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Finding a fuck buddy

Finding a fuck buddy.

As a single man (wife not interested or bothered) I thought life was passing me by. I decided to find a lady that enjoyed sex as much as I did. You would think that an easy task but no – couples always meet as couples, lots of ladies look for a bi experience and single ladies very rarely meet for real.
However one day I was lucky enough to talk to you and your partner and he stupidly agreed to a 3-some – boy what a lucky day.
I arrive at your house at the designated time – 1:30pm – and ring the doorbell. Hubby opens the door and accepts the bottle of wine I proffer. As he puts it in the kitchen you indicate that I should sit next to you – wow I notice that you are dressed to thrill and kill! – white blouse, no bra, short skirt, obvious stockings and suspenders and high heels. That just equalled an instant hard on!
Hubby returns with some nicely filled wine glasses and I notice his demeanour – he looks very hung over which explains why he agreed to share you! Any man in a sober and right minded state wouldn’t!
We all make some small talk but hubby seems more interested in something on the internet. I cough, lean forward, swap my wine glass from one hand to the other and slide my hand behind your bottom – you look to see if hubby has noticed, he hasn’t - so you settle back and lift your bum slightly so that my fingers are between your legs. I slowly move them backwards and forwards and ease your skirt right up leaving me a clear run to your pussy. However I just fondle through your panties and notice how wet you are. There is a silence in the room but hubby gets up and asks in anyone wants more wine – with big smiles we both say yes please and hand him our glasses. As he goes outside we both look at each other and kiss deeply – you slowly stroking my hardness through my jeans.

Hubby returns and slumps back into his seat by the laptop – he’s obviously annoyed by his decision to let me come round and is making no pretence. You look at me and lift your buttocks again – I happily oblige and ease my hand back under you. This time I have a bit more freedom and can slowly open your lips with my fingers – just as I do that I ask how long have you lived in this area – you seem unable to talk but hubby says, without turning round, ‘a few years’. You look at me with open wide open eyes but I just wink and smile back. By now my fingers are working overtime and are inside and outside your panties, probing you, fingering you, stroking your clit – you are struggling to stop moaning. It is not the most sophisticated foreplay but the situation is heightening it to almost orgasmic proportions. You stare at the bulge in my trousers but you know you cannot touch – you have the pictures and can well imagine what lies beneath.

I drink my wine in one go and through eye contact tell you to do the same – you do – I nod towards the kitchen and you understand immediately – you get up and ask hubby if he wants another – he downs his and says yes! You bring another three wines in and sit straight on my hand – naughty girl you’ve taken your panties off! This time I can start to finger you properly. One finger, two fingers , slowly in and out – pushing at your pussy walls, opening you up even more. I can feel you getting wetter and my fingers slide in and out even faster, the I stop and move my forefinger up through your lips and find your clit – wow it’s bl**dy hard already. A few strokes of it and I nod towards hubby – you look and he’s nearly asl**p! I continue to rub until you find it very hard to stop the gasps escaping your throat – then I know you are ready! A quick look to make sure hubby really is in a world of his own and we both stand up and go into the kitchen.
You stand with your hands braced against the sink, I ease your skirt up, unzip myself and rub my tip around you beautiful pussy. Time is short so I slide the whole of me into in one go, stretching you, filling you – you contract your muscles to hold me in. I start to slowly fuck you whilst rubbing your clit at the same time – you start to push back and you can feel me reaching parts inside you that only dildo have been before. We hear a sound from the other room – I start to pump harder and you grab a teatowel and stuff it in your mouth – I feel a warm sensation as you cum and join your straight away – spurting my spunk deep inside you as you bite on the towel.
We both return to the room with full wine glasses and make a bit more small talk. Hubby says that he’s sorry that ‘you’ wasted my time – I say it’s not a problem and that it often happens.
As you both show me to the door I motion my head downwards to let you know that my cum is dribbling down your thighs! Not the most romantic or long fuck but we both know that we will get together again – on our own or with a lady to quench your bi curiosity – now we both have a fuck buddy!

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