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First Femdom!!

I have a great fantasy of being dominated by a woman that I meet in a bar after work! After a few cocktails we both realize that there is a spark between us and the conversation is easy and flowing.

From the look of her I can tell she holds some sort of powerful job, maybe a senior manager or even a director at a company in the city! She can hold an intellectual, while not being to serious and still have a laugh. So as the bar starts to empty I suggest we go back to mine where we can relax with a view of the city and have a few more cheeky drinks. I could see her thinking about the offer and after a brief second her reply was "sure what’s the worst that could happen":D

Two minutes later she is stood on my balcony taking in the view as I am pouring us a drink. As I join her she takes the drink out of my hand and its gone in one! The next thing I know she has slammed me up against the window and we are locked in a passionate kiss! I have a door straight off the balcony and into my bedroom which i use to my advantage, and then see is on top! At this point I am thinking that all my dreams have come true as I am lay there with my shirt off, not noticing that she has slide two ties out of my wardrobe!! As see ties my first hand to the bed I look at her and she knows what am thinking, after all I have only just met this women. She looks at me and says "relax.....i'll play nice". I think fuck whats the worst that can happen and just go with the flow!

She ties both of my hands very tightly to the corners of the bed and removes the rest of my clothes! I feel slightly exposed but still love it! After she looks over my body like she is approving it, she starts to her suit showing some very nice and expensive underwear! The feeling of looking at her stood at the bottom of my bed showing off her fantastic curves but not being able to touch was an immense feeling. This is where she changed!!

She striped then climbed onto the bed and hovered just over my face! Just centimeters away from my tongue! I could she her grinning with pleasure knowing that all I wanted her to do was lower herself onto my lips so my warm tongue could explore and press against her clit. As my legs kicked and i fought with the make shift restrains I could she her getting more and more excited, I could actually see her getting wet without me even touching her! After five minutes of teasing me and her asking if I want to kiss and lick her pussy she lowered herself down and was sitting on my face! At first it was great but then I was struggling to breath and she knew it! As I started to struggle for breath she would slap my body or cock and tell me to stop moving and do what am told. Each time I thought I was going to pass out she would lift up and allow a single breathe and swap from her pussy to arse!! This when on 15 minutes with her swapping from her arse to pussy each minute!

I was lay there with my face covered in hot juices and she came after really rubber her pussy into my face, thinking that i was getting abused and violated but I was secretly loving every minute of it.

Her next words filled me with excitement "because you have been a good boy am going to treat you" she then took my cock in her hand and put her lips around the head and began to suck!! IT WAS AMAZING! She was playing with my balls while sucking up and down, after all the teasing I was rock hard and ready to blow but she would let me. After feeling the twitches in my knob she grabbed tight and said "you didn't think it was going to be that easy did you? You can come when i say you can!" She climbs back on top and started to rub my knob against her pussy, just putting the tip in then pulling it out and rubbing it against her arsehole. As she is doing this she looks at me and says “pussy or arse? I don't know why am I asking you it’s my choice! Pussy I think" as soon as she had finished the sentence she slid me deep inside her! After a couple of bounces she looked at me very serious and said "if you come before am finished with you I’ll leave you tied to the bed and leave!" She carried on doing what she wanted and all I could do was look on. She was bouncing away while one hand was rubbing her clit and the other had a firm hold on one of her boobs. I had to close my eyes and think other things to stop me from coming but all she did was increase the pace! I was so close when she stopped, leaned over and whispered "right you can fill me now! I want to fill that warm thick feeling inside of me" She got off her knees into a squat position and really started to bounce! I was already so close but looking down and seeing my cock moving in and out of her pussy and the noise of how wet she was set me off!! I let out a large groan as my orgasm went on for a few minutes and I shot the largest load I ever had. When it was all done I just lay there twitching as she leaned over and softly kicked my neck! After only 30 seconds of lying there she jumped off the bed and started to get dressed??? Still a bit dazed from what had just happened she was fully dressed before I said anything! "You don't have to leave, you can stay the night?" she just laughed and as i thought she was about to leave without untying me, she un-did one of my hands. Before i had undone the other i heard the door shut and she was gone!!!

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