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Bad Day

Karen was furious and in an evil temper and everyone who knew her, in this type of mood stayed out of the way if they still wanted their head left. That lying cheating limp dick of a fucking husband of hers had been cheating on her with some fucking Bulgarian stripper and was leaving her for the fuck slut, and he said he was in love with her and wanted her out of the house so he could move her in. Well he had no fucking chance of that, as she phoned a Solicitor and was told to stay put and not move she was going to bleed that fucker drier.
Karen had already called her daughter Diana and told her that her beloved daughter had a fuck slut and was divorcing her, but Diana had always been a fucking Dad’s girl said he might finally find happiness away from her and hung up. Karen went ballistic at this and was ready to kill, when Dan the driver happened to walk past and he took the full brunt of her temper. Dan was 38, and had been a chauffeur for 15 years and seen it all with these rich types and nothing phased him, in fact he had fucked their daughter in the back of their car on her 18th birthday and Diana had always a kind word for him and a nice blow job and fuck session when they were alone, but now she was engaged to some fucking chinless wonder who had the IQ of a squashed tomato, but was an heir to a vast fortune. He knew she was fucking the gardener and maid as well as chinless had a pencil dick three inches big, she told him and she liked it rough and hard.
Dan was divorced, but on good terms with his ex wife and they occasional had a d***ken sex session and both the next day swore it would never happen again, but it always did. He tried to kept fit in the gym four days a week, and worked at his cardio more than muscle tone, and he was popular at the gym as he was always funny and willing to help people. He had affairs with a couple of the women and they must have talked as the word seemed to have got around he was good lover, not hugely endowed at 7” but he knew what to do with it and how to get a woman to climax. Also some were just curious whether his tops and tails matched, as few had ginger haired lovers and were delighted when they found out he did, but he kept it mainly shaved.
Karen saw Dan walk past and called him in and just started laying into him about his uniform and the state of the car and his general demeanor. Dan just stood there and took it as he knew about Henry’s affair, as he fucked the same stripper a few times after dropping Henry back to Karen. Her body was hot and she knew how to fuck, but all she was interested in was money, hence why she had her claws in Henry. As he was thinking this his eyes glazed over and did not see Karen raise her hand and slap him across the face and scream at him “to fucking pay attention to her as she was his boss now, and it would be so easily to replace his ass”.
Karen was working herself up into a huge head of steam and Dan was getting the full blast. “What the fuck are, you doing upstairs anyway I have not called for you. Your place is downstairs in the fucking kitchen, or washing the fucking car and servicing it to ensure it is running perfectly not wondering around the house like you fucking own it.” Karen saw his eyes glaze over and she just struck him across the face, how dare he ignore her, the fucking guy would have his notice by the end of the week and then let him find another job, he would be lucky to drive a taxi after she finished.
The slap brought Dan back to where he was and saw the other blow coming but did not move fast enough as it struck him across the face again. Enough of this shit he thought, and as Karen swung her arm again he caught her arm, and twisted her around by the arm. Karen was caught out by his move and was suddenly in his arms. One was holding her right arm up her back the other around her stomach holding her against him and she felt something pushing against her ass and it kept getting bigger. Then it dawned on Karen it was his cock, Dan was excited by holding her like this, which made Karen even more furious, as she knew he was fucking at least one of her staff, and had been trying to catch them out, for weeks. “Let go of me know you fucking sick pervert, otherwise I will fire your fucking ass right now, as I am sick of all fucking men and your fucking brain in your pants.”
Dan knew if he let her go she would attack him again, and to be honest he was enjoying her struggles and often wondered what it would be like to fuck Karen as she was a stuck up bitch, who need a good hard fuck in his opinion. As she had a huge rack and often flashed them in low cut tops and her legs, although short where in nice shape she had just let her stomach and ass go. Mind you he did not mind a woman with a fat ass as it was better than some skinny women who thought stick insect was the height of sexiness. Without thinking, Dan pulled his arm away from her stomach and slapped her ass hard, not once but four times before Karen stopped struggling.
Karen felt his hand move from her stomach typical fucking wimp she thought, but then a hand smacked against her ass, again and again and again. Karen was shocked as no one had ever hit her, especially on her fat ass as she thought of it, but she could still feel him pushing against her and she started to get excited by his cock against her ass and a side she never she knew she had started to come out. Karen stood still awaiting the next blow and when it did not come she turned and faced Dan, her face a picture of anger and hatred, but under that she wanted him to slap her ass again and teach her a lesson.
“You fucking cunt you slapped me, how fucking dare you touch me, your fucking fired your cunt now get the fuck out of my house” screamed Karen at him and launched another smack at his face. Dan accepted his firing for touching her, but she deserved and now he was a free man he did not care he was going to give her a piece of his mind. Dan saw her launch the smack again and caught her arm and twisted it behind her back and this time pushed her forward so she smacked herself into the sofa and was almost bend double over it. Then he just smacked her ass again and again, telling her she was a stuck up fucking bitch, who needed a fucking good and learn to respect other peoples fucking feelings.
Dan lost control of his own temper and now was going to show the bitch about respect and before he knew it he pulled her skirt up exposing her ass and panties to him, and he continued to rain blows on her ass until it was red and inflamed. He could hear begging for him to stop but at the sight of her fat ass he grew excited and slipped his hand between her legs and fondled her pussy through her panties. Karen knew she was in trouble as soon as he pushed over the sofa, but part of her mind screamed at her she deserved it and wanted it, but she begged him to stop and then her skirt was being pulled up showing her ass to him and she could have died from embarrassment as she had on her home panties or passion killers as Henry used to call them, but he seemed to take no notice and smacked her ass harder still, until it was sore and so painfully she was sure she could not sit down for a week. Why was no one coming to help could they not hear here, where they enjoying her humiliation and comeuppance, then oh my god no his hand was between her legs and touching her cunt through her panties and worse she could feel her own juices flowing making them wet under his attention.
“Oh you like that do you bitch, that’s maybe because your cunt has never had a real cock in it that would freeze in you” Dan said and then he slid a hand around to her tits and was touching them and pulling at them from her blouse. Dan heard her blouse rip and did not care as the bitch was going to get it , and then he had a hand full of her huge tits and twisted and pinched her nipples making her cry out in pain, but something else in her voice was that pleasure so he did it again and yes it was definitely pleasure. He f***ed his hand between her stomach and panties and pushed down and was surprised to find a super smooth pussy clear she had shaved and waxed within the last few days and it was like velvet to his fingers. They found her pussy lips and pushed down and found her pussy flowing with juices, and he curled his fingers and inserted two into her pussy.
Karen could feel his hands on her tits and twist and pull her nipples and the pleasure was immense, no one had ever treated her this way before and she was loving, the feel of it, despite trying to show him she hated it and he was r****g her, she knew she wanted his cock. Then a hand was being pushed inside her panties and oh my no, his hand found her cunt and he was playing with her as fingers pushed inside her wet pussy. Karen could no longer deny it to him, she wanted him in her and to hurt her as he fucked her, she moved her hand back and found his trousers and moved it along until she found his cock and rubbed it for him, through his trousers. Well at least he was a decent size not like Henry, she thought but not as big as Elroy her lover, but she only fucked him when she was desperate for cock otherwise he thought he was the king shit, but he had never made her feel this way before.
Dan felt her hand on his cock and smiled as she rubbed him, then he grabbed her hair and pulled her back and f***ed her to her knees and pulled her head back as he used his other hand to free himself. “So you like my cock hey, well here you go taste this.” Dan f***ed his cock into her mouth and pushed it in as far as possible so she was choking on it. “Oh come on Diana can take it all the way down her throat why can’t you, you fucking mouth is always big enough for everything else.”
Karen felt his cock in her mouth and was caught out as he f***ed it to the back of her throat, then she heard him say Diana sucked his cock all the way to the back of her throat and it made Karen mad, that her daughter had been sucking his cock. So she moved her head and then being bold took his ass cheeks in her hand and f***ed him deeper into her mouth and throat. Dan was caught by surprise as she held his ass cheeks and then sucked him deep into her mouth and throat, but he kept his control, and then took her hair again and started fucking her throat and mouth with his cock, and spit and salvia flew from her mouth. “Oh that’s right bitch suck and fuck, it with your throat, as you know you fucking want it.”
Karen heard him and she knew he was right she did want it in her throat and cunt, but she would never admit that to him. Karen sucked at him as hard as possible trying to get him to cum, but he seemed to know her every trick, and her mouth and throat were starting to ache from his face fucking. Karen moved a hand from his ass and pushed it down to her panties and pushed them to one side and slipped a finger into her cunt and played with her cunt as he fucked her mouth. Dan felt her hand move and watched it as she was fingering her own cunt he allowed her to do this for nearly ten minutes so she would be getting close to her orgasm before he pulled back and looked disgusted at her for playing with her own cunt.
“You fucking filthy cunt, just look at you, you piece of shit playing with you cunt as you suck my cock, if you want a fucking just say so and I would have fucked you, but now I can barely fucking stand to be in the same room as you” Peter shouted at her.
Karen was ashamed and being caught playing with her cunt, and now he was not going to fuck her despite her needing a good hard fucking and his cock felt wonderful, she was sure he would fuck really well. Then in a voice Karen did not think possible she looked up at him “Please sir I am sorry but I am so desperate I need a real man’s cock in me and I thought you might like seeing me play with my cunt.”
Dan looked at her and then shocked her to the core “Well why don’t you call your black lover Elroy and get him to fuck you tired saggy ass for you as I sure he has done it before, and then he can fuck your cunt afterwards.”
Looking at him Karen felt tears well up in her eyes, how in the hell did he know about Elroy, no one knew or so she thought, but he just told her to get him to fuck her saggy ass and cunt, but Elroy only ever fucked her pussy never her ass. Karen did not try and deny it, but just looked at Dan “Because Elroy has dumped my saggy ass and cunt saying he is fucking some housewife slut from near, him and he fucks her everyday and just not when I need it.”
Dan laughed in her face and saw two big tears roll down her face and then slapped her across the face for good measure, knocking her sideways from the f***e of the blow. Then he took her hair again and pulled her to her feet and pushed her over the sofa again, and this time she felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles and pulled off her feet, then his hands were spreading her legs apart as far as possible, then he took her ass cheeks in her hand even though they where sore, she looked back and saw him on his knees looking at her ass, why? Then he leaned forward and he was oh my god that was sick he was licking her ass hole with his tongue, and then one hand moved and he was playing with her pussy, pushing his fingers along her crack, so her juices flowed, then he pushed two fingers into her pussy.
Dan licked her ass as he could smell the soap she had used to wash it and played with her cunt making her wetter than ever, and then pulling his fingers from her cunt covered in her juices he pushed them at her asshole, until he got them in her ass. Karen felt his fingers push at her ass, then the pain of them inside her ass, as he actually fingered her ass, Karen tried to pull away, but he warned her not to move otherwise worse would happen to her, so she let him finger her ass and felt shame and humiliation as he fingered her ass. Slowly the paid began to subside and a warmth spread in her ass and she was unsure what it was at first and final it struck her she was getting pleasure from his fingers in her ass.
Dan fingered her ass hard and deep making sure she knew who was boss and with his other hand he played with her clit, making her wetter than ever. He could her try and get his fingers in her clit but he moved them around stroking and flicking her clit with his fingers until Karen finally found her voice “Oh please fuck me I need your cock in me now I am almost at my climax and I want you cock in me.” Dan smiled and leaned forward and whispered in her ear “What did you say fuck slut? Did you dare to speak to me without asking permission? Now you will have to be punished slut.”
Before Karen could respond Dan removed his fingers from her ass and pushed them in her mouth suck them clean bitch and I mean absolutely clean. Karen felt completely humiliated but did as she was told and sucked his fingers clean, then his hands were gone from her body, she looked behind her and saw him taking off his clothes and his cock stuck out like an exclamation point, she knew he was going to fuck now, and she wanted it. Finally when he was free of his clothes he took hold of her hips and pulled her ass back towards him and then when he was happy he took his cock in his hand slipped it under her and along her cunt covering his cock in her juices. “Oh please fuck me now, please sir fuck, my nasty cunt, make me your bitch” begged Karen.
Dan pulled back again and smacked her ass hard a dozen times and she cried out in pain “I told you bitch you keep your mouth shut unless I tell you to speak, but your, stupid fat fucking brain does not get it yet.” Then he bend at the knees and guided his cock up to her waiting cunt and without waiting pushed his cock in her in a huge lunge, stretching her and filling her cunt. Karen was caught out by her spanking and then he just shoved his cock in to her in one huge push, she could only cry out in pain, as his cock hit heights that only Elroy hit and he waited to push it this deep, but her cunt just seemed to explode juices down her thighs as he filled her, then he pulled back and pushed again. Karen had never felt anything like it and was surprised at the pleasure she was getting as he was fucking her as roughly as possible and her cunt was tingling like crazy at this abuse. Then she felt his hands on her tits again and he was playing with her nipples and showing no mercy to them and they ached under his hand suddenly her cunt contracted and sucked him in deeper and she cried out in pleasure as her climax swept her body.
Dan felt her climax and it felt like another hand had his cock and was trying to wank him dry, but he held his ground, as her climax subsided, he pulled out of her cunt, and pushed his cock up along her ass crack, and then down again, until he came to her asshole, and without lube he pushed at her ass until it gave way and his cock plunged into her asshole. Dan felt pain as his cock went into her ass but not the pain Karen felt, as it felt like a hand in her ass. Karen cried out in pain and looked back at him and saw his face looking at her, daring her to speak, as he fucked her ass, she watched him as he fucked her ass hard, filling her ass with his cock and almost withdrawing before slamming in again, then he slammed into and grunted and kept his cock in her ass without moving, she knew he had cum in her ass, but Karan just looked at his face and the pleasure he had. When he finally pulled out of her ass, he took her left hand and made her stick it under her ass and catch his cum as it dribbled out of her ass, and then he moved her hand and told her to eat it.
Karen looked at him and looked at her hand which had a pool of his cum in it. Then he had her hair pulled her head back “Eat it cunt, or next time I will shove my fist up your ass first and then have your slut daughter eat the cum from your ass and drink it down, just like you are going to do” Dan told her.
Karen opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and licked his cum from her hand and then finally swallowed it down. She felt ashamed and abused but a part of her was screaming yes do it as we are a slut and we know it, and so does our new Master Dan. Making sure she finally swallowed his cum down her throat, Dan started to get dressed. When he felt a tug at his trouser leg, looking down Karen was looking up at him and had raised a hand as if she were in school, wanting to ask a question. “Yes what is it bitch?” he told her.
“Can I get dressed please Sir, or do you want to fuck me on my bed, dressed in my best lingerie?”
Looking at her Dan looked her up and down “Get dressed bitch you disgust me, with you fat ass and gut, I only fucked you today as you are the only cunt in this house, otherwise I would have been fucking Maria your housekeeper, but she is at my house recovering from our gang bang fuck session last night, and her ass is beat.”
The words hit Karen like a slap in the face he only came in today as Maria was at his place after being gang banged and now she was too tired to come to work, but he only fucked her because she was the only cunt available, her, she had never felt so small in her life.
“Please sir when can I see you again for another lesson?”
Dan looked at her and smiled “I thought I was fired and to get out of your fucking house bitch and besides I told you lose the gut and ass, then I may fuck you if I need it, but from now if I stay on as your driver you will dress in stocking and suspenders and high heels, a loose dress, top or skirt and nothing else when I am at work, if I need a fuck slut in the evening I will call and you will come straight away, do you understand?”
Karen looked at him and smiled “Oh yes I understand sir and I could never fire you and thank you for my lesson today.”
“Good see you tomorrow and do not forget, what I told you, slut as you’re my fuck slut now and that means any hole, any time and any place and get some fucking exercise.”

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