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My 84 Year Old Lover

So how did I end up living with my 84 year old lover? It started when our clarinet choir was looking for a new practice venue. We booked our local community hall, and there was Mabel to open the hall and lock up when we finished. Mabel was the stand in as Anne the usual hall keeper was away. Mabel would have been stunning in her prime, still naturally blonde, petite, a quiet and private person and she had definitely caught my eye. I made sure I was last to leave and Mabel was in the kitchen area tidying up. She was standing over the table and I came up behind her to say thanks and goodbye. I reached round her and gently let my hand brush against her tiny breasts. She had no bra on, just a cotton vest over a silk camisole and bare legs with a soft cotton skirt. Mabel made no movement away from my hand so I thought I had nothing to lose. I gentle cupped both her little breasts that would have been so firm in her younger years but were now empty and lying against her chest. Her nipples grew as I rubbed them and Mabel gently backed into me to feel my hard cock lean into her small arse. My hands searched under her vest and camisole and rubbed those nipples into solid little lumps. Her hands searched behind her to feel my now throbbing cock. I lifted her tops off to reveal those hard nipples and I ran my hands down her sides and lifted the skirt up over her hips. Sliding my fingers down into her pants, through the thin wisps of hair and into her soft wet cunt I now had a choice to make. Do I slip my cock into that beautiful cunt from behind and take the quick shag while I fondle those little tits or do I turn her round and give her the orgasm. I turned her round and slipped her skirt and pants down to the floor and gave her the orgasm watching those beautiful little tits before shooting my load into her. Was this a quick one off? Not a chance, within two weeks Mabel had moved in with me and the sex is absolutely brilliant. Me, I am 51 and am loving my sex with 84 year old Mabel

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