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Tedra the Hermaphrodite

I stood under the hot shower and let the needle like spray soothe my tired muscles! "What a day," I sighed while cupping my full breasts and stepping onto the bath mat to dry off! While toweling off I admired my trimmer form in the full length mirror, smiling to myself when thinking about last night when Ted had taken her hard and fast bent over the back of the couch, bringing on a series of orgasms that had left her limp as an old wash cloth!!! my eyes moved from my full heavy chest and worked their way down to my crotch, where incredibly, my penis was now growing thick and hard just above her dripping vagina!!! With my right hand I grabbed my thickening erection while with my left, I buried my fingers in my down sloppy wet quim, as my head rolled from side to side on my slim shoulders while both hands and fingers worked their magic on my dual set of sex organs!!! It was always this way for my, a huge erection coupled with a wet cunt that also demanded my attention!!! Half walking and stumbling, I struggled to my bed where I quickly inserted a large thick vibrator into my pussy, and as my fist flew over my thick hardon, both sets of sex organs spasmed in unison as load after load of hot spunk shot all the way up to my heaving breasts!!! With my eyelids growing heavy, I nodded off into a deep sl**p with my vibrator still humming softly inside me, and while but an hour later, and still in sl**p induced stupor, my vagina convulsed one more time, as another orgasm twisted my groin into a knot!!! The vibrator then slid helplessly from my pussy, and finally I was able to fall into a deep restful slumber!!! Being a true hermaphrodite had its drawbacks, but I had resigned to myself early I life that while I would not be able to marry and have c***dren, I could partake of sexual pleasures that ordinary men and women could only dream of!!! I had a close circle of friends who knew of my condition, and it was with them that I shared a very special relationship, both physically and spiritually!!! Johnathan, my steady boyfriend, reveled in the fact that he was fucking a woman in her pussy even though I had a bigger cock than he did, and while he certainly wasn't gay, it seemed only natural that he would take my erection in his mouth and suck her off, after all, I wasn't a man at all, just a woman with a little bit extra!!! In panties and bra I looked so feminine and yet, when I became aroused my erection would give her away as the banana size organ fought to free itself from its nylon prison!!! From the outside it would appear as if I were just another pre-op transsexual, but when my panties were slid from my womanly hips and my erection popped free, where normally used to hang a set of testicles, was instead a fully functional vagina, complete with clitoris and full labia!!! It was the incongruity of it all that set her apart, the look on people's faces when seeing her for the first time, or the hundredth for the that matter, it was always a stunning sight to see!!! "Tedra, would you please come in here, I have some dick-tation for you to take!?!" Picking up my pad and pencil, I entered the plush office of my boss as I had done every morning for the past three years!!! Sitting in a chair next to the large mahogany desk was Phyllis Webster, Henry Webster's fifty year old wife!!! "Good morning, sir, ma'am," I said softly while waiting for further instructions!!! "Yes, it is a good morning," Phyllis Webster replied nervously while licking her lips, "and how are you today my dear, ready for some fun I hope!?!" "Anything you want, ma'am," I replied softly, "I'd be happy to do anything Madame would like!!!" As the two woman fell silent, Henry Webster asked in almost a whisper, "Are you erect, dear, is your penis all hard and ready to be sucked!?!" After placing my pad on the edge of Mr. Webster's desk, I slowly lifted the hem of my skirt until it was way above my waist, exposing my panty clad crotch to the two hungry perverts drooling before her!!! "Oh, fuck," Phyllis gasped, "I just can't get enough of her, just look at her panties, she's got a boner and a half in there, christ alive, I'm already dripping wet!!!" Tedra, dear," Henry asked softly, "would it be all right if Mrs. Webster removed your panties, you seem to have very full erection hidden in there, and it would very sad to let such a fine hardon go to waste don't you think!?!" With a slight moan, I nodded my head and waited for the cunt/cock crazy old bitch to pull off my satin, hight cut panties and take me in her mouth!!! Henry Webster looked on slack jawed as his wife knelt in front of me while gently nursing on my nine inch erection, and fumbling with the zipper to his trousers as he struggled to extract his rapidly thickening pecker, and a nice one it was. Almost at long as mine and even thicker, with thick rope like veins twining around the now throbbing shaft and a nice huge mushroom shaped head that was slowly turning an angry purple!!! "Suck her, Phyl," he muttered while jerking his hardon, "make her blow it into your mouth, suck that fucking bitch's dick off!!!" "Do you want to cum, dear," he asked me softly while fisting my thick, throbbing cock!?! "Yessssssss," I hissed through clenched teeth, "but my pussy needs it too!!!" "Don't worry about your pussy," he replied softly, "as soon as you fill her mouth, I'll give you this!!!" My's legs wobbled momentarily as the first blast of cum rocketed into Phyllis Webster's mouth, causing the old bitch to involuntarily gag while her throat was flooded with stream after stream of hot burning semen!!! I fell backwards onto the desk with my legs splayed wide apart, giving Henry Webster wide open access to my now drenched pussy!!! "Ohhhhhhhh," I moaned as he entered me roughly, "t-that feels so good, oh yes, fuck my cunt, fill we with your hot virile man sperm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!!!" As the old man fucked my hot pussy, and as was usually the case, my penis instantly regained it's rigidity!!! Phyllis was still on the floor with her legs spread and her skirt up, furiously fingering her own pussy while watching her husband boning his dual sexed slut secratary for all he was worth as a little line of drool slid down her chin as she stared transfixed at the incredible sight unfolding before her!!! Henry's eyes bugged out of his head as he looked down to see his own pecker plowing in and out of my hot slut pussy, while my now angry pecker was sticking straight up at a right angle to his own!!! "Jerk it," Phyllis ordered, "jerk your fucking dick for me you fucking little slut!!!" "I-if you want it jerked, do it yourself you old cunt," I managed to moaned as my pussy cum quickly approached!!! In what can only be called surprising speed for a woman her age, Phyllis Webster hopped to her feet and grabbed my throbbing cock and began jerking it wildly as her husband slammed his meat in and out of me!!! "J-jesus christ, you two are going to kill me," I heard myself moan loudly while watching the two hot bl**ded seniors working my organs towards climax, "I-I'm really close, now, oh god, I'm so close!!!" Phyllis finger was now literally flying over her pussy, but as many times as they had performed this little act, today I went completely over the edge as I hopped up on the desk and while facing towards her husband, lowered her dripping pussy onto my now straining erection!!! Phyllis made and audible "oomph" as her pussy engulfed my thickness, and in a fit of absolute passion, the old bitch tore open her blouse and ripped open her bra allowing her huge sagging breasts to fall free against her husband's lurching body!!! I was now slipping quickly into a state of massive sexual overdrive as my pussy and cock were being serviced to the max by the now totally driven couple!!! Feeling at the same time like a super stud and a helpless pussy would be hard to fathom except that in this case, I was being ravished by Henry's cock while my own pecker was being ridden like a bitch in heat by Phyllis!!! Phylllie threw her arms around her husband neck, and as he pistoned in and out of the burning cunt, she pressed her huge chest to his and covered his mouth with a deep French kiss as her own hot bottom bounced up and down on my thick fuck pole!!! Even though this was pretty much and everyday thing between us three, Phyllis' hopping up and riding my huge hot pecker while her husband fucked his hot little bitch had put a special charge into everyone!!! During moments of extreme sexual tension it was sometimes hard for me to distinguish between the two orgasms building like tsunamis in my groin, but today they were two very distinct waves that were rushing through me towards the beach of orgasmic pleasure!!! Henry began grunting as the pace of his fucking grew more intense, while Phyllis sensing her husband was about to lose his seed, felt her cunt spasm and convulse as she her own climax swept through her, all of which combined to induce my pussy and cock to wrench simultaneously in a viciously brutal combination climax that left me panting like a dog and shaking like a leaf!!! He slammed into me one last time and I felt his huge cock swell deep deep inside me as it throbbed and pulsed with each jet of hot sperm he shot into my clenching pussy. Henry finally pulled his spent, wet cock from my flooded pussy and collapsed to the floor, totally spent and drained, while the hot mouthed little cunt, Phyllis cleaned up my pussy and cock with her hot tongue!!! Henry finally struggled to his feet and pulled on his clothes as I offered, "From now on I think your wife can handle the "dick" tation, don't you, boss!?!" He just chuckled and replied, "And she can take it in French, too!!!"

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