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I had sex in a shed. i was proud.

As alot of you now know im engaged to this boy who's really lovely. and i love him as much as he loves me, i visited his mums house and well we was aloud to sl**p over, the problem was that the walls were'nt sound proof and so we was worried if she would hear us bumping the tunnel.. so we went outside, was looking around and we saw the shed at the back of the garden, "Hey this looks like a good place" i said "You sure hun, it looks dirty and old". "I don't care live a little babe XD" i said. and we opened it and closed it, locked it from the inside, he started to touch me up, feeling my ass, and putting 1 hand down my trousers, i took his top off, and pulled his belt off, got on my knees and gave him head, then i got up and he pushed me on the work table fucking me softly then hard, as i got wet and feeling it inside me, i was trying to be quiet just in case we woke his mum, i sat up on the table, legs rapped around him as he continues to fuck my pussy hard, ide 'mmm' every so often because it felt so nice, but i was trying my best to be quiet. i felt him cum inside me, i creampie and we walk back into the house, his mum gets up and says "Where you too been?" .. "We erm was taking a late night walk, wanted fresh air".. "Ah okay hun" . It was quite a dirty 'walk' though ;) but she never suspected a thing.

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