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My First Lesbian Experience

It all started with a kiss. We, (my husband and myself) were at the bar where this 19 year old woman worked. As I mentiond in the first, brief story, she was a friend of my husband's from school. So, there we were, getting a buzz and she was all flirty. We were all alone, and he dared her to walk around the bar and kiss me. We both declined for at least the first half hour. Some people walked in and out, then he dared and begged again. Finally she walked around the bar and we awkwardly kissed. It was clumsy and our teeth banged together.

A bit later we kissed again. And she even flashed us her breasts from the corner of the bar.

My husband drove me home and we fucked like rabbits.

The next night she came to our house for drinks and dinner. That is when the sex happened for the first time.

The night after the bar was our planned diner together. My husband, myself, and her. She got to our house and it was again strange at first, because less than 24 hours ago we were making out at the bar. We shuffled through the clunkiness and ate in front of the TV. I was sitting in a single chair, my husband on the couch and she was sitting on the floor next to him, leaning on his legs. I'm not sure why we ended up eating in that position, but we did. Drinks came next, and she moved up next to my husband. They coaxed me over to where she was sitting on the floor, with the promise of a shoulder massage. And then things sped up. She and he rubbed my shoulders and the he removed my shirt. In a bra, they continued to touch and carress me. He then unsnapped my bra and moved me up on the couch, laying on my stomach. He moved down on the floor next to my face, and she got on my back, kissing it.

She kissed and licked my back for a good ten minutes while my husband kissed me. Then I noticed he was working his kisses down my neck and she up my spine where they met, and kissed eachother. I was stunned! I didn't think they would kiss.

I rolled over and they both began sucking my tits She worked her mouth to mine and we stopped breathing as we sucked eachother's breath. It was intense. It was speeding up. She kissed my front side from my face to my belly, and then she ate me.

My husband prefers me natural and as I watched, I could see only her eyes, as her mouth and nose were burried in my thick curls.

His dick was out, in my muth, my hand, her mouth, her hands, his hands, while she was absolutly fucking me with her fingers and toungue. I came.

We shifted position again, and my husband fucked me doggie while I ate my first pussy. I didn't think I could do it, but after a little encouragement from a pair of wide open legs, I did.

We sucked and licked and fucked for an hour after that point, until exausted and until she had to leave.

That was the beginning of a five week affair. Two days later she and I went shopping at the mall.

After the threesome sex, and after a good sl**p, it was my husband to work and me and her off for a shopping trip. we met at the mall around 10 am, still walking around in a horny stuper after all the new experimentation. We smiled and sort of giggled and bumped shoulders as we walked through the mall doors. Off to Old Navy, which I hate, but she was 19 at the time and liked the place. So we picked up a coupleof tops, much quicker than I would have if I was shopping alone, and headed to the changing room. It was so hot. We knew what we wanted to do, but both of us were scared and horny and worried about looking strange and getting caught. But that didn't seem to matter much. I went into a changing booth, and she followed. We kissed right away.Long and smooth as if we had been kissing for years; unlie our first kiss at the bar just a few days before.

We were licking eachother's mouths and touching all over. Her hands were strong, as she ws a student athlete. Her full palm found my soaking wet pussy, and she fucked me complete, three fingers deep, fast, hard; I moaned low into her mouth. Oh my God was it hot.

We had to move fast, so not to get caught. I orgasmed and we laughed and laughed. And then we left.

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