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The Breeding of MaryKay

This is a countinuation from "How did MaryKay get pregnant?" and "How MaryKay Got Pregnant", you may want to read those if you haven't before reading this story.
Ted wasn't sure if MaryKay was wanting to fuck him or just pissed off at her d***k husband Jay laying in the backseat and wanting to show him, but he did know that MaryKay was stroking his cock through his pants as he drove to his apartment. By the time they got to his place she had unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and stoked it getting it fully hard. MaryKay then leaned her head down into Ted's lap to kiss, lick, and suck the head of his cock when Ted parked the car at his apartment. MaryKay asked Jay as she left the car "are you coming in?" his response was Yeah, Ted said I'm in B. Ted and MaryKay kissed as they walked to his door before opening the door to go in they kissed and Ted felt her breasts and ass as MaryKay stoked his cock. They both looked back to the car, Jay had the door open but had not gotten out as they went inside leaving the door unlocked for him. Once inside MaryKay took of her shoes as Ted turned on some music. Ted then fixed her a drink as he did MaryKay came behind him wrapped her arms around his waist and untucked his shirt and unbuckled his belt. MaryKay took a gulp of the drink Ted handed her then set it down on the counter as she pulled Ted back into the livingroom. MaryKay said "you know Jay's had a you need to wear" Ted cut her off seeing her discomfort discusssing the topic by saying "I know". They undressed each other as they danced in no time MaryKay was in her bra and panties and Ted in his boxers as they stood in front of the bedroom door kissing. MaryKay paused before going in looking toward the front door and said to Ted I wish he'd come in and watch you fuck me. Ted unhooked her bra as they entered the bedroom once it was off he started sucking her tits as MaryKay pulled Ted's boxers down. Ted slid his hand inside MaryKay's panties and began rubbing and fingering her pussy while he sucked on her tits, MaryKay slid her panties off as she began moaning and stroking Ted's cock. MaryKay's knees buckled as she reached an orgasm and they moved onto the bed. MaryKay went to work on Ted's cock, Ted countinued to finger her now soaked pussy. MaryKay then said your a lot longer than Jay is as she moved into a 69 position. MaryKay sucked on Ted's cock as he tongued her pussy for only a matter of seconds before she reached another small orgasm. At that point MaryKay stopped sucking Ted's cock and told him "I need you inside me NOW". MaryKay laid on her back as Ted teasingly moved between her legs MaryKay said "condom". Ted moved up and reached across her to the nightstand drawer, as MaryKay stroked his cock, and pulled out a box of condoms and tossed them on the bed. Ted removed a condom and slipped it over the head of his cock all the while MaryKay stroked his cock then rolled the condom down his shaft. Ted then moved back between her legs and rubbed the head of his cock against her pussy. MaryKay shuttered slightly and Ted asked if she was ok MaryKay said "I can't believe this is happening". Ted didn't know what to say or do at that moment until he felt her buck her hips toward him shoving her pussy hard against his cock. Ted then slid his cock slowly and easily into MaryKay's pussy. MaryKay murmered "oh my god" and dug her fingers into his back as Ted's cock was nearly fully in her. Ted shoved his long cock fully into her then slowly pulled almost out and slowly shoved it fully in and out again when they heard the front door close. Marykay giggled as Ted paused realizing Jay made in. Ted then shoved his cock back into MaryKay's pussy much faster causing her to let out a gasping moan. Ted countinued to fuck her at a muck faster pace and with a purpose. MaryKay's hands now gripped at the bed as one hugh orgasm after another ripped through her body, she moaned loadly and uncontrollably as with each thrust she felt Ted's balls pressed firmly against her ass. Then in one final hard thrust Ted held his spasming cock deep inside MaryKay's pussy as she came one last time while Ted filled his condom. They lay there panting Ted still deep inside her for several seconds, until MaryKay glanced toward the door. MaryKay saw a large tall figure standing just inside the bedroom door who said "I believe you wanted some of this." Ted jumped up from the bed astonished that Greg was there and had his big semi-erect black cock out in his hand. Ted couldn't think of anything to say to disuade him and he certainly couldn't physically stop him.
MaryKay stared at Greg's cock for several seconds before she tried to cover her naked body with the covers. Greg moved to the bed and began gently kissing her neck as he slid a hand under the covers and began caressing her body. MaryKay started saying "oh my god" over and over as Greg continued to kiss and caress her. Ted had started to leave to go get Jay but the thought of watching was turning him on and neither MaryKay nor Greg seemed to notice him and it was his bed so he stayed. Greg then spoke softly to her as he caressed her body pausing long enough to remove his shirt to reveal his well muscled chest and arms and stated "you never been with a black man before". MaryKay meekly said "no" as she reached out to feel his muscles. Greg told her she was in for a real treat then...if she wanted, MaryKay didn't say anything but she let the covers fall off of her body. Greg then began kissing her breasts positioning himself so she had a good view of his cock. MaryKay timidly reached out to touch Greg's cock. Greg encouraged her to feel it as he removed his pants and shorts. MaryKay began stroking it as Greg ran his hand down over her pussy and found her button. MaryKay said oh my god again and mmmm as Greg's cock swelled in her hand to the point she couldn't reach her hand all the way around it. Greg reassured her that once it's inside you you won't want it to come out. MaryKay then sucked on the head of Greg's cock with one hand on the shaft and the other feeling his balls, as Greg rubbed her button bringing her to an orgasm. MaryKay stopped sucking and playing with his cock and reached for the box of condoms for Greg, he said "that'll ruin your experience". Greg then hovered over MaryKay his bare black cock just a mere inches from her pussy occasionally rubbing against it as he kissed her neck and MaryKay tried to explain why he needed to wear a condom. Ted then said "dude" Greg sprang from the bed and was in Ted's face quietly telling him off. Greg informed Ted that he didn't want to throw him out of his place and that he knew all about this woman and that her hubby Jay has been fixed and that she hasn't been with anyone else in at least a decade making her pretty safe to fuck bareback so if she wants to let me fill with my seed shut up or get out. Just as quickly he was back on the bed asking MaryKay where they were before they were interupted. Greg was again hovering over her as MaryKay told him that she could get pregnant if he didn't wear a condom. Greg was now rubbing his cock against her pussy parting her pussy lips with the tip of his cock as he explained that this was a chance of a life time to feel a big black cock exploding inside you and you probably won't get pregnant besides you can always take the morning after pill just to be sure. MaryKay's lips were parted in a low moan her eyes were closed and her hands gripped the sheets, Greg continued rubbing his cock against her pussy each stoke applying a little more pressure. MaryKay didn't say anything but moaned louder as he applied more pressure. Finally she let out a yelp and a gasp as the head of Greg's big cock slipped into her pussy and she panted easy. Greg locked his lips to MaryKay's and pushed 5 more inches of fat cock into her pussy then held still her arms flailed and grabbed at the sheets and at Greg. After a couple of minutes Greg started moving in little short strokes and unlocked his mouth from hers. MaryKay was swearing, praying, and screaming Greg then asked her if she wanted him to stop after several seconds when she could catch her breathe she said "god no". Greg continued pumping his cock deeper into MaryKay' pussy she continued to have one screaming orgasm ontop of another. Jay finally had sobered up enough and came through the front door wanting to know what was going on hearing his wife unlike anything he had her from her before. Jay was now in the bedroom watching Greg fuck his wife when Greg turned and tells him "I'm breeding your wife and she don't want me to stop". Jay looks at MaryKay and she's telling Greg "god yes breed me" which pushes Greg to the point of no return. Greg starts grunting as he starts to cum and shoves his big spasming cock fully inside of MaryKay. MaryKay's unable to breath or utter a sound almost passing out from sheer pleasure until Greg finishes emptying his balls deep inside of her. Jay watched in disbelief until Greg pulled his cock out of his wife's pussy. MaryKay told Greg "oh my god you were right", but Jay wanted to know what she was thinking seeing Greg's cum run out of her pussy. MaryKay simply thanked him for getting her to do this. MaryKay then whispered in Greg's ear and he said "sure". MaryKay then asked Ted to please take Jay home and she left with Greg.
MaryKay went home with Greg that night and spent the next week with him. Greg took the whole week off from work, when he came back to work he told Ted he was sorry for stealing her, but man all she wanted was me to fuck her morning, noon, and night. Jay had tried to get Ted to tell him where Greg lived that first week but Ted figured no good would come from that confrontation. MaryKay continued seeing Greg regularly and still does but evidently after having Greg's baby she got on birth control. Jay quit his job because he couldn't take the harsement from Greg, who kept telling him what a slut his wife was for his big black cock.

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