
and hot. As her fingers teased her slit, she felt her knees almost give way as
she came hot and sticky over her fingers.

As she washed her face and hands, and fought to gain control of her emotions she
found herself thinking over and over about his lips on hers; his hands exploring
her body and his Lund, his manhood, pressing ever closer to her choot.

Had she seen a large bulge in the front of his trouser in the moonlight, on the
way home or had she imagined it?

She couldn’t sl**p. Her mind was filled with pictures pf Mike. They were kissing
touching stroking and finally doing ‘it’, all in her thoughts. He was in every
thought and his smiling face and soothing words replayed over and over in her

Looking at the bedside clock she saw it was 3am. Nearly an hour had passed since
Mike had left her at the door. An hour in which she had tossed and turned.
Teased her slit and nipples mercilessly and still found her mind full of Mike
fucking her.

She made a decision. She got up and dressed only in her shalwar kamiz night suit
she raced along the moonlit path to Mike’s room. Her heart was banging in her
chest; she eyes scanned the path and the other lodge rooms, had anyone seen her?

At the end of the path she froze. There were three rooms in the cabin like
building. He hadn’t told her his room number. What would she do? Tears began to
fill her eyes. She fought to hold them back as she crept forward to the first

Suddenly the second door opened and Mike came out wearing only a pair of boxer
shorts. He had a cigarette in his hands and didn’t see Safia at first as he
walked out onto the cabins veranda.

Safia stepped towards him he turned, startled, and seeing her, smiled and
looking quickly around, as he dropped and stamped out his cigarette he pulled
her into his dimly lit room.

Closing the door, he pressed her up against it and kissed he passionately on the
mouth. His hands stroking her breasts and hips as he kissed her.

Safia ran her hands over his smooth white skinned back and felt his hands move
down and over her buttocks and squeeze them.

“I want you baby” he whispered hotly in her ears “I need you baby”

“Oh baby baby” He said over and over as he squeezed her bottom and kissed her
face and neck.

Safia felt him press his erection hard against her choot (cunt) rubbing her with
it. Her pussy was already wet with cum and burning for relief.

He moved her to the bed and struggled with her top. “How do you get it off he
asked. Alternating kisses with his search for a zipper, or other fastening.

Safia pushed him back and taking the hem of her knee length shirt (kamiz) in her
hands she lifted it up and pulled it off like a t-shirt. She suddenly felt very
vulnerable and shy as she stood topless in front of Mike.

She looked away as her arms folded across her chest and covered her breasts.

Stepping forwards Mike embraced her and kissed her easing her arms away from her
breasts he looked and them and said “They are beautiful”

He then began to fondle and squeeze the full perky globes of flesh with his
hands, his thumbs brushing over her hard brown nipples as he bent his head to
lick and suck them.

Safia closed her eyes and ran her hands over his neck and shoulders as he sucked
her nipples.

She was breathing faster and harder, the waves of pleasure washing over her as
Mike murmured and fondled her breasts.

She felt him pull her hard against him, his hands sliding down her back under
the elastic waist band of her shalwar onto her full soft buttocks of beneath.

His mouth pressed against hers as she felt his fingers dig into and pull at her

Then one hand moved around her hips and onto the flat of her lower stomach
before pushing down between her legs onto the hot sweaty skin of her vagina.

His fingers found her slit and teased it with gentle stroking movements before
pressing on her clitoris.

It was like a sudden charge of electric current hit her body. He pussy came as
his fingers teased clit, slit and her virgin hole.

“Oh baby’ he groaned “You want it so bad.”

He eased her onto the bed and lay down half on half off her at her side. His
mouth resumed sucking her nipples as his hand continued to play with her pussy.

Safia, withered in pleasure as he teased her wet hot opening, the tip of his
finger probing the cum lubricated opening.

He trailed kisses down her body, over her sweat streaked breast and stomach and
then knelling at the foot of the bed he tugged her shalwar down..... She
clutched at it and shook her head in a half hearted ‘no’.

Her conscience told her to stop now before she went too far and lost her
virginity but her body and mind screamed at her to let him take her.

“It’s ok” Mike whispered “I won’t f***e you” With that he stopped tugging and
stood up. With a gentle smile on his face.

Safia relented and pushed her shalwar down slightly; Mike then tugged it off

Safia’s hand covered her pussy as he stared at her shapely light brown legs and
stroked the soft flesh of her thighs.

“Let me see it” he asked in a hushed whisper. “Let me see you” his hands gently
moved her hand away and his eyes stared as he eased her legs apart to reveal her
virgin pussy to his hungry eyes.

Before Safia understood what was happening he leaned between her legs and kissed
her hairless choot (vagina)

“It’s beautiful “he said “Just beautiful.”

His word made her smile with a sense of grateful pride. No one had ever told her
she was beautiful there. Naturally, who had ever seen her there?

As she opened her legs wider, he leaned in and kissed her again on her cunt.
Then his tongue darted out and he licked her slit softly and slowly and she just
lost her mind with joy.

He licked her again and again, his hands holding her legs apart as his mouth
worked on her vagina.

Safia pushed a balled up fist in her mouth and bit hard to stop herself crying
out in pleasure.

None of her friends had told her this. No one had even hinted at it. She had
never imagined that a man would want to lick and suck a woman there. She had
never thought that it would be so pleasurable. Her free hand played with his
hair, how amazing it was to be licked by a man.

It went on for what seemed like hours to her, so lost in the joy of it, that
she, lost track of time.

His tongue had been replaced by his fingers teasing her entrance as he tickled
her clit with his tongue.

The pleasure built up and up inside her. The pressure getting greater and
greater with every flick of his tongue, every probe of his finger tip...

Safia came harder then she had ever done before; her body drenched in sweat and
her breathing ragged.

He stood up again, as she finished Cumming.

Safia gasped. There poking up through the slit in his boxers was his manhood. It
was bigger then she imagined it would be. Not at all like a baby’s penis. (Her
only experience of a male organ).

He pushed the waist band of his shorts down and pulled them off before kneeling
beside her on the bed.

Safia suddenly reached out and touched it without thinking. It was so hard and
so hot. The brown hair of his groin framed it’s white throbbing shaft and
bulbous red head, a perfect background for his throbbing shaft. At the base, she
saw his ball sack up tight and hairy, against his shaft.

Her eyes stared and stared at it all as she lay there naked on the sweat soaked
bed sheets.

She suddenly felt very scared as he moved over her and between her legs, his
lips kissing her mouth and his groin resting against hers.

“First time?” he asked His warm brown eyes looking deeply into hers.

“Yes” she whispered “Please….be….gentle”

She had already made up her mind and made her decision. Her parents had arranged
her life since c***dhood. She didn’t doubt their best intentions. They were
doing what their parents had done; and so on back through time.

Yet something inside her wanted this one piece of her life for herself. She
would spend a lifetime as a devoted, loyal wife and mother but this small part
of her life she wanted, she would decide the time and place of her deflowering.
She would give her virginity to the man she chose. Here in the Murree hills she
would loose her virginity to the Englishman she would never see again but would
always remember.

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