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Gay Euro Trip, Part Two

When I finished college some years back, I spent some time traveling Europe. I had a great time seeing the sites and sucking the cocks. The following is a steamy account of my adventure.

Part 2

After a crazy couple of days in Paris and my hook up with a French hunk, I decided to move on and take the overnight train to Berlin. I was so horny walking into the train station and couldn't help thinking about my night of wild gay sex in Paris. I couldn't wait to get to Berlin and find the best gay clubs of Germany. I was feeling frisky and in the mood to really have a good time.

I bought my ticket and walked to the platform to wait for my train. I walked pasted a row of benches and I saw two guys softly making out in a warm embrace. I slowly walked past and stared as the two men rubbed tongues and giggled with aroused pleasure. They were both very clean cut and preppy and looked like they could be German models or something. I almost tripped while watching them and not paying attention to where I was going.

I found a seat two benches down and across the platform. My penis started to grow as I watched them as playfully touch one another and then share a kiss. After a minute or so, one of them noticed me watching and smiled. I quickly looked away and peeked back to see that they were whispering and looking at me. I got scared and excited all at once. They continued their public foreplay and started to massage each other over their jeans. It almost felt like they were putting on a show for me.

When the train arrived and we started to board, the shorter blonde german approached me. He must have known I didn't speak German, because he invited me for a drink in his cabin in English with a sexual German accent. Since I only had a general ticket without any privacy, I accepted the invitation.

I followed them to their reserved private compartment and was offered a beer but the shorter blonde. The other German guy was tall and had short brown hair and a firm jaw. I said something to him in English, but the blonde told me that he only spoke German. I wished I spoke German so I could tell the tall blonde I wanted to suck his dick.

It didn't take long for the two German hunks to start messing around again. They kissed and laughed and talked to each other in German as I sat awkwardly with my cock raging. The tall guy whispered something to the blonde and then the blonde asked me if I wanted to suck the tall guys dick. I was shocked. Without saying anything, I got up from my chair and moved to the bed. The blonde helped me unbuckle the tall guy's pants and undress him. The blonde lifted the tall guy's shirt over his head and started to kiss him again. Without the tall guy even seeing to notice, I got on my knees and pulled out his long rod with a perfect soft pink prick.

I immediately devoured his cock deep into my mouth and started to nob my head up and down the shaft using my tongue as a firm base on the bottom his his hard dick. The blonde stopped kissing and started to watch and clapped his hands with encouragement. The tall guy threw back his hands and laid back on the bed. The blonde watched eagerly and started muttering sexy cheers like, "Oh, you love big dick don't you don't you?"

The blonde dirty talking turned me on so much, I lifted my mouth from the tall guys cock and kissed the blonde with the same slobber I was using to give head. We kissed and then both went down to share the the tall guy's warm massive cock leaking pre-cum. We worked as a team licking both sides of his veiny shaft and took turns deep throating. I was able to deep throat longer and hard than the blonde, so he pushed my head down all the way on the tall guy's unit.

The tall guy suddenly stood up and positioned us side by side doggy style on the bed with our asses in the air. He walked up behind me and split my ass checks and placed his tongue on my sweaty anus. He licked deep and buried his face deep in my ass. I moaned and could feel my own pre-cum starting to drip from my cock to the bed. He started to use his finger and then started to rim the blonde while still fitting his fingers into my tight hole. I grabbed the tall guy's cock and lubed it up with my spit and then directed his hard dick into my ass.

Since I had just been fucked the previous night, my ass was ready for the hard ramming the tall guy gave me right from the start. He rotated his hips quickly and made me cry out in sheer joy. He fucked my from behind and then called me over to the chair. The blonde sat watching on the bed with a keen smile, waiting his turn.

The tall guy sat on the chair and pulled me over to sit on his dick reverse cowboy. He fucked me so hard from the bottom I had to hold my balls from getting slapped. I blonde came over and started to talk dirty again. "Stretch that little ass, feel that cock," he said.

The blonde started to jerk me off and then made me cum with his dirty talk. I jazzed right onto his hand and he cheered and started to rub it on me. He kissed me as the tall guy continued to fuck me gently. The blonde guy helped me to the bed and I watched as the two Germans fucked like a****ls. These two were clearly in love, but didn't mind a third party to come join the fun. The tall one lift the blonde guy's legs over his shoulders and really started to go to town. I walked over and started to jerk him off until he blew a load all over his stomach. I picked some spunk up on my finger and tasted it.

The tall one the pulled out from fucking the blonde, spread open the blonde's cheeks and shot a load right onto and in the ass. He muttered something in German. The blonde guy told me that he wanted me to eat the cum from out of his ass. He stood up as I knelt down and began to lick the warm salty cum off of the blondes sweaty sticky ass.

We cleaned up and then the couple said they were going to bed. I returned to my regular seat alone only to dream all night about finding more cock.

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